Thursday, February 23, 2006

She's our queeeeeen toooo-ooh beeeee!

O.K., well maybe not our queen, but she DAMN sho is here.

Our new worker bee that is. I miss my girl. Yeah, my gril that got fired. But life goes on and so do I.

Well, I am sure that you are wondering how Wobbles is doing and how I am doing in terms of having someone new at the job. Well….Wobbles is doing well though she seems to catch on a wee bit slowly. But that’s not a bad thing altogether because there is something to be said for slow deliberate steps….it’ll just take you twice as long to get there though. I do wish that she picked up on things just a little faster though.

Oh!!! And as far as the pregnancy goes……..ya’ll…..ya’ll….. YA’LL will never guess how far along this bitch is….she “looks” to be at LEAST 4-5 months! And I SWEAR she did a BANG UP job of hiding that shit before! She must’ve been sucking in that gut AND baby and wearing shit that doesn’t show pregnancy! Cause I looked at that how and her stomach is as round as it wants to be!! She knew she was pregnant!!! Though she said that she didn’t because she was having periods…..mmmm hmmmm…..whateva…… I ain’t believing it! LOL

But why ya’ll did Wobbles come up in HERE today with a skirt set on, NO PANTYHOSE (o.k., we’re in Michigan in the DEAD of winter.)


Why in the FUCK don’t you have no dayum pantyhose on????? And then to top it off, she is very light/pale to begin with so PLEASE imagine what dem legs look like in the dead of winter with NO pantyhose on!!! Yeah….. exactly…. Dats’s my thought tooo….

PASTRY (as in flour) WHITE! And the legs had the NERVE to be ASHY all around the ankles and shit!!!! Good lawd, Calgon take me away…. I have often though about starting a school where I can do interventions on folks like this that don’t have the common sense of fashion sense, for that matter, that God gave a goat!!!!!

But all in all she’s cool. But ya’ll know what my HARDEST task is???? Hiding the sheer and UTTER DISGUST I have for my boss! I want to take the opportunity to dog her out soooooooooooooooooooo bad, but I can’t. You know how you can’t trust “new folks” and often times old folks too? Well…..I don’t trust her and besides I feel that it will hit home much sooner and swifter if she experiences the bitch-slap herself. Which brings me to my next point. I had thought about this and I am convinced since Boss-hoe will inevitable show her shit stained tracks in the snow…...all I have to do is sit back and wait….. I needn’t say a word….. I also came to the conclusion that it’s really for the best that Sista Girl didn’t get the job. I mean, she’s a new mother …..why would I want ANYONE to go through what I went through when I was a new mother. And I feel sorry for Wobbles because I hope that our shitty boss isn’t mean to her since she’s pregnant. But I swear people.....I soooo wanna blast the Boss-hoe to the new chick, but time will reveal . I can’t stand my boss sooooooooooooooo bad! To the point where I don’t even want her within 10 feet of me! And you know how you just can’t STAND people to breathe up on you at ALL when you can’t stand them??? Well, that’s the way I feel about Boss-hoe….. her essence makes my ass itch……

Cortaid take me away…….

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New person Pt. Deux (finale)

Welcome to the jungle!!!

I don’t like Guns N Roses, but this was about as fitting a statement as I could think of that I’d like to make to this new girl that started today. Let’s call her Wobbles (because she has a wobbly-eye that fucks with me when I look at her…..not being mean, it just is what it is and it’s distracting …..and they named her….”wobbly”)


Well, as the epilogue to my story about the injustices regarding how the admin. for my group at work was hired, I am going to wrap up the Chica girl story up.

The long and the short of it was she was hired. If you didn’t read the first 2 parts read this regarding our department hiring a new person here….

But first I am going to post a part of my comments section which came from an Anonymous person in regards to the first post, referenced above, that I did a few days ago on the hiring the new person. People just need to read my response to her so that they can get the gist of why I can’t STAND my stankin-ass boss and the bullshit that I deal with. And this is a snippet. Apparently this person has not had to deal with the shit that I have……..

Anonymous said…..

I just stumbled into your blog spot by chance.

Whew!! What a story!

I was there before and I hated it - the politics in the office environment, that is. It is a power game! Unfortunately, you have HER as a boss!

Meaning no disrespect to any party but just a thought: let's take a step back and look at the same scenario with YOU in your boss's position and HER in your shoes. Do you think she will write a similar story in HER blog with the same steam?

And I am curious if your "stankin-ass-boss"(is that how you say it?) knows about your blog spot? You are not only showing your cards, she will be reading your mind if she does!

Just went to a job interview myself yesterday afternoon and that's why I am drawn into your blog. Tell your boss I am multilingual in English, Chinese (a few dialects) and French and I think I can do the job without having to become a friend to any of you. And, your department JUST MIGHT deal with China or France in the slightest possible chance!

Just joking! Hope I did not offend anybody!

Admin Assistant, SF

Robyn said…..
Hey Anon! for thought indeed..... well.... I don't believe that she knows about this because for 1, she barely knows how to turn ON her computer or make a cell phone call. So....she's pretty dumb when it comes to things like that. Nor would she have the opportunity to try to check my "history" or "cookies" on my computer.....I'm taking it waaaaay far now, but.... really. If I asked her what a "cookie" was she'd say an Oreo. So, the ONLY way she would know is if someone told her who saw it and if THAT is the case, I really do not care (i do, but I don't) because I feel that this WHOOOLE process is wrong. And the truth is if she reads all the OTHER shit I've said about her on here, my career is limited with this co. anyway and maybe it's for the best!! Because this is the ONLY place that I can be "real" since I can't go off on her like I would LOOOOOVE to. LOL

But as far as me being in my bosses position, there could NEVER be a blog written with the same details if I were in the bosses position. Number 1, my boss hated and I do mean HATED the relationship that me & the other girl had because she (my boss) has no friends. NO one in the office likes her. People tolerate her. Her boss, the president of the division, is a hands-off kinda guy, meaning he let's this bitch run scott-free and as long as there's no big brew-ha-ha's, he neeever gets word of her shananagins because she is fake as artificial snow around him. She cow-tows and makes shit seem like she's the nicest person when he's around. But the deal is, she knows her HR. Period. I know he's heard SOMETHING about that hoe, but she knows her shit which means he apparently excuses her from being a good HR rep. Which also means that she can weave a lie into the truth and if no one challenges her, she hides behind everything being based on "business decisions", so that she gets what she wants. This is no dumb woman we're speaking of here. But she constantly, makes bullshit dscisions within our HR group and somehow weaves and contorts everything so that in the end it "looks like" it was based on a "business need" and based on "management discretion".

So fake!

But it's really bullshit. When my girl (that got fired) was pregnant, she PURPOSELY made it harder on her because she has no kids, has had 5 or 6 miscarriages and she is a miserable person. MY friend was violently sick during the 1st few months and could NOT get out of bed and come in until 10:00am (we start at 8:00). You would think that she would have some sympathy right, i mean, this was a REAL justifiable reason to be late. Noooooo she just made it HARDER on my girl, not allowing her to make up time (which she used to do) and making it just pure hell on her and making it so that she DIDN'T get paid for any of that time that she didn't make up. That's NOT the way it used to be. She was jealous, plainly put. So, though she could have gotten away with giving her MORE leeway, she saw fit to TAKE AWAY more leeway because she is a jealous BITCH who can't handle #1 anything she isn't in control over and #2 Anyone having a life. Do you know that she saw fit to tell me (even though she KNOWS I have NO FAMILY SUPPORT, no grandmother's, grandfather's etc. to help with my son) that because last winter he was sick often, that I "needed to" make my husband more accountable and that he should be taking care of the baby sometimes and that I "had to" get a backup plan. (first who the FUCK are you to tell ME how to relate to MY husband you presumptious, RUDE bitch. That's out of line,plain and simple. And O.K., bitch I don't HAVE a backup plan,and you KNOW I don't have anyone else to stay with him so cut ms some slack). I am a manager, I can work at home. Oh, but she veto'ed that too, because she said that "you can't POSSIBLY do any work at home with a sick child at no, you can't get paid for working at home". How do you know? I could do it when the baby is sleep. Or I could do it later in the evening. Who are you to define how I am able to get my work done?????? As long as it's done right??? But noooooooo. Not her. Every other manager (of which some are women) and some admins are able to work from home and get more "flex" than me.

This is just ONE example of which there are TOOO MANY to name in which she makes shit MORE difficult when it is expressly in HER realm of possibilities to make it EASIER! This because I work for her. Does that make it a bit more clear as to why I say that I would NEVER be that kinda of person??? She'd have nothing to write about me that had that kinda "steam" as you put it because I KNOW that people have lives, and that this job is not THAT hard to the point where exceptions can't be made. It just ain't. This job is a pretty chill type of job work-wise at least. Hence, me staying this long. The work is not overpowering or stressful. So, I've stayed with this bullshit this long.....but I am sure that the end will be coming soon..... cause one tires of the bullshit....

She is a person who derives respect from a title (almost like with yous mother using that "because I said so" reasoning), not because of mutual respect. If you are below her and work FOR her especially, you gets NO respect. And the sad thing is that almost NO one in the company knows how deep her bullshit reaches. They don't know how DEEP and intrinsically bitch-da-fied she is.

And you didn't offend me ANYway, but I know that the bullshit dealt with at THIS job is unreal sometimes. Simply unreal. I could go on and on....

And anyone that knows me knows I have mannnnnny more tales like this. Hence my feeling like, if her ass IS reading my damn blog DON'T SAY A MUTHAFUCKING THING TO ME! Act like ya ass didn't even see it!! It is what I CHOOSE to do after work. And if you DO see this, I can begin the search for a new job (Cause me & you will be beefin IMMEDIATELY!!!)

Carrying on……

Check this out, O.K., so this bitch (my boss ) decides that she is going to hire Wobbles a.k.a. Chica Girl and that she now wants to detail the shit that she feels Wobbles has that trumps Sitsa Girl’s qualifications. Lemme give you a fast replay of the conversation:

Boss-hoe: After reviewing the qualifications…..I really just feel that Wobbles has more experience in an actual “HR Admin.” job than Chica girl does.
Me: O.K., but if you look at the “tasks” that Wobbles did IN that job, they were very small tasks that anyone could learn. (translation: they were a bunch of admin. bullshit that ANY gatdamn admin could do!) And didn't you say two days ago that “it’s really more about the fit than anything….. I could see that you,me and Sista had abetter chemistry together, than me,you and Chica did…….”

Boss-hoe: Yeah, but she does have more “specific” HR experience

Me: yes, she does…… But it’s not like the other young lady didn’t have any…...she has done payroll and is currently doing the benefits administration at her job

Boss-hoe: Yeah, but she’s only handling them for 55 people, we have 250 people…..

Me: O……K……. but if she’s done it, I’m sure that she can easily acclimate to the increased number of employees……

Boss-hoe: Well….maybe, but I really think that Sista Girl just wants to be in “any” administrative environment…….she doesn’t seem COMMITTED to HR, whereas Wobbles is interested in moving up IN HR.

Me: Well, honestly that is one thing that concerns ME because she eventually would want MY job!

Boss-hoe: Yeah…..well……I don’t see that happening
***I’m thinking….yeah O.K. bitch, that’s probably EXACTLY what you’d love…for that hoe to get my damn job!
But it also concerns me that Sista Girl has a young child…..

Me: ***SCATHINGLY ANGRY, but holding it in and composing myself, while still showing a bit of irritation**** What does THAT have to do with anything??????????????????????????!

Boss-Hoe-Ass: Well, you remember when your Dylan was that small, you had to be out frequently due to his colds and things, and it just concerns me that her baby is so small because I really need this person to be here…..

Me: ******PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSED the FUCK OFF***** O.K., but it’s NOT like she’s a single mother, she's MARRIED, so I am suuuuuuuuuuure that she will be here because she has help at home! And BESIDES that the daycare that the baby goes to is on THIS side of TOWN (which is something Sista told us in the interview)!!!!! So, I am sure that THAT would not be a factor and besides you can’t PREDICT that her baby willeven GET sick as much as MY baby did!(I’m really raising my voice a decibel at this point)


If that was not the most DISCRIMINA-FUCKING-TORY thing that I’ve heard in a minute, then I don’t know what is!!! How DARE you even take into CONSIDERATION that she has a young baby!!!!! YOU FUNKY SHITTY BITCH!!!!! Ooooooooooooooh! My blood was on FIRE ! Ya’ll don’t know HOW bad I wanna call that girl and say “You know one of the MAIN reasons she DIDN’T hire you is because you hava a small baby and you may need to be off if the baby get’s sick…..please go file a discrimination charge on her….

Where’d I leave off…. Oh O.K….

Boss-hoe: Well, Chica still is bi-lingual ( Oh, O.K…. that’s your little fucking trump-card…..the fact that she’s bilingual… whatever).

Me: And on our “personality test” Chica scored a paltry 33/100 whereas Sista scored 96/100.

Boss-hoe: yeah….but Chica is a good fit because of the bilinguality.

Me: *thinking** whatever…..we don’t HARDLY EVER deal with folks from Mexico and when we do, they speak English

I can’t even remember what else was said…..but that’s the bullshit for the most part.

But…… God don’t like ugly cause Wobbles started today and guess what? Nawww…come on guess….


It's early on in the pregnancy too.... THAT hoe knew YESTERDAY when she ACCEPTED the position that she was pregnant!! ROFLMBAO!!!!!

Gotcha biatches!!!

Do ya’ll KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW HOW HAPPY I am right now!!!! Well, AIN’T THAT some Poetic justice fo dat ASS!!!!! I feel soooooooooooooo much better!! Because not ONLY will Wobbles have a NEW baby, but she has TWO others!! A 13 year old and a 5 year old !!!!So, you tell me what’s the chances of her being out due to her damn kids??????!! And I BELIEVE that she’s a single Mom…… (nothing against single moms…..hell, mine was one), but that just potentially RUINS her theory that Sista girl woulda been more hassle in terms of call-offs

As they used to say on that old T.V. show the A-Team “I love it when plan comes together”….. and this wasn’t even planned! I couldn’t have scripted some justice type shit better than that!!!!!

Carry on………
*singing* I’m walkin on sunshine….yeeeeeah…..I’m walking on shunshine…yeaaaah, and I’m starting to feel GOOD!!! Alright now!!!!! LMBAO

Monday, February 13, 2006

Congratulations Tori & Rodney!!!!

I am dedicating this post to my friends Rodney and Tori who had a baby girl last night:


Giselle Olivia Cole !!!!!
20.5 inches
8 lbs. 12 oz!!!

Rodney is my boy from college that I've know for oh, 16 years or so, and when me & my husband moved into our house a year and a half ago, I discovered that Rodney lived across the street. No, like one house across and one house FOR REAL across the street. He & my husband have bonded and so have me & Tori, so he and my huaband have given themselves the title "Captione" (pronounced: Cap-tee-own) LOL Good times are often had by all!! So, since they are like our "extended family" we have been greatly expecting this baby!

She was a week overdue and she was told the same things that I had been told that were supposed to be wivestales (which people said are true) which help induce labor. One was walking and the other was sex.


I would LOVE to hear from ANY 9 1/2 month pregnant(because you know it's actually 9 1/2 months, NOT 9 months) woman who wanted to FUCK when they were BIG.AS.A.HOUSE(??????), cause whoever it may be, let me say in advance YOU'S A GOOD ONE, CUZ I AIN'T THE ONE!!! Because I don't give a shit HOW "well" it worked, wasn't no dicks, fingers, toys or ANYTHING else that didn't NEED to be near my ass (literally)getting near my ass! Now I know htat men just see this as a "last stop, last chance" before that 6-8 weeks after she has the baby when they can't get any ass. My theory: suck it up. I've carried this baby and dealt with the physical changes.... you'll be aw'iight without ass for a lil while! LOL (nope I have NO sympathy for men in terms of this process)

As a matter of facta, the only "insertion" I wanted at that point was some thing to help PULL HIS LIL ASS OUT!!!

Good LAWD!! And then what kills me is that when men get wind of this particular suggestion" they inevitable apparoach the wife like " heh, heh, heh *wink,wink*......uh..... they say that sex helps you bring that baby I'm just trying to help YOU out right now..."

**crickets** whatever nigga...... try again!!! Yo ain't gettin no PAAAAARTS of da pussy! Men just don't think...... cause I was so dayum evil when I was 9 1/2 months pregnant that you better not had even LOOKED at me the wrong way or I'da been like "WHAT?? What's that dumb-ass-look for?????" *scowl*


WHew !! Yeah I was evil as a rattlesnake and dammit I feel I deserved to be. That's right.... I.DESERVED.TO.BE.A.BITCH.....period. My hormones are playing the bongo's off of each other and my body is hurting at that point, not to mention that I had a constant (sometimes bad) sciatica pain in my leg that sometimes would throb while I was laying down or at best would feel like someone had cut that ligament between my ass and my knee in half, so that when I was trying to do a simple movement like reaching under the cabinet it would say "uh, no girl..... think again..... you can't HANDLE this right now....get'cha husband before you get a charley-horse". And I had a GOOD pregnancy!!! So again, I "had a right to be violent" ( hee hee).

So,I commend women that have gone through this beautiful experience and honor

Annnnnyway, below are some pregnancy pictures that I took of Rodney and Tori. They'd waited to find out what they were having and the suspense nearly KILLED ME!!!! LOL This is her first and his 3rd, and Mom and baby are resting fine.

I am so very happy for them and "Auntie Robyn" can't WAIT to spoil her!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Valentines, Smalentines......

Valentine’s Day…..

Well, the day is fast approaching, much to my dismay…….

Editor’s note:
I usually don’t share too much of my private life with the blog because well…. I just don’t, but today, I will share a little of the real…… and after all, it is my “real life” and so you guys should know that part of me too. And this is a LONNNNNNNNNNG POST….so bear with me…….here goes……

Why do I say “to my dismay” when it comes to this wondrous day? Because though I am one of the most romantic people out there and am very demonstrative in my affections, my husband is not. Now, he would scoff at that statement and probably be a bit upset if he reads this, but it’s true. Now, I know that it is the “thought” that counts, but I always seem to feel disappointed by these types of days. Let’s look back at why.

On our first Valentine’s Day together, we were just on the verge of proclaiming that we were “officially” together. He had an ex-wife whom he had led on and led on and led on to believe that he was going to get back with who BOUGHT herself a plane ticket to come HERE ON VALENTINE’S DAY !! WTF????

Now, though I was fucking him, as with MOST men, if you exhibit any KINDS of “pushy/nagging/bitchy-assed” tendencies during the period of meeting til ya’ll are really together that shit can land you a place in his mind of “I thought she was cool and that I could be with her until……”. Not that I was trying to deceive, it’s just the truth. Women will up with A LOT more “real people shit” as I like to call stuff than men will in the beginning stages. I’m speaking of “stuff” that you might think is there, but don’t wanna see in the person you are dating. So, though I voiced my opinion, hurt and dismay over this I couldn’t give him the blasting I really wanted to ( per him, this meeting in HIS mind was to once and for ALL let her come here so that he could really tell her face to face that it was over, because she was a nut-case with a plethora of issues who probably couldn’t have been told over the phone, without her being institutionalized…naw….for real. Even though in THIS bitches mind, this trip was to get him back from this “robyn” bitch). Anyway, though it sounded like some shade it turned out to be true. But needless to say I spent this V-day alone, nursing my heart reading the “I really really like you” card that he had given me.

Second Valentines Day: We got into some BIG-ASS argument (I can’t truly remember over what exact but it was something regarding my S.O. finding out that I had been still communicating with my ex). So THAT V-day was a disaster as well.

Third V-day which was last year was non-eventful and we just exchanged cards. Soooooo boring. I was actually just glad that we didn’t blow up the spot on that day cause our track record had been horrible……… So, needless to say, I do not look forward to V-day at all.

There is some much needed background here though. Let me tell you a lil about who I am. I am very demonstrative and LOOOOOVE really thinking about and considering and trying to surprise you with something that I know you’ll reeeeeally realllly like or get you something you really like. I will plot, plan and go shopping 5 times just to make sure that your gift is over the top and the bomb, bring it home wrap it in some cool-ass wrapping paper (cause I like to wrap) and present usually not ONE gift but several to you. That’s just how I am. Conversely, I would love it if my man were like that, but he’s not.

Weeeeell, O.K., here’s the real deal. My husband has a complex about getting me shit because of a situation that went down a couple years ago. Like to hear it, here it go*sigh* Confession time…….way back when when we were discussing rings and things and marriage, I’d told my then S.O. that I really liked a certain “setting” and a certain “diamond shape” (i.e. round, princess, emerald, etc.), well…..when I got the ring it wasn’t like the one I wanted and I tried in the NICEST way to let him know that. By I mean, I pondered and contemplated and consternated (yeah I just made that derivative up)on how to say it and how he’d take it and how to be as nice as possible, and I guess it STILL came out FUCKING.WRONG. Because he went


This could only end in tears…his and mine……..

Then to top it off, the things that he’d gotten me in addition to the ring (it was Christmas) I ended up taking 3 of the 4 things back: 2 things due to them flat out NOT fitting (i.e too small) and the other thing (it was a printer with photo printing capabilities) because I am EXTEREMELY “gadget oriented” , and extremely into photography, I wanted the one with the little screen on it because it enables you to not have to hook your camera up to the printer and then go through the computer to print pictures. The one he had purchased didn’t have the little screen and he took my action of wanting to take it back as being ungrateful, selfish and resented it (probably still does to this day). But you see, my husband’s theory on electronics is much like the typical woman’s (i.e. what-the-FUCK-ever…). However in OUR relationship, I AM the one who will go absolutely BANANA’S over a new gadget/electronics!!!!

Additionally, I have alllllllllllllllllways been the “photographer” of our group of friends and truly enjoy it and I LOVE my camera(s)….yes, camera’s plural and recently just bought an $800 digital Nikon D50 so that I can try to hone my love of photography into a real job because I love it sooooo much. Yup, I’m gonna take classes and everything! You’d think knowing my love of this woulda changed his opinion on me wanting to take that printer back though right?? NOPE!!! He still saw it as “what’s the damn difference…..a little screen????? Is THAT enough to spend almost TWICE as much ( $180 as opposed to $99) on a printer….I just don’t see it….you just want it cuz it costs more!”. Well, THAT stank-assed comment started WWIII.

Me: What the FUCK are you saying…..that I’m just superficial and just like shit cuz it “costs” more???? That’s a FUCKED up thing to say!
Him: Yup! That’s what I’m saying…cause there’s only a tiny little screen and it COSTS almost twice as much and THAT is just not worth it !!
Me: But are you looking at the fact that the screen is NOT just a useless added on feature, it REALLY is an important feature to someone like me who prints pictures and uses it and who MIGHT not wanna turn on the computer, load the software et. al JUST to print one fucking picture????

O.K., well….needless to say….. we NEEEEEVER agreed on this one…..I’m sure as a matter of fact that if I were to ask him TODAY , he’s say that he doesn’t see why it’s was a big damn deal…..
So, though he knows I love gadgets and am very into pictures & photography, he was just focused on the fact that he was offended that I took that and damn near everything else HE GOT ME BACK, which to him signaled that he “couldn’t satisfy or pick out things for me”, internalizing it to mean that he felt within himself that he couldn’t satisfy ma/make me happy.

The Christmas gifts coupled with my dissatisfaction with the engagement ring did it. Now, my thing is this: why get mad if you get someone something and they don’t like it??? It’s NOT a reflection on you! And shouldn’t be taken as such. After all, why MAKE someone live with something they simply don’t like. But I have come to find out that men simply don’t think like that. But the problem comes in ,in that I am not like that. If I buy you something and you DON’T like it (which is rare with folks I buy for because I put A LOT of thought into gifts I buy….. because I buy based on what I have OBSERVED their style to be and based on what I am pretty sure they like, but I too am fallible.). But if you don’t like my gift, my theory is BY ALL MEANS take the bitch BACK to the STORE! You have to live with the item, NOT ME! And I wish that men (my husband in particular) saw it that way….. but he doesn’t….. So, since then, him even TRYING to be creative or trying to put ANNNNNNNNNNNNY kinda serious thought into a gift is out the door.

It’s usually like “what do you want for Christmas/birthday/anniversary?” And I’ll give him a list of about 2-3 things and he’ll pretty much pick something. This brings me back to my hating Valentine’s Day. We haven’t had a great V-day’s to date and I was just glad that on this last one, we didn’t fight or argue or blow up some shit! Cause for us Valentine’s Day has equaled “black Monday”.

Also, add to this that my husband, while he wants to please me, isn’t demonstrative like me and I kinda like to have someone go above and beyond for me because that’s what I do for them. I know, I know…… it’s not about that and it’s not about the material things. I guess, in a way, that IS how I show the feelings behind it. It’s the thought and care that I take that is displayed in effort. And I’ve told him that I’d like that type of thing but…it seems like that just isn’t “him”. He takes care of me in other ways though and takes care of our family and for that I am grateful. But sometimes a girl would like to get the balloons and dinner and a “treasure hunt” game hidden in a card or just something creative like some “heart shaped cookies” made for me (or bought), or a small ice-cream cake with my name on it or a weekend planned at a B & B or anything else that takes a bit of “creativity”. And I love my husband, but it “just ain’t him” and I end up being disappointed when I should be grateful that I have a man who loves me enough to get me anything in the first place. And yes, I have told him these feelings, but I think that he is still like “fuck that”…. I ain’t getting MY feelings hurt by getting her the wrong thing again”. But some people aren’t those kind of “demonstrative” people. Nothing wrong with them, but that creative romantic shit just ain’t them…. So then, I end up feeling all conflicted and feel bad about how I’m feeling……**heavy sigh**

See….this is why I don’t like Valentine’s Day……..

Ya'll be good.....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New person

I hate my boss…. Now I know that this is starting off like a number of other posts regarding this woman, but I really can’t stand her. Why do I dislike her now or rather “today”? I think you all remember me telling you about my girl that I used to work with who got fired in November.

Well, we are STILLLLLLLLL looking for her replacement. Now, the reason for this lag time is due to a number of things: Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas holiday, end of the year processes, etc. SO, we didn’t really start even looking through the resumes until we returned from the week-long Christmas/New Year’s break. We have interviewed 6 people and there are 2 final candidates.

Along the path to finding this “right” person for this job, I have been plagued with several thoughts. One, I really wanna tell ANNNYBODY that applies “RUN FOR THE HILLS BITCH, THIS JOB AIN’T NUTHIN BUT DEALING WITH AN IDIOSYNCRATIC, MICROMANAGING, EGOTISTICAL, NEEDY, INSECURE BITCH-OF-A-BOSS!!!!”. But there is no easy or tactful way to say those things. Now there have been 5 black women and 1 hispanic woman that interviewed for the position. That’s not to say that we didn’t WANT to interview a wider base of people, it’s just that the ones who even looked like they qualified were, umm… or Hispanic. Period. Or the ones that were white were overqualified. And personally, I just need someone who is mature, skilled, pleasant in personality and who can deal with this bitch without running for the hills.

So, we’re down to the LAST two of the 6 and I really like one and my boss while she likes the one I like, she really likes the other. Why? Well, because the Hispanic broad that she likes speaks Spanish fluently. That’s about, I’d say…..95% of why she’s leaning towards this bitch and I am LIVID! So, Chica girl has some experience, but when she took the aptitude tests, was slooooooooooooooow as hell and seemed to process things slowly mentally. Hey, that’s not a crime, I know, I know….. The reason my boss is acting like this bitch is the holy grail and she just found it is because there are dealings that my division (not my group, HR), but that the DIVISION does with Mexico. She’s trying to make it seem like being fluent in Spanish is just suuuuuuuuuuuch a good thing and that it would be soooooooooooooooo good! Bitch! How often do WE (the HR group) have to deal with someone either #1 in Mexico or #2 who DOESN’T speak Spanish who is in Mexico. Uh, the answer is next to NEVER ! I could see if this bitch would be doing traveling (which she won’t because this position is an Admin. Asst. position…..whoever’s in this position needs to be HERE, because we may be out at any given time). But my boss is acting like this bitch, Chica girl, is the answer to her prayers!

Now, we interviwed the other girl today and I loved her immediately. We’ll call her Sista girl (because she’s a young black woman….not because she has the sista-girl ‘attitude’) Why did I love her? First, she looked professional, neat and well put together. That’s first, because how you present yourself has a WHOOOLE lot to do with how people look at you (Chica girl looked like she had jumped into some old, too small suit and her hair was thrown up in one of those clip-things) Second, she is EXTREMELY articulate (Chica girl is articulate as well, but Sista girl spoke with more determination and she interviewed much better and had more clear and concise answers than Chica girl did). Sista girl has also had more education and more experience with payroll and HR than Chica girl has as well (albeit, neither of them has a degree). And plainly put, I work more with this position on a daily basis than even my boss does really and truly! And me & Sista girl just flat out had more chemistry than me & Chica.

AH HAH! Now we get to the real reason that I KNOW that my stankin ass boss is NOT going to hire Sista girl. You see, she always resented (deep down) the fact that me & my other co-worker developed a great rapport and friendship. She flat-out didn’t like that fact and was for awhile trying to sabbotage the relationship by "suggesting" that I go to lunch with "other managers" and would point out when me & her EVER were away from our desks at the same time,etc. just to be a stank-ass. She eventually gave up on that shit when she saw that after uh.... 2 years that I just was NOT doing stuff her way! You get the picture.

Sista girl is friendly and outgoing and seems to be a better fit with ME in particular (which my boss noted in a positive way, but I think it really had hidden implications)! So, just based on the fact that me & Sista girl would get along sooooooooo much better than me & Chica probably would just based off of initial chemistry is a reason for her to not hire Sista girl. I also feel like if you have it in your mind already that you want Chica girl, don't waste my or Sista girl's time. It's just stupid. You can prove that you did your (fake-ass) due dilligence in terms of trying to find someone, so just do it. Don't lead this girl along. I mean, she talked soooooooooo much to Sista girl today that during the 2 ½ hours that she was here, all we did was ask her about 10-12 questions COMBINED and my boss sat up in here and talked this girls ear off....abotu her husband, hre new house, working for a living, her sick dementia suffering mama and on and on and on and on and on and boss talked SO much that the girl didn't have time to do the testing that she needed to do, so she has to come back tomorrow at 7am to complete testing that had motormouth not had oral diarrhea, she could've completed TODAY! But like I said, I know that she's not gonna hire Sista girl and I am beside myself with anger about it.

I KNOW this bitch is going to hire Chica, after all “I do have the final decision” as she so tactfully and humbly noted I (i'm being sarcastic as shit if you can't tell...) after she and I were discussing the merits of each candidate. It’s so not fair……. Chica is just O.K. and the kicker in all lof this is that was what we BOTH said immediately following Chica's interview. Now all of a fucking sudden she such the faaaavorite. FUCK that hoe! I am so beside myself and out of my skin on this that I can’t see straight. Because I KNOW that SHE knows that Sista girl is just plain flat out the better candidate for this position AND her “fit” is better within our group. Fuck being bilingual, I have NEVER had a situation in the 4 years that I’ve been here where we’ve even NEEDED to interact with Mexico! She’s just creating a reason to hire this bitch out her bilinguality being a nice “selling point” that this girl has. My husband said “just let it go…..because you know she gon hire Chica girl… you know it! She (my boss) can’t stand that you and Sista would probably get along TOO well and that is a negative for Sista girl”. She simply doesn't want me to befriend anyone. She wants me to keep that chasm between me "the big bad MANAGER" and the "lowly admin person" and I simply don't operate on that type of antiquated caste system. It's so fucking stupid and childish. I can be respected and friendly and get the job done too. People don't HAVE TO fear me to get the job done......that's her way, not mine! She's just so much like a damn 3-year old who get's jealous because her best friend has other friends & she can't handle it. I’m disgusted.

I’m going to sulk now.