Thursday, October 25, 2007

Black African Bootyscratchers?

Why is it that some men look at certain aspects of grooming as "un-manly". By this I mean, getting a their nails trimmed and feet groomed. Or it could mean getting a facial and just being neat and clean. Just keeping neat in general! But for real, my REAL pet peeve is hairy PITS and hairy BALLS! Now I am by NO means saying you need to go Brazilian waxing these areas, but what is wrong to trimming them and KEEPY them trimmed to about 1/2 an inch worth of hair??? It takes 2 seconds to buzz them pits and about 2 minutes to do the balls! I'm just saying ya'll..... keeping that shit cut will keep BACTERIA out of YOUR shit too!!! Hair holds BACTERIA (lok it up...any bacteriologist or run of the mill doctor will tell yo ass that shit, if you doubt what I am saying!) Yeast infections are NOT fun! Keeping your hair cut (upstairs AND below) is a MUST for me!!!

I know that in the archaic days that being a man meant having the requisite neanderthal BUSH under your arms and around your damn balls (I am SURE that shit served puroposes when there was no SOAP and WATER and shit, but NOT now)!!! I cannot STAND a whole swath of hair around a man's "franks and beans"!!!! It LOOKS nasty and the shit HOLDS DIRT, ODOR and BACTERIA! UGH!!!!!!

I could NOT be with a man who had a problem taking care of these areas!!! Ya know... wearing CLEAN clothes that aren't all fucked up and holy or wrinkled all to hell.... as well as keeping your hair cut AND brushed/combed!!!!I just couldn't be with someonw who didn't take enough pride in himself to do these things! I keep MYSELF washed, groomed and combed, and so should YOUR ass if you are my mate! For real ya'll! I TRULY believe in "metrosexual" not meaning HOMOSEXUAL!!! Men that think so are probably CLOSET gay anyway as far as I am concerned or too damn caught up in stereortypical "idea" of what a man should or should not be like. **shaking my damn head** Do these "cavemen" not realize that women WANT a man who takes care of themselves just like ya'll want someone who takes care of HERSELF!

Grooming is not just for women people! I have had some funky-balled negroes in my time and it really did TURN me off!!! Thankfully, there haven't been many....but I repeat I would NOT be with one who didn't take prode in themselves.

Get it together guys! (at least the ones of you to whom this applies!) We expect and deserve better! LOL


Diva said...

You are a hot mess!!! But you know I agree. MCHJR1 ain't playing. He gets his hair cut every week and I just love when he has a fresh shave!! Haircuts are a must!! I hate do-rags!! A clean shaven man is a man for me!! Don't get me wrong, I love a rough neck, but when I want to go out, I need that clean shaven man!!

Knockout Zed said...

Duly noted. LOL


Shai said...

^5 and Amen! Robyn, some of my co-workers (male and female) were talking about this one day. Funny the oldest man(55+) in the group tripped at how us younger(under 40) women had a list of grooming musts for men. He is known to walk around with ashy hands and not wear appropriate clothes(still wears stuff from the 80's and 90's). LOL.

Lotion ALL over the body is a requirement along with shaving, teethcare, toe/fingernail maintenance, bush trimming (underarms/below the belt) and a good haircut. I had a good friend say why put lotion on parts no one will see in public. SMH. LOL.

The Goddess said...

Girl, you are too much. "Frank and Beans" that is HILARIOUS. I've never heard of them referred to as that. I'm going to have to use that one.

I feel you on the hair thing. I LOVE me some body hair (chest hair, facial hair and facial hair) but hairy pits and twigs and berries is JUST NOT FOR ME. That is the NASTIEST thing ever!

My man takes so much pride in his hygiene and I love it. He's still kind of funny about getting a pedicures, which is ok cause for some reason his feet are softer than mine. I don't know HOW he does that, but the crap AINT fair. LOL

Mr.Slish said...

Shaving my hairy Nuts..Now thats a thought....

Mega Rich said...

I didn't read your post, but I haven't heard the term "black african booty scratchers" since the late 80's.