Monday, August 08, 2005

The 100's

O.K., I've seen this list quite a bit, and since I'm playing hooky today and fulfilling #26 on this list(which I actually wrote last week),I'm a wee bit lazy so I think I'll just post this and go back to sleep! *heehee*

100.I have come to grips with a lot of things that either are or are not in my life
99.I still think “what if I had done….” With respect to my younger years
98. I have no regerts though
97. Though if I could there are definitely some things that would have been different
96. I will never date another Scorpio again
95. Being with my ex, Dave (a scorpio),was a great learning experience
94. I vowed to never feel that dependent on a man for comfort EVER again
93.I love my alma mater....,GO MSU SPARTANS!!
92. But I did comtemplate going to grad school at that “other” Michigan school (the yellow & blue one).ick!
91. My father was scared to die and so am I.
90. But I refuse to go to the dr. for a checkup like my Mom wants me to
89. I love rainy days
88. Rainy days fuel my introspection.
87. Having a baby changed my life in EVERY way
86. I couldn’t imagine my life without him
85. I love DISCO
84. My best friend is a DJ who makes all my house/disco music
83. In this lifetime I was lucky enough to have found my soulmate
82. My spirit is restless with indifference in a lot of areas of my life
81. I want to start a new career.
80. I have NO idea what thatwill be
79. I am usually smiling
78. People say that I have a bubbly personality
77. I have a SEVERE case of road rage.
76. I love apple pie
75. I love to be in love
74. I have been to see a psycologist before
73. I stopped going,wonder if it helped?
72. My best friend keeps me grounded
71. I had a long term friend decide that she no longer wished to remain friends with me this year (due to her OWN b.s. issues)
70. I did care, but now I could give a shit less.
69. I am usually easy to get along with.
68. Being a mother is hard as hell sometimes
67. Being a mother is the best thing I’ve ever done…bar none.
66. My child is my reason and my purpose
65. seeing him smile warms my heart like nothing else in this world.
64.I love sunny days
63.I do NOT like to sweat.
62. I am a HORRIBLE procrastinator
61. I work MUCH better under pressure.
60 I used to be an “over-committer”
59. One of these days I’m going to lose 50 pounds
58. My best birthday was my 4th…I had raggedy ann EVERYTHING
57. I am not perfect, but I am perfectly fine with that
56. There are many flaws I’ve learned to live with! Ha!
55. True Love at any age is timeless and beautiful.
54. I want to have another baby
53. I hope the NEXT birth isn’t as horrible and long as this one was.
52. I worry about my Mom being so far away in Florida.
51. I no longer think of my Mom as being invincible….ever since I realized that she takes about 13 pills a day for various ailments
50. Mortality is real and life is finite….
49. I want to cut my hair
48. I want to grow my hair long again
47. I one day want to be a well-know photographer
45. I sometimes fear that my husband will never fully understand “me”
44. Arguing with him breaks my heart.
43. I love diamonds.
42. I got my first diamond in the form of my engagement ring.
41. I wish I could just leave this job and strike out into a new career and say “FUCK IT”, throwing all caution to the wind.
40. But I’m afraid to fail
39. I want to go to a new Caribbean island every year.
38. I need to organize a “girl’s” trip to ‘somewhere’
37. If I were to move to Atlanta I’d miss my friends
36. Though I was born & raised here, I’d soooo NOT miss this city.
35. I wish I had’ve been able to go to Studio 54 and Paradise Garage back in Disco’s hey-day
34. I hate when people ask me “Oh, so you like Gloria Gaynor, the Village People, Sister Sledge, etc.” when I say I like Disco…
33. I hardly like ANY run-of-the-mill Disco.
32. I like underground/deep Disco and House
31. I need to go to Club Shelter in NYC any damn time soon, cause I’m going through withdrawal!
30. Sometimes I just wanna go on a vacation by myself
29. I happiest on Saturday mornings reeeeally early in the a.m. when I am preparing for my weekend
28. I love to shop
27. I do more shopping for the baby and the house than anything else these days!
26. I am going to play hooky and take a “me day” sometime very soon
25. I wish I could’ve met my maternal grandfather and great-grandmother
24. One day I’m going to track my genealogy
23. the older I get, the more I give less than 2-fucks WHAT people think
22. The older I get the less patience I have for dumb shit
21. The older I get, the more I realize the world is MOSTLY full of people that do and say dumb shit.
20. My friends used to think I was a “playette” O.K., I was *hee hee*
19. I loved being single in my 20’s….. My best summer as an adult was 1993….me & Jen hung like wet rags.
18. I’m extremely sensitive and can get my feeling hurt*snapping my fingers* like that!
17. It is so clear to me that black people MUST have several streams of income and investments JUST to plan to have a decent retirement
16. I love Gerber Daisies…the pink or bright orange ones.
15. I have slept with a married man(who was and still is a good friend of mine) before.....a number of times, over several years
14. I didn’t feel bad about it, though I knew it was wrong, but I won’t do it again
13. I have come to accept that I am kinda cute (I used to never believe it when someone gave me a compliment)
12. I had a breast reduction 11 yrs. ago.
11. Some of my guy friends commented “noooo, not the twins, don’t do it!!!!” at the time
10. Pre-reduction, I ABSOLUTELY HATED the attention that I got because of them
9. I like the attention now!!
8. Food is good…the food I love is VERY good…Salmon & capers in a lemon & basil cream sauce with angel hair pasta….YUM!!!
7. I don’t want my mommy to die
6. I wasn’t as close to my father and when he died I wasn’t as “totally broken down/sad” as I thought I should’ve been
5. My male friends & I had some GREAT (platonic) trips out of town….definitely some of my best memories.
4. I love shoe shopping and have about 70-80 pair. Is that a lot?
3. I love Pancakes and Sunday morning breakfast
2. I need to rest more because I’m perpetually tired at the end of the day...EVERYDAY.
1. I need to get closer to God.


brooklyn babe said...

#76 is the bomb, when its real warm with some vanilla ice cream on top.
Peace Su

Knockout Zed said...

Diva, I was one of the male friends that expressed dismay that the "twins" were history. But you know what, for the life of me I can't remember what all the fuss was about. *closes eyes tightly* Oooooooooooooh yeah! Damn.

MeCrazyMe said...

Getting closer to God is always a good thing, but you have to know that you can get closer to him with your heart and sould and don'thave to go to church.

But I just started going to church, so I agree with you.

Thanks for stopping by my spot.
Tune in on Fridays....