Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas yearnings....

My son and I went looking through the Toys R'Us Big Toy book the other day, right.... soooo he named AND circled about 25 things he wants and I just had to laugh. I remember doing the SAME thing....OK..... but not at FOUR YEARS OLD!!!

**Insert twisted lips**

I told him that Santa would have to think about his requests and that we would see. HE said "ok mommy" (all dejected)

So, to combat this "I should get" attitude, guess what WE are going to start doing??? DELIVERING FOOD to shelters during the holidays. That is going to be our **New** tradition. So often kids (and adults) can get so caught up in things that don;t matter....the materialistic stuff.

**raising my hand** "my name is Robyn and I am materialistic too many sometimes.... I want to be in the 20 step program"


So, I think that in these times where jobs are dayum near IMPOSSIBLE to come by, I need to be happy that I have a family that loves me, a great job with good people to work with AND a house that is NOT getting foreclosed on! I think that I am SO LUCKY and fortunate and I want my son to learn to be thankful as well.

It starts with us.... and it still takes a village :-)


Shai said...

That is a beautiful idea.

Funny, I used to write down everything from the Sears Wish Book. At 12, when I got nothing for Xmas, cause my mom could not affort to, I learned to not be so bent on gifts. I tried that with my daughter. She got it but secretly wanted to much.

The Goddess said...

That's a great tradition to start. Get your son involved in volunteering early is a very good start. I know my kids can seem very ungrateful at times. I'm thinking about cancelling x-mas indefinitely. Lol. I think I say that every year.