Saturday, July 05, 2008


I went today to take engagement pictures for my girl and boy. It was such a nice day and juuuust hot enough to be kinda hot! The main thing was that there was SUN EVERYWHERE, making it hard for me to determine how much exposure their needed to be (shutter speed), what fstop it needed to be on, etc.

We started out at the downtown area, took pics at a few venues there, went to a local park (Belle Isle) and took some pictures in their conservatory there. But get this.... why did we walk in and the old chic at the desk was like "Are you all taking pictures in there?" (as was evident by my camera and tripod) and we were like "uh...yeah". She proceeded to tell us that we had to go the "administration" building to get "approval"..... and that it cost $100 to take pictures with PEOPLE in them. Dazed and confused we all just stared at her for about 30 seconds and then left. Well on the way to the car we started discussing this....and my boy who was spewing expletives (rightfully so in my mind) said " I would go back up in there, but I am too mad". So I said hold this (my tripod), I'll be right back. I went in and said "sooooo.... can we not take pictures in there at ALL???" she was like "no, you CAN take pictures of the flowers but just NOT with PEOPLE in it because THEN it's a photoshoot". I said " OOOH, well I wasn't taking pictures of THEM, I was taking pictures FOR THEM, not OF THEM"..... ***holding breath for reply**.... she was like "well Ok.... but I BETTA not see you taking pictures of anyone in there.... I will get up and check!"(she was an old woman with gray dreads). I said, "No ma'am... you can come with me if you like (knowing herr ass would be RIGHT there...after all, there was NO ONE else working with her and who woukd greet people as they came if she were up spying on our asses???!).

So we went in and got some good shots there. We got some pics against old brick and some other pretty cool shots around downtown Detroit. It was a good day. I was just as hot and tired as can be though after being pout from 9:30-2:00 taking pictures. I took more than 500 pics in all! yeah..... wow.... LOL

I haven't taken many "outdoor" sets and this was my first REAL one, so I am not sure if I am happy with my lack of technique or ability to think of new poses. Sometimes I just feel like I am not creative enough. I love cool angles, and photojournalistic work, but sometimes look at other people's work and go "will I ever get there???". I know that it is a journey and since I had stopped that journey, it may take me some time to get back into the swing...but I feel like a rusty bold right bowm tyring to polsih myself up. I want to be GREAT at being a creative photojournalist.

I think I got some good shots, but to me there is probably waaay more that I could have done, it simply didn't come to mind. I will keep striving though :-)

**insert the "are you looney look"***

We went a lil bit of everywhere and I was


That Girl Tam said...

I wished you lived closer! I took my maternity portraits yesterday and had you in mind when I decided to do them...except being on the other side of the country doesn't help me much!

Luke Cage said...

Way to go luv! I love picture taking and looking at folks pictures. Um, by the way.. care ta share wit' us? :)

Hey, my blogsite address has changed. Just hyphenate the fantasy and beyond and you'll be good. cya Disco!

The Goddess said...

I cant wait to see the pics. It's a good thing you went back in to get clarification.

I'm still wishing you could take pics for us.