Sunday, October 28, 2007

You married who???

Me and my husband and the little one went to a birthday party yesterday for one of my son's classmates. Now this classmates Mom went to high school with me and is either 1 or 2 years older than me.

So we get there and we go downstairs, see other parents we know and start chatting in general.. all of a sudden, I see this man....who was the father of this guy that I grew up with. You see, I lived in an apartment building growing up, and the son lived there with his Mom and StepDad, so we were cool even though he was like 4 years older than me and you KNOW at that age (teenage years) that 4 years DO make a difference, so though we were cool, we didn;t really start having "real conversations until I was in high school and would see him at parties,etc.


So we're sitting there and when this man peeks his head around the corner, I recognized him instantly! Top that off with the fact that the man (we'll call him Cool Daddy) was ALSO one of my 9th grade teachers at my high school! So, I knew him VERY well!

So, I am tripping right?! I go to the mother of the son that was having the party and say "Was that Cool Daddy I just saw????" She says "Yes!" and then looks a little worried, as I am standing there saying "oh my God, I can't believe it! I am tripping that that is Cool Daddy!!!" So she says (with a slightly fading smile at this poinit) "Yeah... is everythign o.k.?". So then I snapped out of my reverie and said "Oh, yes! No... I was just tripping because I haven't seen him in so long and he was my teacher and I know his son."

She smiled and I said "So... is that your father?"



"no...that's, my husband"

***CRASSSSSH****(that was the sound of my face falling on the floor and CRACKING)

I was so embarassed and then one of her APPARENTLY GHETTO-ASS co-workers (the host is not ghetto at ALL or by any stretch of the imagination!) said "Did she say what I said..DID SHE SAY THAT???? HAAAA hAAAAAA!!!" I wanted to slap her dumb ass for calling EVEN MORE attention to it!! Apprently, this co-worker has been working with her for awhile and apparntly SHE said the same thing YEARS ago when she met her "husband" ! I wanted to die. My husband said (when I told him what had happened) "well, I guess YOU won't be invited over again!" (I wanted to slap him too!)

So, here's the skinny on this: This TEACHER was always RUMORED to be fucking around with UNDERAGE girls back when I WAS in high school! It was alleged that he flirted and had sex with high school girls. I never actually KNEW someone who he had been with, but my girl, Dr. Diva said the same thing(cause you KNOW I called her as SOON as I got home to tell her!). She also called her Dad and brother and Mom (who worked for the school board AND knew him too) and her Dad said that he had "heard" about him doing the same type of shit after he left the school. We always heard stuff like that and I actually think he may have been eventually FIRED because of his behavior. My thing is: Didn't chick that he is marreid to hear this????? She was there when I was there too!!!! If she didn't she had to have been under a rock! Because though our school was big...."things" about teachers who were "not right" floated aroudn quicker than a wildfire spreads! I have also heard some other ill shit that is "purported" to have taken place with young-ass girls (i.e. 20-30 years YOUNGER than him)after he left the school..... dunno.... I hope for her sake that he has stopped his philandering ways!

But I felt bad because the whole "daddy" thing was second nature for me to say! He is old as CRAP! He has a son that is either 40 OR 41 and a FOUR YEAR OLD!!! WTF?????? WOW. Oh, and chick DID let me know that though she was trying to 1/2 ass "fake it" in words like it was all good, that she DID have a tude behind my saying what I said!

But in the words of Dr. Diva, "That chick HAS to get that shit ALL the time... and she KNEW that he was a popular teacher and she should EXPECT that shit when she maarried an old ass nigga anyway!"

I rest my case and don't feel bad AT ALL since she brought me back to reality!!! LOL

But still... WOW.... you married WHO???????????????

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Black African Bootyscratchers?

Why is it that some men look at certain aspects of grooming as "un-manly". By this I mean, getting a their nails trimmed and feet groomed. Or it could mean getting a facial and just being neat and clean. Just keeping neat in general! But for real, my REAL pet peeve is hairy PITS and hairy BALLS! Now I am by NO means saying you need to go Brazilian waxing these areas, but what is wrong to trimming them and KEEPY them trimmed to about 1/2 an inch worth of hair??? It takes 2 seconds to buzz them pits and about 2 minutes to do the balls! I'm just saying ya'll..... keeping that shit cut will keep BACTERIA out of YOUR shit too!!! Hair holds BACTERIA (lok it up...any bacteriologist or run of the mill doctor will tell yo ass that shit, if you doubt what I am saying!) Yeast infections are NOT fun! Keeping your hair cut (upstairs AND below) is a MUST for me!!!

I know that in the archaic days that being a man meant having the requisite neanderthal BUSH under your arms and around your damn balls (I am SURE that shit served puroposes when there was no SOAP and WATER and shit, but NOT now)!!! I cannot STAND a whole swath of hair around a man's "franks and beans"!!!! It LOOKS nasty and the shit HOLDS DIRT, ODOR and BACTERIA! UGH!!!!!!

I could NOT be with a man who had a problem taking care of these areas!!! Ya know... wearing CLEAN clothes that aren't all fucked up and holy or wrinkled all to hell.... as well as keeping your hair cut AND brushed/combed!!!!I just couldn't be with someonw who didn't take enough pride in himself to do these things! I keep MYSELF washed, groomed and combed, and so should YOUR ass if you are my mate! For real ya'll! I TRULY believe in "metrosexual" not meaning HOMOSEXUAL!!! Men that think so are probably CLOSET gay anyway as far as I am concerned or too damn caught up in stereortypical "idea" of what a man should or should not be like. **shaking my damn head** Do these "cavemen" not realize that women WANT a man who takes care of themselves just like ya'll want someone who takes care of HERSELF!

Grooming is not just for women people! I have had some funky-balled negroes in my time and it really did TURN me off!!! Thankfully, there haven't been many....but I repeat I would NOT be with one who didn't take prode in themselves.

Get it together guys! (at least the ones of you to whom this applies!) We expect and deserve better! LOL

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Friday Night TV

Hey there!

Me and my gurls went out AGAIN.... this past Friday. We went to the SAME club/sports bar that we went to last week and had a blast again! See below:

(DIVA, Me , Tee)

But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy was I looking all "greasy" and my girls were looking cool and colleceted??? because MY DUMB ass wore a dayum SWEATER up in that joint and it was hot as hell on fire!!! LOL

This was a lil different though because there were waaaaaaaaaay more people there because it was the "2nd" grand opening of the place! So there were people wall-to-wall.

Good times were had by all! I saw some people I haven't seen in a WHILE and had fun chatting it up with them!

On the job front, I still have not found another job, but I am still looking. I am also seriously contemplating REALLY trying to expand my photography ability and go ahead and take some classes and go ahead and get my photography business going.

My husband pointed out something that my best friend and a few others have said: You don't LIKE working a 9 to 5 for someone else! While that is true, I struggle with the who idea of being able to do what I want to do and have the lifesyle that I have while trying to "build" my photography. I CANNOT stop working! For real.

So, while I like "some parts" of HR, I want to hone my photography and get better at that and make THAT my livelihood. I was looking in Black Enterprise last night and this girl made a shop that is a nail/pedicure salon into this cute, eclectic spot in Brooklyn!! Now THAT is what I am talking about!

Moving on and into something new (while also looking for a new 9to5 in the meantime! I mean a sista GOTTA eat!!) LOL

Sunday, October 14, 2007

One of them nights!

"It's the good life....let's go on a living spree...they say the best things in life are free...The Good Life, it's feels like Atlanta, it feels like L.A. , it feels like Miami..." - Good Life-Kanye West

These FAT-ASS Amethyst Louboutin's-The Good Life Indeed

Hot dayum ya'll! Me and my girl hung out on Friday and had a CERTIFIED.BLAST!!! When I tell you I had so much fun with her that it ain't even FUNNY..I'm for real folks! Here's the deal.... I only have a FEW female friends and one of them (my girl Jen) is outta town, and the other's usually have busy social schedules and things to do or just don't feel like hangin when I do.

So, me and Diva had both gotten our hair done earlier, put on a lil lipstick and got ready to hit the town! We KNEW we were cute too! LOL She was flossin in her hubby's brand new black on black Lincoln MKX crossover and we were out! Where to go? We don't go out that often, so we really do NOT know of that many places, and also I do NOT wanna be near the 20-28 year olds either. Too young for me. So, we hit up a place that used to be a bar/club that was recently revamped into a sports bad and is owned by this guy who owns the salon where I get my hair done occasionally.

So, though we hadn't gon out in a while, me & Diva like this place and dedcided to go there or at least start there. But you see.... my girl, DIVA and I go waaaaaaaaaay back on the hang tip and whenever we hang I have a blast!! It just felt so good to have some drinks , some laughs and some fun in a social environment! I like , literally, almost NEVER do this anymore!

Then one of my BEST male friends, who goes waaaaaaaay back with me, MH, came down to the spot we were at, so we DEFINITELY had a blast. It's cool to go out with your husband, but since Diva and I haven't been out since I think LAST YEAR, it was overdue and DEFINITELY needed! Typically when we go out, I do not drink because I am ALWAYS.DRIVING. Diva usually does NOT drive because she be like "i don't know where I am going..." ...mmm-hmmm.... I can see why she does this: SO THAT HEFFA CAN DRINK!!!! I hardly EVER drink, but I must admit a few just loosen you up and help ya ass RELAX! Literally, I think the LAST time I had a drink was about 3 months ago and THAT was a Hummer (kahlua and ice cream). Well, not tonight babe! I had a NICE set (yes I said set) of drinks and she was the responsible one and only had a couple! I got a niiiiice buzz going and we kicked it and talked shit! We ended up just eating and chilling there all night.

The bar/club that we were at had some bangin music that was old school meets new school/meets my kinda groove!!!

And Diva understands me, that is why it is SOOOOOO much fun going out with her!!! Her husband always says (who is a friend of mine and how I met Diva in the FIRST through THIRD place!) "When ya'll get's gon be some TROU-ble, TROU-ble!!!". If we weren't such good women, it would be.....lemme tell you. Me and Diva ALWAYS say "If I knew THEN, what I know NOW.....baaay-be...." LOL But serously. Diva is always there for me and I for her. We are very much alike in so many ways and I am so glad I met her!

And at the end of the night, this guy that I was sitting next to (but really had not even SPOKEN to) PAID our bill !!!!! WTF???? I was like "than you so much...what's your name?" He told me and come to find out me and him went to ELEMENTARY school together (yeah, I have a memory for things like that)!!!! I had not seen him SINCE then as we went to different schools after elem., but his face was the same! He said that once I started talking he remembered me as well (I too look the DAMN same since I was what...3 weeks old??lol) And get this, there was a guy who came over while I wasx talking to the guy sitting next to me and told Diva "I wanted to pay for your drinks and food, but the waitress told me that it had already been taken care of". Well, al-fucking-righty then!!! I guess me and Diva still got it!

And on Saturday, me and Diva and her hubby and his family went to see "Why Did I Get Married?" and let me tell you, if you like Tyler's movies, you'll love this one. I think this was the best one YET! My girl Angie in the movie was OFF DA CHAIN!!! I leaned over and told my husband "THAT'S yo momma!" LOL Cause on the Lo-Low.... I could SOOOOOOO see his momma going the FUCK OFF on a bitch like Angie did in some of those situations! LOL

We came home and today I have just chilled out and relaxed. Right now, my fam is watching football at a friend of my husband's house. He takes my son because there is a boy his age there, so EVERYBODY has fun and Momma has a few hours to fuckin chill by herself since I STILL HATE football. Don't get it twisted....

Still high off the weekend and Diva..... I'm STILL fucked up! LOL

Carry on people!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sexual playthings and brokeness

Hey folks!

I will start by saying that I am so broke. Really broke. I am trying to be more positive and trying to use

If you are not up on this , get up on it here..... I need to use this more as I am just wondering when my "day" will come for the positive. I don't get paid until Friday and I am ALREADY "borrowing" against some of my future monies and will be on a TIGHT-ASS budget (tighter than a hooker's garter belt!)!!!!

This is sad. But I am grateful because my husband, blessed soul that he is has taken a bill that I used to pay and he is going to pay it (yeah,we are on each other's accounts, but we have seperate accounts...the ones we used to have before we were married...) to allow me some breathing room. I am also going to pay off one of my credit cards with some $$$ from savings so that will put some $$ back into my pocket on a monthly basis. But all in all, I am broke. I drive a banging car, have a cute (although small) house, but I am broke. I need a flippin salary increase or a new job BAD! I am trying to focus on the positive (i.e that I have a job and that life hasn't changed REDICULOUSLY. For that I am happy.

But I need more. More money that is.....

WTF???Family store?

Can somebody tell me WHYYYYYYYYYYY this
"Personal Massager" was online at ?????? I have not seen this in the store (thankfully), but am I the ONLY one who finds selling a DILDO at a run-of-the-mill drug store???!! I guess pleasuring ones self just became more accessible boys and gals!! **smh** But I guess since there is the "KY-hot and spicy" (or whatever the name of that stuff is) that is sold and condoms and all kinds of other stuff.... it just seems a little "Fredricks"-like to me!!! LOL

Tell me

Tell me if I am wrong for feeling this way:

So... my boss comes to us (her team) and says the following:

"well, because there have been issues on the weekends (because people here work like HEBREWS typically Saturday or Sunday every week), I am thinking that it would be a good idea for us all (there are nine of us) to ROTATE being here on a Saturday or a Sunday....if we ALL do this, we will only have to do this once every 9 weeks...and the upside of this is that you will get a weekday off when you work on that Saturday or Sunday". Now I was off last Friday because I was sick and she apparently sent some e-mail saying this and other's got to ruminate and then react. So when she asks me, I was in a room, by myself with her and I was trying my HARDEST to stifle the "fuck you...are you fucking serious" look that I felt trying to escape from every pore in my face!

My reaction (internally): "HELL FUCK NO!!! I do NOT want to come in here on the weekends! Not even if it IS only once every 9 weeks! NO! My reaction to her after acting like I was really "thinking" about it: "I'll think about it...I AM planning on going back to school..blah. blah.blah...and Saturday classes MAY be something I would do...blah.blah.blah....".

Whatever. I would never take a Saturday class unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. I just couldn't come up with anything else with her sitting there looking at me like a dog waiting for a treat.

#1, my husband works late and I already do NOT get to see him until late most nights #2 that means half of the time I can spend with my family will be cut OUT and my weekend broken up on said weekend. Even if I get Monday off , it won't seem like I had the equal number of days off becuase they a broken up! and #3 even though my husband is as MUCH a parent to my child as I am, because we have no family support, that means that one of HIS weekend days would be with no rest and no break.#4 I just don't want to INCONVENIENCE myself for what.... the $8,000 salary DECREASE that I got! Oh, and it looks like most of the other 9 people have said that they are GAME AND READY to do it.... I guess I would be the lone dissenter.

So, when she hears my dismay and potential "no" looming , she says "well, it's o.k. if you can''s not's TOTALLY optional...". mmm-hmm...i know, i know...she MAY look at this pejoratively.**shrug**

And I'mma tell you the truth people, my REAL BIG, FAT, NASTY, HAIRY reason for saying NO is because you all are NICKEL AND FUCKING DIMING me on my money! You cut $8,000 and I was supposed to be in a "jr." position , and all of a sudden a "shift" in everyone's responsibilities has occurred and I am being PURPORTED to be in a "full" position! Granted, I have less problems to deal with daily than the other "full" position holding team members do, but I am also going to be taking on being a "backup" to another location because the person who was at that location si being shuffled to ANOTHER location! So, we'll be "sharing" the load.

No problem.

I have NOOOOO problem with the work.






You want me to sacrifice and do more and take MY TIME away to flip-flop and be "oh-so-available" and at ya'lls whim??? Well, FUCKING pay my ass!

So my feeling is until you DO SO..... FUCK.YOU. I am NOT coming in here not ONE weekend day, even if I do get another one off! You ask for lots from people but give nothing in return.

Am I wrong??? I would like to get ya'll's honest opinion and feeling on this....come one lurkers..... speak up too! TS? Diva?? What'cha'll think?


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Joni Mitchell never lied....

You may never see this, but one day, ALL things come full circle and you WILL realize that you don't know what you got til it's gone.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

For the love of Money.... or lack thereof...

I love this picture because it sums up how I've been feeling. In general, fuck it. I am so broke with this new "salary" (if you didn't read the previous Salary was REDUCED by $8,000 a year)that it isn't funny.

Me & my husband argued yesterday about money and our "budget" and what needs to change(all day during work mind you) and I am so tired of thinking about it. I just need to find another job that pays me what I need to be paid. All this is coming about (mostly) because in the last year my salary has been reduced by $15,000 a year and we have absolutely NO room to do SHIT at this point!!! No room to take a trip, no room to save, no room to do ANYTHING! Hell, until my salary goes back up I stopped my 401k deduction! (say what you will, but I NEED that money right now, and though after taxes it's less, it still makes enough of a difference for me to justify doing it until I can figure out a way for my salary to increase).

He says "things need to change" and I say " we still have to live". It's not like we eat Chateaubriand & Lobster served with a fine vintage wine every night! And it's not like this will be forever. What it IS, it that we have a child in daycare, we have a HIGH AS HELL house note, we have 2 cars notes(I for one LOVE my car and am NOT giving that bitch up, nor can I because it's a lease), and student loans that total about $650 a month! He talks about "stuff we need to decrease" and all I can see are the 3 credit cards that need to be decreased, but that is a project.... not a "we can pay them off right now" type of thing. Yeah,o.k...... I'll be honest.... there are a few things that can be decreased as well (i.e the cable, shopping for clothes, cell phone bill,etc.) but in general, MOST of our costs are fixed (i.e. house, water, electric, gas, student loans, our son's daycare cost,etc.)!!! He is feeling stressed and this is stressing me out. Badly. One thing I DO know is this: if this company doesn't shit or get off the pot SOON..... I am out. Maybe sooner than later, becuase I want to NEED TO make more freakin money!

I am still looking for a new job and need to get moving on this front! QUICKLY. I know it will come and I am just staying prayerful because I am tired of going seemingly BACKWARDS in my career over the past freakin year!


Lata ya'll.