Monday, February 13, 2006

Congratulations Tori & Rodney!!!!

I am dedicating this post to my friends Rodney and Tori who had a baby girl last night:


Giselle Olivia Cole !!!!!
20.5 inches
8 lbs. 12 oz!!!

Rodney is my boy from college that I've know for oh, 16 years or so, and when me & my husband moved into our house a year and a half ago, I discovered that Rodney lived across the street. No, like one house across and one house FOR REAL across the street. He & my husband have bonded and so have me & Tori, so he and my huaband have given themselves the title "Captione" (pronounced: Cap-tee-own) LOL Good times are often had by all!! So, since they are like our "extended family" we have been greatly expecting this baby!

She was a week overdue and she was told the same things that I had been told that were supposed to be wivestales (which people said are true) which help induce labor. One was walking and the other was sex.


I would LOVE to hear from ANY 9 1/2 month pregnant(because you know it's actually 9 1/2 months, NOT 9 months) woman who wanted to FUCK when they were BIG.AS.A.HOUSE(??????), cause whoever it may be, let me say in advance YOU'S A GOOD ONE, CUZ I AIN'T THE ONE!!! Because I don't give a shit HOW "well" it worked, wasn't no dicks, fingers, toys or ANYTHING else that didn't NEED to be near my ass (literally)getting near my ass! Now I know htat men just see this as a "last stop, last chance" before that 6-8 weeks after she has the baby when they can't get any ass. My theory: suck it up. I've carried this baby and dealt with the physical changes.... you'll be aw'iight without ass for a lil while! LOL (nope I have NO sympathy for men in terms of this process)

As a matter of facta, the only "insertion" I wanted at that point was some thing to help PULL HIS LIL ASS OUT!!!

Good LAWD!! And then what kills me is that when men get wind of this particular suggestion" they inevitable apparoach the wife like " heh, heh, heh *wink,wink*......uh..... they say that sex helps you bring that baby I'm just trying to help YOU out right now..."

**crickets** whatever nigga...... try again!!! Yo ain't gettin no PAAAAARTS of da pussy! Men just don't think...... cause I was so dayum evil when I was 9 1/2 months pregnant that you better not had even LOOKED at me the wrong way or I'da been like "WHAT?? What's that dumb-ass-look for?????" *scowl*


WHew !! Yeah I was evil as a rattlesnake and dammit I feel I deserved to be. That's right.... I.DESERVED.TO.BE.A.BITCH.....period. My hormones are playing the bongo's off of each other and my body is hurting at that point, not to mention that I had a constant (sometimes bad) sciatica pain in my leg that sometimes would throb while I was laying down or at best would feel like someone had cut that ligament between my ass and my knee in half, so that when I was trying to do a simple movement like reaching under the cabinet it would say "uh, no girl..... think again..... you can't HANDLE this right now....get'cha husband before you get a charley-horse". And I had a GOOD pregnancy!!! So again, I "had a right to be violent" ( hee hee).

So,I commend women that have gone through this beautiful experience and honor

Annnnnyway, below are some pregnancy pictures that I took of Rodney and Tori. They'd waited to find out what they were having and the suspense nearly KILLED ME!!!! LOL This is her first and his 3rd, and Mom and baby are resting fine.

I am so very happy for them and "Auntie Robyn" can't WAIT to spoil her!!!


Insaneblackwoman said...

Congrats, Auntie Robyn! I bet that little youngun is gorgeous! Glad to Mom and tender babe are doing fine.

In answer to your question: yes, I must raise my hand, because I am one of those (obviously) rare women who actually enjoyed lovemaking during my last month of gestation. I mean, the relationship with babe's father eventually didn't work out, BUT, I will say that when I was "knocked up", I felt so sexual and lusty. We could argue and fuss like two mad dogs, but when he would wrap his arms around my heavy ass belly, it was on! Our fave positions were the "spoons", and "backward submissive". And he used to rub my aching back while making love to me. Oh man. He could 'sho take the weight of that big belly off me. My hormones were out of control, and couldn't wait until the argument was over so we could get to the lovin'. But I'ma stop right here, because I don't want to get too personal.

chele said...

Oh my goodness! They are so beautiful and she is soooo brave. There is no photographic evidence of my pregnancies. Congratulations to all!

nikki said...

girl, those are some of the best photos i've ever seen! i LOVE photos like that! congrats to your friends and to you, auntie robyn!

oh, and LMAO@the having sex wive's tale. add me to the list of sistas who ain't down for that.

Organized Noise said...

I've heard that myth about having sex to induce labor. I'm pretty sure it was started by a horny man. Who the hell knows if its true or not, but the thought alone scares me.

Nina MM said...

Ooh girl...those pictures were so beautiful. When I was in the Nation, Minister Farrakhan used to say that if there was no God, then the only thing worth worshipping would be woman. That's never more evident in the face of a woman with child. Just lovely, she is.

Congratulations to your friends!

Quel said...

Sweet pics!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is my first time are so crazy. Your writing is hilarious.

Robyn said...

@all: thanks guys for the compliments!! I am an "aspiring" Phtographer (no like for real.... I want to seriously learn how to take pictures, hence my buying an expensive Digital SLR camera recently...the SLR is the kinda camera where you have more control of how the pictures look). So, thank you guys SOOOOO MUCH for the compliments!!! It is DEFINITELY an ego boost!!!
@Quel: Heeeey girl!! Thanks for stopping by, I love your site and I hope you'll stop by more often, and yeah..... I'm crazy, I know! LOL
@Nina: Yes, and I agree, there is nothing more precious and striking than a woman with child! I was soo lucky my friend was O.K. with me showing these to the world!!!!
@Insane: GIRL!! I am in awe and in reverence of you *bowing and curtseying* because a dick can't get NOOOOO PAAAAARTS of da 9 1/2 month pregnant pussy!!! LOL You go on wit'cha bad-assssss!!! LMAO!

Knockout Zed said...

I'm fuckin' my wife in the delivery room. One munkee don't stop no show!


Shawn said...

Awesome photography Robyn! Congrats on becoming an Auntie!!!!