Monday, October 06, 2008

Can I do it all?

Hello folks!

For the 1.5 peoplw who still read this, welcome.

Alot has happened since I last posted: I have become a Warm Spirit Consultant and I have gone back to work. I work for a global company now and it really seems like a good place, albeit as with any group, faults and all LOL

I do feel that this is an environment where I can grow and learn! I am learning so much about my field EVERYDAY. Some of this is intimidating though.... I will admit. I also got a LOVELY raise in pay from the last place to this one! THANK YA JESUS!!! I am making more than I was before I went to my last employer and THAT salary was a good one! LOL God is good.

But this was no cake-walk....can I tell ya'll that all total, I interviewed with to FOURTEEN PEOPLE before I got this job??? Let's see... the first set of interviews I intereviwed with 5 people, the 2nd round 4 people and the 3rd round another 5 people! JESUS! I was like if SOMEBODY doesn't give me a job..... I'mma have to get rowdy up in this piece! LOL

But....God is good.

I have to tell ya'll.... I got reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal comfortable in being at home being able to do what the HELL I wanted to do! So, since the time I started back to work (9/2) I am JUST now getting back into the swing of things! I mean, I wish I did not have to go to work because I LIKE not doing SHIT and being able to CHOOSE what I do and what I don't (yeah i know, no shit sherlock... EVERYBODY WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT!!!!! LOL) Having to get up in the am is a JOB. I am just getting BACK used to having to use all of my weekend time to just GET shit done!!! DAMMIT! I HATE THAT!

I am actually surprised that I was so "relaxed" with having no dang job. Oh yeah.... there was one caveat.... I wanted to be back to work by January. In my perfect world.... I woulda NOT been going back to work until January 2, not September 2 !!!! The difference this time that is different from last time I was laid off was that THIS time because I have another bit of income (Warm Spirit) AND I have more "unemployment protection" on my credit cards/student loans.... I was GRAVY! Even though I was not making 1/2 of what I was ....I was straight.... that just means I couldn't shop-shop like I used to! The last time my husband was threatening to take my son outta school because of sheer "we can't fuckin afford to keep his ass in there" ! But since then, he got a raise, i had a bit o extra there was NO ISSUE this time!

I miss being at home watching tv.... being able to take care of the LITTLE SHIT that needs to be taken care of! Like this weekend.... we were busy as HELL! And my mother-in-law is coming this FRIDAY! And my husband's birthday is Friday! Sooooo I have to do allll the cleaning,etc AFTER I GET HOME this week!!! There's simply too much to do and I pretty much do it ALL!

Anywho.... I will post more later...gotta run to a meeting!

Hoepfulyl I can return to posting more often now! LOL


Lys said...

Welcome back and congrats on the new job!!!!

Shai said...

Congrats on being back to work.

Ok, I have been periodically stopping here and I did not know you were laid off. For how long?

I can say when I was laid-off, I went a gamut of things. I liked being off and having money to still do almost everything I did when I was working. I didn't like the uncertainty of when I would be back. Unemployment ran out and I had to live off savings. It was scary.

I can say I wish I could work from home in my own business and have my own time. I am at a good place now. I am not married, my child is 18(dont' plan to have anymore, LOL).

I feel ya on the being home and chilling. It can be fun and a lil boring sometimes. I know right now I want to go home and be in the bed. LOL.

Disco said...

@Lys: Thanks girl!! Glad to be back!
@Shai: girrrl... yes, I was sooo used to being at home! But my freedom had a time limit in all reality... because after unemployment ran out...we'd have had a problem in Zamunda!!! :-) Good to see ya girl!