Monday, March 24, 2008


Hey all, since I last posted I went and came back from Atlanta for my husband's grandmother's 80th birthday celebration. It was supposed to be a surprise but his cousin's daughter Lea (age 4 7/8), told her the birthday girl, "GiGi, Tee went to the store to get decorations for your party ...she didn't go to the grocery store".

And there went the surprise! LOL

Here are a few pics:

Cousins having fun!

Fun times in his cousin's Bouncy thing

Me & my husband at the party.

We had a good time and can I just say that I REEEEALLLY wanted to move there more than ever this time I went???? There are several reasons for this statement. One, it was like 70-75 degrees in Mid-March and we won;t see that ish until AT LEAST the beginning of June with any regularity (probably like the MIDDLE of June to be exact....). Number 2, if you all have been reading this stuff for awhile, you all know that though I have family here (albeit a small family, I have an older brother, sister and one niece and one aunts and no uncles) here. But it is almost IMPOSSIBLE for us to "coordinate" with them to take our son off our hands and watch him if we want to do anything! It is the most frustrating thing about having a small family and not being near my husband's family, bar none. The one person who WOULD do it is my niece, but she is sooooooo tied up into her husband's family and their goings-on, that either she is too busy, she's also in grad school, or spending time with her husband. I damn sure can't blame her, and this is MY child, but what happened to "it takes a village...." cause my village is non-existent. For real. And I feel that stress and my marriage oftimes feels that stress of NEVER really being able to go out or do things with each other because we don't have someone to watch out son. So......the fact still remains that I can't rely on my family for help..... hardly ever..... and it's hard to get that outlet.

And before you all ask..... I had (notice i say "had") a babysitter 3 doors down, but her family MOVED and pretty much everyone else on our street is a teenage male (not feeling THAT demographic for a babysitter....sorry if that's sexist, but **shrug** oh freakin well...) or they are too young. I do not know other "teens" in the neighborhood that babysit either. And as you know, my mother lives in Florida and my husband's mother lives in Georgia. But the saving grace has been Melvin's and my girl( Diva's families. The problem there is that we cannot "ask all the time" or as my mother used to say "wear out your welcome" like you might try to do with your OWN family :-) Also, the people that will sometimes keep OUR son, may need to keep my girl and HER huaband's son (my Godson) who is about to turn 2! So, that also limits us, after all, they are "like family" ...but they are NOT our family and whatever way you slice it....there IS a damn difference! Feel me??

Can I just say that it was soooo effortless for my husband's cousin to take my son and keep him at her house, and trust, this was not JUST because we were only there for a few days.... this is just how it would be! My husband has a whoooooole lotta people that we could have keep our son! I mean, I can't even lie.... that alone makes me want to move down there! He gets to play with his cousins (who are his age, of which there are NONE up here in my family) and Mommy and Daddy get some "parent-time" and probably some of our own individual "me-time" back without one or the other solely having the little one.

Don't get me wrong, it was OUR choice to have a baby and it is OUR son. So, I am not trying to say I want to shirk my parental duties in ANY way. But everyone needs time...... and needs it more than once a year. Do you know that our son has NEVER spent the night away from us EXCEPT for when my mother came up here and we went to Chicago 3 years ago???? Uh...yeah. We haven't been on a vacation since. Because there is always "that issue" of "well.... who could he stay with for 3-7 days if we go somewhere????????" It's just a logistical nightmare and financially expensive undertaking JUST for us to "go on a trip"...... feel me????

So with that said..... I yearn for that kinda of support and those of you who have it... have NO.IDEA. how lucky you are. Trust me... you are very lucky because not having extra support does take it's toll.....


Carving out time for yourself is tough and though I'd miss my friends dearly, if my husband would be up for moving (which, because he likes the stability of his position where he works and the fact that we would have a hard as HELL time selling this house in this f'ed up market), I'd be all over it.....becuase it is no JOKE not having people around to help... for real.....Truth be told, in a perfect world, I would just be able to have the help I need HERE and not move, but that isn't reality and the help would be worth it to move. My husband agrees that the help would be worth it, but we'd have to find jobs,etc. and not just any job, the RIGHT.ONES that would allow us to pay bills and maitain a lifestyle, feel me??

So, who knows, maybe one day we will.....

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I've been duped!

Well, if any of you are fans of "The Wire" and have a cable provider that provides OnDemand (where you can basically view certain movies/programs ----on demand), you may feel me on this...

For the ENTIRE last season of "The Wire" (which I am about to shed a tear about it being the last season...btw...)because we have OnDemand through Comcast cable, we were able to watch EVERY episode a WEEK EARLY, starting the Monday BEFORE the Sunday that it airs! So me and my husband have been like CRACKHEADS every Monday night always watching The Wire after the little one is asleep, right?

This week heralds the end. of . The. Wire..... **head hanging low**. Folks have been killed off that I NEVER thought would (Prop Joe and Omar to name the biggest of the two) and I really wish this wasn't ending. The Finale was to come on this Sunday, March 9.... soooooo.... as is customary with me, we went to On Demand to get the Finale EARLY and saw this:

If you watch The Wire you know why this is so funny.....because EVERY time this man says this I just crack the hell up! He's a african's african...... that's what I call him and me and my husband just sat there with our mouths open and let out a big ass laugh.... they got us... they got us.... I couldn't even REALLY be mad cuz our DUMB ASSES shoulda known they wasn't gon let us see "THE . FINALE" early!!!! LOL

Definitely duped! LOL

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


My 20 YEAR high school reunion is this year (come on Shai... you comin?) :-)

And I am like "damn.. I need to lose some A WHOLE LOT of weight! I was never Ms. Skinny but damn if I haven't gained a NICE amount since high school! I want to be cute at the reuinion, I want the people I went to high school with to be like DAMN she looks good!! (isn't that what EVERYBODY wants????) I need to have a 1969 type of reunion!!!I think this is just the motivation I need,.... I hope.....

My problem is.... motivation..... I typically get so amped and then lose steam. Problem now is that I can't get up some motivation to save my life!!! I have a treadmill, and the ONLY time that it is feasable for me to do the tread is in the a.m..... but I swear.... motivation..... that bitch is elusive as HELL cause I SWEAR I can't find her ass! I say "imagine how GOOD you will look (and feel, no less)",....motivation still eludes me.... I say "you will be BETTER than you were in high school if you go ahead and start NOW".... motivation turns her head and runs out the door. I say " GET IN HERE NOOOOOOOOWWWW"....motivation looks at me and laughs a hearty loud laugh.

DAMN her ass. I swear my bed pulls me INTO it in the am, thereby causing me to miss motivation when she does show up at 5:45am. By the time my bed releases me....her ass is gone. Time is not on my side... the reunion weekend is August 15-17th. That's only SIX months! That may seem like a long time to ya'll but when you want to REALLY lose a nice amount of weight...that ain't shit!!!

I think I'm gonna kidnap her....that is the only way.