Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas yearnings....

My son and I went looking through the Toys R'Us Big Toy book the other day, right.... soooo he named AND circled about 25 things he wants and I just had to laugh. I remember doing the SAME thing....OK..... but not at FOUR YEARS OLD!!!

**Insert twisted lips**

I told him that Santa would have to think about his requests and that we would see. HE said "ok mommy" (all dejected)

So, to combat this "I should get" attitude, guess what WE are going to start doing??? DELIVERING FOOD to shelters during the holidays. That is going to be our **New** tradition. So often kids (and adults) can get so caught up in things that don;t matter....the materialistic stuff.

**raising my hand** "my name is Robyn and I am materialistic too many sometimes.... I want to be in the 20 step program"


So, I think that in these times where jobs are dayum near IMPOSSIBLE to come by, I need to be happy that I have a family that loves me, a great job with good people to work with AND a house that is NOT getting foreclosed on! I think that I am SO LUCKY and fortunate and I want my son to learn to be thankful as well.

It starts with us.... and it still takes a village :-)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

On a Sunday....

So,me and the boy have had a cough combined with slight chest congestion for THREE weeks now.... i HAAAAAAATe going to the dr, mostly because #1 I have NO TIME off brcause I JUST started a fuckin job 2 months ago and #2 our co-pays are $30 a fucking PIECE!!!! I know I know.... i need to take him if no one.... **sigh**.... and my husband acts like he can't take him (because he really IS very busy at work) but hs said he would try to take him. Why can't this shit just go AWAY??? I have truly been coughing for about a MONTH now to be honest... I must go tomorrow...this is rediculous.

Bout Time!!!

WORD UP!!! (yeah, I said it...I'm bringing that phrase back!) We WON!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a LONNNNNNNNNNNG time and we finally have our bragging right back!!! YEAH BABY!!!!! Michigan has beaten us since 2001 until yesterday! THAT's a LONG flippin time! We had not won AT Michigan since 1990. WHAT THE?.... 19.90?????

That's a SHAME! I was in college in 1990! DAMN!!!! But they did it. It looked ominous around the middle of the game, but they pulled it off! GO SPARTANS!!!!! I'm so proud!


I have sooo many things to do in a day (as anyone dos) and I seem to always feel that I have NO TIME to just be "me". I swear, it's like the "mentality" of when I was laid-off just won't leave me! Couple that with the fact that by 9:30-10:00pm... I am DONE! And that is with getting up azt 6:30-7:)0 (whihc is LATER than I REALLY should be getting up) and going all day!! It's like, I am rushing to get up, rushing to work, rushing to leave work at 5:00, rushing to get the boy before the 6:00 deadline (which if I leave just 10 minutes late... I may not make it!!), rushing to get dinner or cook, rushing to have him have SOME time with me or to play a game, look at a little tv and do some homework, rushing to feed him and get him ready for bed and rushing him off to bed.


My husband usually works late so during the week (except on Fridays) I usually have the duty after work until close to the time he is going to bed.

Then I have to wash clothes, clean up ( my husband does help with the cleaning of the kitchen which is great), but I am still rushing. I got so used to NOT rushing when I was off and honestly... I LOVED IT. But me staying home just ISN'T an option! And when do I have time to do the PLETHORA of things I WANT to do (i.e. reading a book ... can't remember the last time I did that!, my warm spirit business, my photography...just reading amd learning more on my own, or just sitting DOWN and watching a little tv)???

I can do it AFTER the boy goes to bed right??? NOT!!! I AM FUCKING TIREEEEEED!!!! I told ya'll, I am one of them people that NEEDS my 8-9 hours of sleep!! I can't be up until 1am just to "do my thing"..... I would NOT have a job because I would fall alseep EVERYDAY! (it's already bad enough that in meetings.... no matter HOW MUCH sleep I get.... after about 15 minutes.... I LITERALLY start to fall sleep. EVERY. TIME. It's terrible!! I'll be sitting there pinching myself, biting my finger and sometimes to NO AVAIL!! Sometimes I have to leace the fucking room and act like i Have to go to the bathroom! I HATE MEETINGS SO MUCH!!! LOL

Anyway.... I have more to be THANKFUL I shall stop the complaining here!

Have a good day ya'll!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



I just heard that Dolemite has died. Read below:

(Oct. 20) - Comedic actor Rudy Ray Moore, best known to blaxploitation fans as kung fu pimp Dolemite, died Sunday at an Akron nursing home from complications of diabetes, according to media reports. He was 81. His death was first reported by, which was contacted by comedienne Luenell with the news and later confirmed by Moore's daughter.
Moore, born Rudolph Frank Moore, was known as the "king of the party records" and released several raunchy comedy albums in the 1960's and 1970's that were seen as more explicit than peers like Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor.
In 1975, he starred as the title character in "Dolemite," a low budget comedy romp about a rhyming pimp with a stable of karate-loving prostitutes. A sequel, "The Human Tornado," emerged a year later. The persona was developed during his comedy act and included the memorable line "rappin' and tappin' is my game!"
Moore's other acting credits include "Petey Wheatstraw" in 1978 and the blaxploitation film "Disco Godfather" in 1979. In later years Moore collaborated with 2 Live Crew and Snoop Dogg and in 2000 reprised his Dolemite character in the movie "Big Money Hustlas."
He is survived by a daughter, Yvette "Rusty" Wesson, who tells EURweb that funeral ceremonies will be held in Akron and in Spokane, Wash.

Dolemite will be missed and remembered by many that grew up in my era and those in generations past. He was a hilarious, raunchy , down and dirty PIMPTASTIC playa-play from the Himalaya's! And if you find the blaxploitation films funny like me, you will feel me on this!


Friday, October 17, 2008

LMBAO!!! THIS is funnnnnnny as hell!

PLEASSSSSE lool at this that I found on

This ish is FALARIOUS!!! WOW...just wow people!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

They just don't make em like THIS anymore

My husband knows that if there is ONE Man that I would leave him for (not really baby,just jokes.... :-) ) Ahem.... It WOULD be MAXWELL!!!!

If you love the old soul sound mixed with a contemporary adult SWEXINESS.... you have found it. This man is an AR.TIST.... true soul through and through!

DAMN I wish I could go to the concert here in Detroit this coming weekend... but I am BROKE and them tickets are EXPENSIVE! I was lucky enough to see him ONE TIME close up (when he FIRST started) and I SWEAR he sounds and looks as good as he does on video---in person!

Take a look:

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Truth about the Politics of Our Time

If you do nothing else....listen to THIS ...... If this dosn't say it ALL...... I don't know what does!!!

Click Here

Enjoy your weekdend.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Birthday Foundations

My hubby's birthday is on Friday.... it marks his 30-something (i won't put out the number honey....) year of life! As you know my MIL is coming on Friday and even though my house is not a pigpen, I need to do some cleaning! Wouldn't it be nice to have a "cleaning fairy" (not one you have to pay..LOL) come in and ***whoosh*** the cleaning be done?????

Alas... that is not my reality here people. LOL

Moving on....

I forgot to post about part of my weekend. I went to a brunch that honored accomplished women in the law profession. It was given by an organization named the Rhonda Walker Foundation ( and was held at one of Detroit's most delectable restaurants--Seldom Blues. It was a fundraiser that I was invited to attend ***FREE*** by a woman that I work with here and went to High School and College with who got our company to corporately sponsor the foundation and she had 4 seats to the event. The foundation, of which she is a board member, is a foundation that helps mentor young girls in their transition to becoming young women. They receive tutelege on poise, eloquence, manners, education, planning for the future, finance 101 as well as a wealth of experiential trips to places outside of the city that most of these inner city teens have never seen. Many haven't been outside of the 313 area code. Rhonda is a well known anchor-woman and is young and vibrant to boot. These girls really look up to her and I can honestly say that I think this is a wonderful organization.

In a world full of women trying to out-do each other in the "who's the skankiest" contest, this shines far and above many! The board of directors is as Rhonda puts it "a working board" and they help plan the activies, and most mentor as well.

I had a great time, the food was WONDERUL ( and I actually met a lady that may be a Warm Spirit Customer! HOO-RAH!!! But the kicker? EVERYONE received a $100 gift certificate to a local jewlry store! Say what??? ya'll heard me..... it's time to get my shop on!

I didn't even reali

Monday, October 06, 2008

Can I do it all?

Hello folks!

For the 1.5 peoplw who still read this, welcome.

Alot has happened since I last posted: I have become a Warm Spirit Consultant and I have gone back to work. I work for a global company now and it really seems like a good place, albeit as with any group, faults and all LOL

I do feel that this is an environment where I can grow and learn! I am learning so much about my field EVERYDAY. Some of this is intimidating though.... I will admit. I also got a LOVELY raise in pay from the last place to this one! THANK YA JESUS!!! I am making more than I was before I went to my last employer and THAT salary was a good one! LOL God is good.

But this was no cake-walk....can I tell ya'll that all total, I interviewed with to FOURTEEN PEOPLE before I got this job??? Let's see... the first set of interviews I intereviwed with 5 people, the 2nd round 4 people and the 3rd round another 5 people! JESUS! I was like if SOMEBODY doesn't give me a job..... I'mma have to get rowdy up in this piece! LOL

But....God is good.

I have to tell ya'll.... I got reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal comfortable in being at home being able to do what the HELL I wanted to do! So, since the time I started back to work (9/2) I am JUST now getting back into the swing of things! I mean, I wish I did not have to go to work because I LIKE not doing SHIT and being able to CHOOSE what I do and what I don't (yeah i know, no shit sherlock... EVERYBODY WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT!!!!! LOL) Having to get up in the am is a JOB. I am just getting BACK used to having to use all of my weekend time to just GET shit done!!! DAMMIT! I HATE THAT!

I am actually surprised that I was so "relaxed" with having no dang job. Oh yeah.... there was one caveat.... I wanted to be back to work by January. In my perfect world.... I woulda NOT been going back to work until January 2, not September 2 !!!! The difference this time that is different from last time I was laid off was that THIS time because I have another bit of income (Warm Spirit) AND I have more "unemployment protection" on my credit cards/student loans.... I was GRAVY! Even though I was not making 1/2 of what I was ....I was straight.... that just means I couldn't shop-shop like I used to! The last time my husband was threatening to take my son outta school because of sheer "we can't fuckin afford to keep his ass in there" ! But since then, he got a raise, i had a bit o extra there was NO ISSUE this time!

I miss being at home watching tv.... being able to take care of the LITTLE SHIT that needs to be taken care of! Like this weekend.... we were busy as HELL! And my mother-in-law is coming this FRIDAY! And my husband's birthday is Friday! Sooooo I have to do allll the cleaning,etc AFTER I GET HOME this week!!! There's simply too much to do and I pretty much do it ALL!

Anywho.... I will post more later...gotta run to a meeting!

Hoepfulyl I can return to posting more often now! LOL