Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Stoopid Ass Conversation

I just had the stoooopidest (yeah, it's affected me too) converstaion with someone on the phone (and yes, he was a nigro). This person called to ask me a question regarding the company's tuition reimbursement program, since I administrate the program. Cool. So, he tells me he's calling for someone else who has a question. Here's the conversation.

Me: Oh, O.K., no problem. What kind of question did you have?
Him: uh, the girl I'm calling for had a question about how to fill out the request form
Me: O.K., what's the question?
Him: She was confused as to how to fill out some of the boxes that need to be filled out
Me: Wellll..... which boxes was she confused about?
Him: I'm not sure, she asked me and I said 'who better to call than you'
Me: O.K., but I need to know what she's confused about so I'll know what to tell her *thinking,DUH!!!*
Him: O.K., well....I'mma transfer you to her

WHY IN THE FUCK AM I TALKING TO YOU? Can you tell me??? You don't know WHAT THE FUCK the reason was for the call!!! GET'CHO STOOOOPID ASS OFF MY DAMN PHONE.

Him: (talking to himself in the background)O.K. I gotta figure out how to work this transfer thang.
Me: *thinking* do do do daa daa daa
Him: *after trying to transfer me 4 fucking times unsuccessfully* O.K. here we go.
Phone hangs up and goes dead.

I am through. That was my cue to go the fuck home. He told me his name and though I've never talked to him and don't have a phone number to call back, I could look him up on the online directory, but FUCK IT! His dumb-ass doesn't deserve a call back and whoever needs the information should have the presence of mind to CALL ME THEMSELVES or else they don't fuckin' need the damn info.!

I'm out.

*uh oh.....the phone riging as we speak......... lata ya'll*


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