Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New person Pt. Deux (finale)

Welcome to the jungle!!!

I don’t like Guns N Roses, but this was about as fitting a statement as I could think of that I’d like to make to this new girl that started today. Let’s call her Wobbles (because she has a wobbly-eye that fucks with me when I look at her…..not being mean, it just is what it is and it’s distracting …..and they named her….”wobbly”)


Well, as the epilogue to my story about the injustices regarding how the admin. for my group at work was hired, I am going to wrap up the Chica girl story up.

The long and the short of it was she was hired. If you didn’t read the first 2 parts read this regarding our department hiring a new person here….

But first I am going to post a part of my comments section which came from an Anonymous person in regards to the first post, referenced above, that I did a few days ago on the hiring the new person. People just need to read my response to her so that they can get the gist of why I can’t STAND my stankin-ass boss and the bullshit that I deal with. And this is a snippet. Apparently this person has not had to deal with the shit that I have……..

Anonymous said…..

I just stumbled into your blog spot by chance.

Whew!! What a story!

I was there before and I hated it - the politics in the office environment, that is. It is a power game! Unfortunately, you have HER as a boss!

Meaning no disrespect to any party but just a thought: let's take a step back and look at the same scenario with YOU in your boss's position and HER in your shoes. Do you think she will write a similar story in HER blog with the same steam?

And I am curious if your "stankin-ass-boss"(is that how you say it?) knows about your blog spot? You are not only showing your cards, she will be reading your mind if she does!

Just went to a job interview myself yesterday afternoon and that's why I am drawn into your blog. Tell your boss I am multilingual in English, Chinese (a few dialects) and French and I think I can do the job without having to become a friend to any of you. And, your department JUST MIGHT deal with China or France in the slightest possible chance!

Just joking! Hope I did not offend anybody!

Admin Assistant, SF

Robyn said…..
Hey Anon! for thought indeed..... well.... I don't believe that she knows about this because for 1, she barely knows how to turn ON her computer or make a cell phone call. So....she's pretty dumb when it comes to things like that. Nor would she have the opportunity to try to check my "history" or "cookies" on my computer.....I'm taking it waaaaay far now, but.... really. If I asked her what a "cookie" was she'd say an Oreo. So, the ONLY way she would know is if someone told her who saw it and if THAT is the case, I really do not care (i do, but I don't) because I feel that this WHOOOLE process is wrong. And the truth is if she reads all the OTHER shit I've said about her on here, my career is limited with this co. anyway and maybe it's for the best!! Because this is the ONLY place that I can be "real" since I can't go off on her like I would LOOOOOVE to. LOL

But as far as me being in my bosses position, there could NEVER be a blog written with the same details if I were in the bosses position. Number 1, my boss hated and I do mean HATED the relationship that me & the other girl had because she (my boss) has no friends. NO one in the office likes her. People tolerate her. Her boss, the president of the division, is a hands-off kinda guy, meaning he let's this bitch run scott-free and as long as there's no big brew-ha-ha's, he neeever gets word of her shananagins because she is fake as artificial snow around him. She cow-tows and makes shit seem like she's the nicest person when he's around. But the deal is, she knows her HR. Period. I know he's heard SOMETHING about that hoe, but she knows her shit which means he apparently excuses her from being a good HR rep. Which also means that she can weave a lie into the truth and if no one challenges her, she hides behind everything being based on "business decisions", so that she gets what she wants. This is no dumb woman we're speaking of here. But she constantly, makes bullshit dscisions within our HR group and somehow weaves and contorts everything so that in the end it "looks like" it was based on a "business need" and based on "management discretion".

So fake!

But it's really bullshit. When my girl (that got fired) was pregnant, she PURPOSELY made it harder on her because she has no kids, has had 5 or 6 miscarriages and she is a miserable person. MY friend was violently sick during the 1st few months and could NOT get out of bed and come in until 10:00am (we start at 8:00). You would think that she would have some sympathy right, i mean, this was a REAL justifiable reason to be late. Noooooo she just made it HARDER on my girl, not allowing her to make up time (which she used to do) and making it just pure hell on her and making it so that she DIDN'T get paid for any of that time that she didn't make up. That's NOT the way it used to be. She was jealous, plainly put. So, though she could have gotten away with giving her MORE leeway, she saw fit to TAKE AWAY more leeway because she is a jealous BITCH who can't handle #1 anything she isn't in control over and #2 Anyone having a life. Do you know that she saw fit to tell me (even though she KNOWS I have NO FAMILY SUPPORT, no grandmother's, grandfather's etc. to help with my son) that because last winter he was sick often, that I "needed to" make my husband more accountable and that he should be taking care of the baby sometimes and that I "had to" get a backup plan. (first who the FUCK are you to tell ME how to relate to MY husband you presumptious, RUDE bitch. That's out of line,plain and simple. And O.K., bitch I don't HAVE a backup plan,and you KNOW I don't have anyone else to stay with him so cut ms some slack). I am a manager, I can work at home. Oh, but she veto'ed that too, because she said that "you can't POSSIBLY do any work at home with a sick child at no, you can't get paid for working at home". How do you know? I could do it when the baby is sleep. Or I could do it later in the evening. Who are you to define how I am able to get my work done?????? As long as it's done right??? But noooooooo. Not her. Every other manager (of which some are women) and some admins are able to work from home and get more "flex" than me.

This is just ONE example of which there are TOOO MANY to name in which she makes shit MORE difficult when it is expressly in HER realm of possibilities to make it EASIER! This because I work for her. Does that make it a bit more clear as to why I say that I would NEVER be that kinda of person??? She'd have nothing to write about me that had that kinda "steam" as you put it because I KNOW that people have lives, and that this job is not THAT hard to the point where exceptions can't be made. It just ain't. This job is a pretty chill type of job work-wise at least. Hence, me staying this long. The work is not overpowering or stressful. So, I've stayed with this bullshit this long.....but I am sure that the end will be coming soon..... cause one tires of the bullshit....

She is a person who derives respect from a title (almost like with yous mother using that "because I said so" reasoning), not because of mutual respect. If you are below her and work FOR her especially, you gets NO respect. And the sad thing is that almost NO one in the company knows how deep her bullshit reaches. They don't know how DEEP and intrinsically bitch-da-fied she is.

And you didn't offend me ANYway, but I know that the bullshit dealt with at THIS job is unreal sometimes. Simply unreal. I could go on and on....

And anyone that knows me knows I have mannnnnny more tales like this. Hence my feeling like, if her ass IS reading my damn blog DON'T SAY A MUTHAFUCKING THING TO ME! Act like ya ass didn't even see it!! It is what I CHOOSE to do after work. And if you DO see this, I can begin the search for a new job (Cause me & you will be beefin IMMEDIATELY!!!)

Carrying on……

Check this out, O.K., so this bitch (my boss ) decides that she is going to hire Wobbles a.k.a. Chica Girl and that she now wants to detail the shit that she feels Wobbles has that trumps Sitsa Girl’s qualifications. Lemme give you a fast replay of the conversation:

Boss-hoe: After reviewing the qualifications…..I really just feel that Wobbles has more experience in an actual “HR Admin.” job than Chica girl does.
Me: O.K., but if you look at the “tasks” that Wobbles did IN that job, they were very small tasks that anyone could learn. (translation: they were a bunch of admin. bullshit that ANY gatdamn admin could do!) And didn't you say two days ago that “it’s really more about the fit than anything….. I could see that you,me and Sista had abetter chemistry together, than me,you and Chica did…….”

Boss-hoe: Yeah, but she does have more “specific” HR experience

Me: yes, she does…… But it’s not like the other young lady didn’t have any…...she has done payroll and is currently doing the benefits administration at her job

Boss-hoe: Yeah, but she’s only handling them for 55 people, we have 250 people…..

Me: O……K……. but if she’s done it, I’m sure that she can easily acclimate to the increased number of employees……

Boss-hoe: Well….maybe, but I really think that Sista Girl just wants to be in “any” administrative environment…….she doesn’t seem COMMITTED to HR, whereas Wobbles is interested in moving up IN HR.

Me: Well, honestly that is one thing that concerns ME because she eventually would want MY job!

Boss-hoe: Yeah…..well……I don’t see that happening
***I’m thinking….yeah O.K. bitch, that’s probably EXACTLY what you’d love…for that hoe to get my damn job!
But it also concerns me that Sista Girl has a young child…..

Me: ***SCATHINGLY ANGRY, but holding it in and composing myself, while still showing a bit of irritation**** What does THAT have to do with anything??????????????????????????!

Boss-Hoe-Ass: Well, you remember when your Dylan was that small, you had to be out frequently due to his colds and things, and it just concerns me that her baby is so small because I really need this person to be here…..

Me: ******PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSED the FUCK OFF***** O.K., but it’s NOT like she’s a single mother, she's MARRIED, so I am suuuuuuuuuuure that she will be here because she has help at home! And BESIDES that the daycare that the baby goes to is on THIS side of TOWN (which is something Sista told us in the interview)!!!!! So, I am sure that THAT would not be a factor and besides you can’t PREDICT that her baby willeven GET sick as much as MY baby did!(I’m really raising my voice a decibel at this point)


If that was not the most DISCRIMINA-FUCKING-TORY thing that I’ve heard in a minute, then I don’t know what is!!! How DARE you even take into CONSIDERATION that she has a young baby!!!!! YOU FUNKY SHITTY BITCH!!!!! Ooooooooooooooh! My blood was on FIRE ! Ya’ll don’t know HOW bad I wanna call that girl and say “You know one of the MAIN reasons she DIDN’T hire you is because you hava a small baby and you may need to be off if the baby get’s sick…..please go file a discrimination charge on her….

Where’d I leave off…. Oh O.K….

Boss-hoe: Well, Chica still is bi-lingual ( Oh, O.K…. that’s your little fucking trump-card…..the fact that she’s bilingual… whatever).

Me: And on our “personality test” Chica scored a paltry 33/100 whereas Sista scored 96/100.

Boss-hoe: yeah….but Chica is a good fit because of the bilinguality.

Me: *thinking** whatever…..we don’t HARDLY EVER deal with folks from Mexico and when we do, they speak English

I can’t even remember what else was said…..but that’s the bullshit for the most part.

But…… God don’t like ugly cause Wobbles started today and guess what? Nawww…come on guess….


It's early on in the pregnancy too.... THAT hoe knew YESTERDAY when she ACCEPTED the position that she was pregnant!! ROFLMBAO!!!!!

Gotcha biatches!!!

Do ya’ll KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW HOW HAPPY I am right now!!!! Well, AIN’T THAT some Poetic justice fo dat ASS!!!!! I feel soooooooooooooo much better!! Because not ONLY will Wobbles have a NEW baby, but she has TWO others!! A 13 year old and a 5 year old !!!!So, you tell me what’s the chances of her being out due to her damn kids??????!! And I BELIEVE that she’s a single Mom…… (nothing against single moms…..hell, mine was one), but that just potentially RUINS her theory that Sista girl woulda been more hassle in terms of call-offs

As they used to say on that old T.V. show the A-Team “I love it when plan comes together”….. and this wasn’t even planned! I couldn’t have scripted some justice type shit better than that!!!!!

Carry on………
*singing* I’m walkin on sunshine….yeeeeeah…..I’m walking on shunshine…yeaaaah, and I’m starting to feel GOOD!!! Alright now!!!!! LMBAO


Knockout Zed said...

God is real.


ITSME4YOU said...

greatzzz from holland.....

chele said...


I'm shocked that your stankin' boss (Head of HR) would make a determination based on the fact that someone had small children ... isn't that illegal?

Prediction: Wobbles will not have an easy pregnancy and will have to leave early because she requires bedrest.

Robyn said...

@Zed: Amen.
@Chele: Girrrrl..... I know, and I sho hate that she will have to face the "wrath of the bat"....but then again, maybe Stankalita(my boss) will be nicer to her. The bad part is that she just informed me that she informed Stankalita and that she is excited about things concerning the baby! I really do hope that my boss acts nicer because I'm telling you....her jealousy is rediculous...... I wouldn't wish her treatment of pregnant people on a DAWG! And YESSSSSSS, HEEELLLS YES, that shit is discriminatory!! That's WHY I reeally wish I could tell Sista girl the real WITHOUT it being DIRECTLY traced back to me!!! LOL

Insaneblackwoman said...

And not only that, but on top of her being pregnant, now, and subsequently having to take time off for prenatal appts., she'll really give them mofos a headache when she leaves eventuallyf or Maternity leave. Then, here comes the advertise, interview, and candidate selection process all over again. Because they gone have to hire someone to replace her in six or seven months. So... by hiring Chica girl, they done got themselves a double whammy in her. Two kids already, one on the way, then indefinite Maternity leave. Yes, like Zed said, God is real. And he's good, too.

P. Alonzo Harris Jr. said...

Happy Valentines Day....i know im late with

Freaky Deaky said...

Irony is a great thing and funny as hell when it's on your side.

nikki said...

i cannot believe your boss was so discriminatory. i mean, trying to cut sista out cuz she was a single mother? WHAT? GIRL, you are better than me, cuz i'd be unemployed. my temper would have gotten the best of me.

but poetic justice has prevailed. i wonder what bossbitch is gonna do now???

The After Party Hostess said...

First, I should admit I haven't read the entire story. Nor have I read the comments.

There's a rule in blogging: Thou Shall Not Blog About Work.

I learned this lesson but never wrote about it on my blog. Here's the short end of it.

I worked at a place and had left. I had been in contact with a couple people for a few months after I left. We eventually stopped any regular correspondence. Further along, I was looking for a new job and contacted people at the old job to see if it would be ok to use them as references. Of the three people I contacted, one didn't respond, one responded saying she'd rather I not, and one other, my former boss, said, "Sure!"

I was confused as to why one would ignore my e-mail and the other would say no when my former boss said he would be a reference. I called the woman who said no. She said she'd read my blog. And while my work had been superior, she felt what I wrote on my blog was unprofessional and wanted nothing to do with me.

I was shook because for her to be a reference, she should only be focusing on the quaility of my work, not what I do outside of work right? Second, I hadn't really written anything bad about work. Third, how the heck did she find it? She must've wanted to know where I went and googled me or someone swept the hard drive of my old computer. And I wondered if she'd found out I was Jewish or Gay or whatever (all things I'm not) after I left, would she have had the same response. Either way, I just left it alone.

When I think about it though, I think her issue stemmed not from what I wrote on my blog but from her assessing me incorrectly. She thought I was an educated, safe negress. Not one who had the real thoughts I have. I think her issue was more with herself and her inability to see past the work face I had put on.

So, yeah, I just totally blogged in your comments. But just be careful about what you write. Because best believe, there's a boss or computer geek somewhere who knows every site you go to and every keystroke you write. Even if you never go to your own site at work. They could stumble upon your site by seeing another site u visited--especially if you have to sign on to a network at work.

Robyn said...

wow hostess..... you are speaking the truth.... I feel you too. I am ins hock that the woman did NOT want to be a reference for you!! That is utterly rediculous! Wow..... I am glad you "blogged within this blog" because I am feeling your warning (*putting finger to temple*....hmmmmm) Definitely food for thought. And I admit that I HAD often thought about that happening (where I'd be discovered by some misc. white person I work with who would take it upon themselves to inform other people). I think it's time for an anonymous blog, cuz I really LOVE the fact that I can say all the junk that I CAN'T say at work on here!! Hmm.... for's time for my alter-blog.....:-)

Knockout Zed said...

Fuck dis job. I'm bloggin' at work and I'm eatin' pork and I'm fuckin' white women. Nah!


Serial_Dater said...

That's that shit - Airing people out in blogs. This is definitely a constructive way of getting shit off ya chest. Virtual bitch slaps. I say take it step further and email your target a link to the blog. ;o)

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

I see it now...Boss Stankalita slipping out during lunch, getting psychiatric help, because that thing called Karma is resting comfortably on her back, and she doesn't know how to handle it.

As quiet as kept, people like that don't stay on top very long. Pitiful.