Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Birthday Foundations

My hubby's birthday is on Friday.... it marks his 30-something (i won't put out the number honey....) year of life! As you know my MIL is coming on Friday and even though my house is not a pigpen, I need to do some cleaning! Wouldn't it be nice to have a "cleaning fairy" (not one you have to pay..LOL) come in and ***whoosh*** the cleaning be done?????

Alas... that is not my reality here people. LOL

Moving on....

I forgot to post about part of my weekend. I went to a brunch that honored accomplished women in the law profession. It was given by an organization named the Rhonda Walker Foundation (www.rhondawalkerfoundation.org) and was held at one of Detroit's most delectable restaurants--Seldom Blues. It was a fundraiser that I was invited to attend ***FREE*** by a woman that I work with here and went to High School and College with who got our company to corporately sponsor the foundation and she had 4 seats to the event. The foundation, of which she is a board member, is a foundation that helps mentor young girls in their transition to becoming young women. They receive tutelege on poise, eloquence, manners, education, planning for the future, finance 101 as well as a wealth of experiential trips to places outside of the city that most of these inner city teens have never seen. Many haven't been outside of the 313 area code. Rhonda is a well known anchor-woman and is young and vibrant to boot. These girls really look up to her and I can honestly say that I think this is a wonderful organization.

In a world full of women trying to out-do each other in the "who's the skankiest" contest, this shines far and above many! The board of directors is as Rhonda puts it "a working board" and they help plan the activies, and most mentor as well.

I had a great time, the food was WONDERUL (www.seldomblues.com) and I actually met a lady that may be a Warm Spirit Customer! HOO-RAH!!! But the kicker? EVERYONE received a $100 gift certificate to a local jewlry store! Say what??? ya'll heard me..... it's time to get my shop on!

I didn't even reali


The goddess said...

Hey girl. I've been wondering where you've been hiding. Glad that you're back to work and things seem to be going good.

Ok, $100 gift certificate. Ummm, I need some new jewelery, I wanna go shopping too.

Disco said...

@Goddess: Hey sweets! I have been LAAAAAZY as HELL!! LOL How's The God?? I loveeeeeeeeeee your new hair cut too!!! :-)Come on girl! Let's go shopping!!

Shai said...
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Shai said...

Seldom Blues is a nice place. I am glad you had a good time. $100 jewelry certificate? Yay Disco!