Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sexual playthings and brokeness

Hey folks!

I will start by saying that I am so broke. Really broke. I am trying to be more positive and trying to use

If you are not up on this , get up on it here..... I need to use this more as I am just wondering when my "day" will come for the positive. I don't get paid until Friday and I am ALREADY "borrowing" against some of my future monies and will be on a TIGHT-ASS budget (tighter than a hooker's garter belt!)!!!!

This is sad. But I am grateful because my husband, blessed soul that he is has taken a bill that I used to pay and he is going to pay it (yeah,we are on each other's accounts, but we have seperate accounts...the ones we used to have before we were married...) to allow me some breathing room. I am also going to pay off one of my credit cards with some $$$ from savings so that will put some $$ back into my pocket on a monthly basis. But all in all, I am broke. I drive a banging car, have a cute (although small) house, but I am broke. I need a flippin salary increase or a new job BAD! I am trying to focus on the positive (i.e that I have a job and that life hasn't changed REDICULOUSLY. For that I am happy.

But I need more. More money that is.....

WTF???Family store?

Can somebody tell me WHYYYYYYYYYYY this
"Personal Massager" was online at ?????? I have not seen this in the store (thankfully), but am I the ONLY one who finds selling a DILDO at a run-of-the-mill drug store???!! I guess pleasuring ones self just became more accessible boys and gals!! **smh** But I guess since there is the "KY-hot and spicy" (or whatever the name of that stuff is) that is sold and condoms and all kinds of other stuff.... it just seems a little "Fredricks"-like to me!!! LOL

Tell me

Tell me if I am wrong for feeling this way:

So... my boss comes to us (her team) and says the following:

"well, because there have been issues on the weekends (because people here work like HEBREWS typically Saturday or Sunday every week), I am thinking that it would be a good idea for us all (there are nine of us) to ROTATE being here on a Saturday or a Sunday....if we ALL do this, we will only have to do this once every 9 weeks...and the upside of this is that you will get a weekday off when you work on that Saturday or Sunday". Now I was off last Friday because I was sick and she apparently sent some e-mail saying this and other's got to ruminate and then react. So when she asks me, I was in a room, by myself with her and I was trying my HARDEST to stifle the "fuck you...are you fucking serious" look that I felt trying to escape from every pore in my face!

My reaction (internally): "HELL FUCK NO!!! I do NOT want to come in here on the weekends! Not even if it IS only once every 9 weeks! NO! My reaction to her after acting like I was really "thinking" about it: "I'll think about it...I AM planning on going back to school..blah. blah.blah...and Saturday classes MAY be something I would do...blah.blah.blah....".

Whatever. I would never take a Saturday class unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. I just couldn't come up with anything else with her sitting there looking at me like a dog waiting for a treat.

#1, my husband works late and I already do NOT get to see him until late most nights #2 that means half of the time I can spend with my family will be cut OUT and my weekend broken up on said weekend. Even if I get Monday off , it won't seem like I had the equal number of days off becuase they a broken up! and #3 even though my husband is as MUCH a parent to my child as I am, because we have no family support, that means that one of HIS weekend days would be with no rest and no break.#4 I just don't want to INCONVENIENCE myself for what.... the $8,000 salary DECREASE that I got! Oh, and it looks like most of the other 9 people have said that they are GAME AND READY to do it.... I guess I would be the lone dissenter.

So, when she hears my dismay and potential "no" looming , she says "well, it's o.k. if you can''s not's TOTALLY optional...". mmm-hmm...i know, i know...she MAY look at this pejoratively.**shrug**

And I'mma tell you the truth people, my REAL BIG, FAT, NASTY, HAIRY reason for saying NO is because you all are NICKEL AND FUCKING DIMING me on my money! You cut $8,000 and I was supposed to be in a "jr." position , and all of a sudden a "shift" in everyone's responsibilities has occurred and I am being PURPORTED to be in a "full" position! Granted, I have less problems to deal with daily than the other "full" position holding team members do, but I am also going to be taking on being a "backup" to another location because the person who was at that location si being shuffled to ANOTHER location! So, we'll be "sharing" the load.

No problem.

I have NOOOOO problem with the work.






You want me to sacrifice and do more and take MY TIME away to flip-flop and be "oh-so-available" and at ya'lls whim??? Well, FUCKING pay my ass!

So my feeling is until you DO SO..... FUCK.YOU. I am NOT coming in here not ONE weekend day, even if I do get another one off! You ask for lots from people but give nothing in return.

Am I wrong??? I would like to get ya'll's honest opinion and feeling on this....come one lurkers..... speak up too! TS? Diva?? What'cha'll think?



Anonymous said...

Lurker de-lurking for the first time. It was never stipulated that you might have to work weekends AND she said it's not mandatory? No way. I would tell her the real reason and that is that childcare is lacking on the weekends and your husband has to get his rest on the weekends.

Bunk that. $8,000 pay cut and they are asking you for what? They should be very glad you stayed at that job. Really.

I commend you for your patience and ability to rationalize for the benefit of your family because I would have quit and told my husband he'd have to pick-up the slack until something came up for me as soon as I saw my first paycheck after that major reduction.

You are to be commended. You are a strong sister. Hang in there.

The Goddess said...

GIRL PUH-LEEZE!!! There is no way, after they've screwed you the way they have that I think that you should inconvenience yourself and family for the sake of THEM. I understand that occasionally when working sometimes you have to do the random weekend here and there, but after the huge ass pay cut and the promise earlier of more money and not following through. NO WAY! You're better than me cause I probably would have lost my cool. I hope you find something better soon so you can tell them to kiss your YOU KNOW WHAT!

Too Serious said...

I'm with everyone else. FORGET THEM! I wouldn't work a single weekend. I could see if they were paying you...but they aren' PSHT! Screw them! And I'm rollin' at the "personal massager"!

Shai said...

No, you are not wrong. I was reading thinking they are asking you to be WAY too dedicated a such azz situation. SMH. I would decline too. It ain't OT. Plus, I see folks doing a weekend more than every 9 weeks. Folks good for jumping on the boat on an idea, then jumping ship when their time comes.

Seven said...

Is weekend differential included? I guess it woulddn't make a difference if it would be a every 9 weeks deal. I work on Fridays and Saturdays from 12-10pm so for me that's life. That's how the cards were dealt. I miss my fam and want a schedule change bout I love the night and weekend differential.

Disco said...

@ Seven: Hey Seven!!! thanks for stopping by and girl, pay difrerential since it will still be "40 hours" for the week due to us having one day off during the week. And part of me has calmed down since writing this and is kinda like "fuck it". My husband said he understands and since it's ONLY every nine weeks....**shrug**I just don't know.... :-)
@Shai: gurl! I am just praying for a new job OR an increase! LOL

@ TS, The Goddess & Anon (heeey Anon! Thanks for the comments! Keep em coming!): ya'll feel me..... ya'll do! LOL