Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wo out Wednesday.....

I meant to post on this last week. I am mad. Why you ask? Because this CHEAP ASS, STANK ASS, FUNKY ASS company I work for as of this past Monday took all of our parking spots away from us (which is covered parking) to save .005 millicents and NOW has us parking OUTSIDE NEAR THE WATER!!! Why is this a big deal? One, because we have to WALK a country MILE now to get to our parking lot AND we are right near the water. I mean, right near, as in if you walk 20 steps from the parking lot, you could jump in the fucking Detroit River. And it is alllllllllllways (even in the summer) windy as FUCK near the river. Why would this be a problem you ask? Well, numero UNO, when it gets cold and STAYS cold, our cars will be 1. snowed on, 2. locks frozen, 3.mist from the water will freeze into ice on your car…. I could go on.

So, dig this: These jackasses have been trying to pacify our “big three” client and reduce pricing so we could get the contract and effectively keep everyone employed for a minute, right? So we needed to bid on and get a new contract (since we are contracted to them) for the next 5 years, so everyone was on "monetary" pins & needles. Right. So, we got the funky ass contract.

woo hoo.

Have they mentioned giving us a raise (which we have not had in 3 years) or bonus’ (which we have not had in two years)???? Noooooooooooooooooooo. Why? Because our profits are now DIRECTLY up to us. Lemme ‘splain. This company used to bill the client for whatever they needed to bill them for and the client would just pay it, hence we made a profit based on this direct billing, but NOWWWWWWWWW we have a set amount of money (in total) the client is saying that they will pay over this 5 year period , so in essence the LESS we spend of this pot of money, the MORE this funky ass company can make. These cheap ass muthafucka’s have been cutting EVERYTHING and it’s ridiculous!

So, they decided to CUT our covered parking. I am LIVID. First of all, I work in a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE building that just to get OUT of takes between 5-7 minutes (going down the elevator, walking through the building, etc.) and because the parking structure we USED to park in is 3 blocks away (which is significant when it is cold as shit outside… many of YA, ’LL would want to WALK in the bitter cold like that for 3 blocks in the winter?????). Well, we USED to get shuttled by shuttle bus literally door to door. I didn’t have to even take an umbrella because I could just run from one door to the bus and vice versa.

Now? I am gonna have to have an umbrella, gloves, hats (I hate hats because I allllways inevitable get ‘hat hair’ ) and I am NOT happy! So, you know I asked could we pay the difference between what the NEW lot costs and the old structure costs if we wanted to stay in the structure. Answer? Sure. The company will contribute $60 to the ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY($180) DOLLAR cost per month, leaving you to pay $120 a month!!! FUCK, THAT’S A FUCKING PAY DECREASE (especially seeing as though we haven’t gotten ANY RAISES since Jesus was a baby) and a BIG ONE at that!!!! I am PISSSSSSED! I do NOT appreciate (and neither do other employees) being pushed out into the elements AND having to walk a country ass mile because the bus that goes to the shuttle does NOT go to this lot! I am livid. And yes, I know that MOST people do NOT have covered parking at their jobs, but they ALSO do not have to walk a COUNTRY ASS MILE to get to the damn parking lot.

Why is this significant? For two reasons. I pick my son up 98% of the time. I am literally FLYING out the door at 5:00 to get him because from the time I leave my DESK it used to take (when we were in the structure) a SOLID 15 minutes, desk to car. No lie. I work a GOOD 30 minutes (in excellent, no hold up, no issue traffic) away from where my son’s day care, which is right near where I live. And let's not talk about accidents or rain, snow,etc. !! That just blows my timeframe COMPLETELY out the water. The daycare closes at 6:00pm and DOES NOT HAVE a “pay if you’re late” policy like most daycares. This is one of the reasons that I was skittish about putting him there because their by-laws say

“You are pemitted to be late no more than 3 times in a 2 month period. If you are late more than this, you will be asked to find alternative child care for your child”.

WTF?????? If you know anything about Detroit, you will know that people act like they lose their damn ability to drive in the oh, let’s see….. rain, snow, sleet, WHATEVER if it’s the first time in a while that any of those conditions appear. Therefore, I COULD be late more than 3 times in a MONTH, even BEFORE this parking change! But we went ahead and put him there because it is at a church and sooooo many people have had great things to say about the program and I REALLY like him being there (he’s been there since July) and I had ascertainied that I could 98% of the time get to him by 6:00pm. My husband (because of his work schedule) CANNOT pick him up except on the scheduled days, which are two a month when I get my hair done! It just isn’t possible, so I HAVE to be the one to get him. But of course all of this was BEFORE this change in my parking. Now, I am ALREADY flying by the seat of my ASS to get to him AS IS. And now in the winter (because I will have no covered parking ) when I get to my car I will have to shovel and scrape ice and AL LTHAT SHIT (i.e. taking more time for me to get the fuck going) which will take what?......MORE TIME…….. has me PISSED! And there is NOTHING I can do about it. So, right nows I am REALLY just bitching to the wind and venting. thanks for listening to me rant ya’ll There are no options except if I had one of those doctors that will write a note for anything…… yeah, you know “the hook up” doctors (of which I know NONE) write me a note saying I can’t walk that distance. So, no haps.

Annnnnnnd, my boss is bitch so she AIN’T gon let me leave early because she will NOT let you flex your schedule (this is the bitch who resents people with kids because she is jealous that they have them because she had 6 miscarriages and has not life except for her disabled stay-at-home husband and her cat and dog).

Sooooooo , basically I am FUCKED and everyday I walk in here, I RESENT everyone I see “riding” on the bus I used to be able to ride on. (it passes by where I have to walk). I know it’s not their faults, but I am still just mad.

So, I get to work looking like I have been in a windstorm bout the head (remember, it is REDICULOUSLY windy because we are on the water) and wo’ out because I have been walking FAST to get INTO the building as fast as possible. Oh, but I am not the only one. There are MANY who have been complaining!

So….. I know there is NO option other than paying the $120 a fuckin month or get another job, but thanks for listening to me vent ya’ll……

I hate this fucking company.

Disgusted, singing out

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday recap

Well, here we are on another Monday morning ! This was me and my monkey this past weekend. He is such a nut! I can’t imagine life without this lil boy.

Crazy boy

Flying monkey!

In Mommy’s glasses (o.k., but why can that head almost fit the glasses???? And don't they look like some old school Gazals????LOL)

Now….onto the stuff !!!!

I have to tell you that the Sunday night lineup on ABC has me all in AGAIN! I was a little bit miffed that they took my SHIZNIT --- Grey’s Anatomy---- off on Sunday’s after Desperate Housewives, but I am EQUALLY pleased with what they replaced it with. They replaced it with a show called “Brother’s and Sister’s” and the opening night proved to me that this show will be one to watch. It has all of the classic “drama” that we as Americans, especially in my set of 30-something, young child rearing, folks could want. I can see it will have the family drama, sex, infidelity, sibling rivalry and conflicts, life-stress situations and love. Ooooooooh weeee!!! I can’t wait til next week! LOL This show was pretty damn good if I do say so myself. My only question, is why did the daddy have to die on the FIRST DAMN NIGHT????? He coulda stuck around cause I could see that this will be chock fulla enough stuff WITH HIM there. But I am SURE he’ll be showing up in flashbacks as the show goes on.

But O.K….how about My Shit, “Desperate Housewives” was the SHIT too!! But how about I can’t remember half of what went on in the last episodes of the show before the season ended and I was all confused for a minute last night when it began! LOL I was all in though. I loooooooooooove me some D.H. !!! But they fucked me up because I FORGOT to watch Grey’s Anatomy’s premiere on this past Thursday! DAMMIT!!!! But I will be watching this week

Am I a t.v. addict or what ya’ll ???

Friday, September 22, 2006

FUNKY ASS FRIDAY !!!! (I Love the 80's Pt.3)


I am taggin on to Ms. 1969's post on the damn 80's!

This song was my SHIIIIIT !!!!! Tell me ya'll (who are over 30) didn't love this damn song! I could sit there and listen to this on my cassette walkman forever (and I did).

DAMN I am old!!! LOL

Have a great friday ya'll !!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Blessings from above

What it do people? Yesterday was my Godson's Christening ceremony. It went off without a hitch. He was (as you can see here, with his Mommy da diva and Daddy)

the CUTEST lil vision in white :-) I have never been Godmother to anyone, so I am truly honored and blessed to be a Godmommy :-0 Me and my girl Too Serious are "Co-Godmommies", so we walked in with him. I felt like I was in a scene in Roots where John Amos takes the baby and hols him up to God. And that is EXACTLY what the pastor did, but it went over so much better than it sounds by me telling it(**laugh**). No, really, it was a beautiful ceremony and lookie!

Don't we look cute together????

My child, though he had NOT had any sleep (this was occuring SMACK in the middle of when he usually takes his 2 hour nap, so I was expecting the WORST), but he did very well (considering), though there was one point where the church was joined in prayer arpuond the pulpit and his butt wanna snatch away from his daddy and was all fidgety. I looked at him with "the look" and he quickily slithered back behind his daddy.....yeah, that's what I thought L.B. (lil boy) !! HA!!

Well.....that's all for now folks....I am working like a HEBREW this week, so I prolly won't be posting NATHAN until later this week, so I'll holla!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Luck of Lucien.....

Get this ya’ll… this guy that I work with who is young as hell (I think he MIGHT BE 29) just got fired. Whyyyy did he get fired?? This was some of THEE stupidest shit on the planet! This idiot works for a group in our company that does computer investigations (meaning, if your boss suspects that your ass is looking at porn, or any other wrongdoings on your computer, he calls this group and they come, snatch up your computer and proceed to “forensically’ tear that bytch apart). They investigate and make copies of the porn stuff YOU have downloaded or subsequently erased (ya'll know shit is NEVER really gone, right.....well, THESE are the mofo's who can show you better than they can tell ya that that is so). They dig into shit you thought was long erased and go through hard drives. They filter out shit that you thought couldn’t be found. They are the TRUTH and are NOT the ones you want inyo shit. (I wanna work with ‘em! LOL)

So, this guy, what does he do??? He has (not a lot) downloaded porn and pics and about 2,200 Itunes and had copied DVD’s (who cares right???). But this cat was actually STUPID enough , though KNOWING WHO he worked for and with, in a 20 x 20 ROOM, to do this shit. The other 3 people consist of a “green as grass” girl of 22 (fresh outta college) and two older dudes (late 40’s, early 50’s). So, there were two young and two old. One old one is cool...kinda goofy, the girl is new and dumb, One of the older ones, I don’t trust. Why? He’s nosey and he’s too observant. Meaning, if I'm standing by the water cooler and talking to Boonquisha and you come up and comment on whatever we were talking about within 5 seconds of being in earshot of our convo., YO ASS IS TOO FUCKIN NOSEY. And you are bold enough to ask, unprompted by so much as a glance by the co-conversationalists, “Hey….what’chu guys talking about”. Damn muthafucka, get a LIFE! He also has those tendencies that remind me of people who slink and lurk around but don’t say shit about what they “overhear” until the right time and will get YOU fucked up if they are asked the right questions. “Oh, yeah….. I did over hear Robyn saying……”. Yeah O.K…….. I don’t trust HIS ASS at all. Nosey asss.

I just wanna work with them because they get to look at freaky shit all day and it’s legal! LOL So, why would he go and fuck up a gravy ass GOOD PAYING job like that????? Dunno. He came to this place BEFORE he graduated form college with a PROMISE of this job about 3 years ago. He had NO EXPERIENCE, was GREEN AS HELL, but he was also WHITE AS HELL. Meaning, if it had been MY BLACK ASS, DEGREE IN HAND OR NOT, I bet the farm that I would not have been chosen for that position. Nope, I have no proof of that, but working in THIS company long enough, you see what happens and how things go down. I had also heard from my girl who works on another floor with this chick that he was ORDERED to stop going to lunch with, that there was BIG talk that he was fucking ole girl. He was ordered to stop going to lunch with her because “rumors were floating around”, and uh....... he’s quite married. Now, me.... you'd have to get a court injunction to stop me from GOING.TO.LUNCH.WITH.WHOMEVER.THE.FUCK.I WANTED.TO.GO.WITH. Did ya hear me??? I wish a nigga WOULD tell me that I CAN'T have lunch with!!!! PUH-LEASE...... I would be trying to sue dem folks...... But I am digressing....

So, now you have to go home and tell your little young wifey that you got FIRED for what? I'd shoooo'll like to know(cause you’d be a FOOL to tell her that you got fired because you were downloading porn and copying DVD’s! Hell, I wouldn’t!!!)

But what is amazing is that he even slithered his way INTO this job, then fucked it up. He was given this job on silver platter, was TAUGHT everything that he needed to know to do the job and made more than ME, who has 8 years of experience in my field. But , let MY black ass try to get a gig like that and it wouldn’t happen.

So, to be honest, I am NOT sorry that he got fired. I won’t say that I am happy about it (mainly because I don’t wanna put that negative vibe in the universe for it to potentially come back and bite me in the ass), but if it weren’t for THAT……

Ya’ll know the rest……

Carry on….

Monday, September 11, 2006


Today started off as a slow day… ass was draggin and I didn’t want to get up to go to work. So, I get here (15 minutes LATER than my already 15 minute agreed upon start time….i.e. when I was hired and up until the funky ass road commission started doing HEINOUS road construction RIGHT where my son goes to daycare at, my start time was 8:00am, so then I got my stank ass boss to agree to an 8:15 start time, and today I got here at 8:30am). My boss is out so I’m like “cool… biggie”. I get in, get to my desk and her watchdog “odie” acts like he has an attitude because I am late!!! What a surprise (said sarcastically). But here’s my question, whyyyyyyyy do YOU care that MY ASS is late???? What does it profit you to tell on me (if you so choose) and why do you have that stank-ass attitude on your face???

So, I go get some coffee and Odie comes and says “Bubble Guts cancelled her trip…..she’s on her way in……”. WHAT IN THE FUCK???? I was like (with allllllllllll the attitude I could muster) “Why?! Cancelled??.....”. I was speechless. I literally come to work with a “lighter”, more “airy feeling when she is NOT going to be here. I can’t stand this woman.

Anyway, my weekend was pretty boring …. Didn’t do much…….and it rained all day on Saturday. That cold rain where you just wanna do nothing but sleep. Even my little one wanted to sleep.

Then yesterday I watched about 5 programs on the 9/11 tragedy. The most moving one was one where this guy just happened to be documenting the “life of a fire fighter” (not sure what the name of the program was……) and on 9/11, he was at the fire house closest to the World Trade. He was IN the buildings with the fire fighters before they crashed, he SAW bodies falling to the cement. One of the fire fighters said that when they went onto the roof of another building nearby, that there were all kinds of body parts on the roof…..hands, feet, legs……

I mean…this is un-IMAGINABLE to me……he documented being in the first tower when the second tower crashed and it went dark with ash, and debris. I can’t imagine. I can’t imagine having lived through that and ever being “totally” alright again. Like Katrina, when something so devastating happens to you…. I don’t think that you are even “right” completely again. ESPESCIALLY if you have lost a loved one.

I had a good friend who worked in a building VERY near the W.T.C. and my thoughts IMMEDIATELY went to him as I sat there at work (I worked in a nursing home , so there were PLEEENTY of T.V.’s) and wondered about his safety. I tried to call him and got no answer on his cell. I left a message. He called me back 2 days later and though his building wasn’t hit , he just happened to be FISHING in MAINE with his father on that day….. a Tuesday. Who in the HELL goes fishing on a TUESDAY?????? He just happened to be doing just that on that day. I was very relieved to talk to him. He was one of my closest friends from high school and I had been pretty worried.

My heart goes out to ALL the victims, Katrina, 9/11 and may we as a people find a way to continue to heal.

So, as I complain about this that and the other, I am humbled by the fact that there are people who have a LOT MORE to complain about than me, that don’t…… so I will be silent in the face of the remembrance of the horror experienced by so many, five years ago.

So, what’d ya’ll do this weekend??

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Now why you wanna go and do dat luv huh?.......

As a follow up to Zed’s post on the "Return of the Legends Concert Pt. 1”, that was held in Detroit on Friday,…… let me expound on the magnificence that was.

First of all, before I got there, I looked online to see if there was a ban on camera’s. I called Zed, maddddddddd as hell because being the budding photog that I am, I wanted to take some good pics. Zoom lens? Check. Camera? Check. Full battery power? Check? Permission to take pics? UN-FUCKING-CHECK. Zed said “now you know that them muthafucka’s ain’t gon let you bring a camera up in there”. Yeah, I knew it, but I was holding on to hope in all truth. And my camera is an SLR and as most of them are, is big as HELL and with the zoom lens (which I WOULD need, because though I was in the 4th row, I would not have been able to get the real pics that I wanted and it’s only a LIL bit bigger than the regular lens!)

So, I was already at a deficit but still getting hyped to go though. So, me and my husband dropped the lil one off and headed off. I had on my jeans, and my cool-ass BROOKLYN tee-shirt that Zed copped for me on his last trip out to NYC.

So, we get there and it’s like exactly 8:00pm. So, we mill around for a minute cause the place is NEXT to bare. I was beginning to get worried. Though, I shoulda known cause Africans NEVER come on time...I mean, if there were 100 people in the joint AT 8:00, I would be surprised. So, we went and got this Courvosier concoction that was a frozen alcoholic pink lemonade. THAT shyt was the bomb! Especially seeing as though I was out and ready to have a blast.

O.K….. so at about 8:15 ex-U of M hooper, Jalen Rose comes on and introduces Black Sheep. So……I was all hyped to enjoy this , my first ATCQ concert. Notice that I didn’t mention ANYONE else. I really came to see ATCQ in all honesty. To get things warmed up Dres comes on stage and does his thing sans Mista Lawnge, but still rocked it and it was actually pretty cool to see and hear him in concert. He was still the same sounding Dres that I remembered back from my days at Michigan State. So, net up was the wildcard that no one knew would be performing, Das EFX. When these guys (dayum I had no IDEA that they were so “miniature”) came on, they got the now growing crowd even more hyped up and they ended their set with the seminal “They Want EFX”. The crowd really started getting into it and I was starting to “feel” the “EFX” of my drink. I could see this would be a good night.

Detroit natives, Slum Village came and ripped the set next and since most people into REAL hip hop from Detroit, know who they are, they incited a “rap-a-long” following this evening too. They rocked their now classic “Tainted” and the crowd soared! People were in the seats rocking and rapping along and having a great time.

Next up was EPMD, and though Zed said they were “lumbering but not dead”, I say that they did a helluva job. One thing that I must commend ALL of the groups on was the fact that they did a great job and kept the crowd going. “You Got’s Ta Chill” and “So WHatcha Sayin” got the rest of now full crowd off it’s feet.

And can you say that by this time I was feelin NIIIIIIICE and fuzzy, having a great time, the crowd was pumped and I was ready and WAITING for ATCQ to come out. I coulda EASILY heard JUST Tribe and been F.I.N.E. but after hearing all the others, I was glad that they were included because though this was called “Return of the Legends….”, they never LEFT me. They are STILL in heavy rotation in my car or home. These cats take me back to the days where I was young and full of hope, life and potential. Now, I am not saying I am used up now, but I was just fresh and READY for the world at that time. I was a young woman of 21-23 when these dude were in their hey-dey. Being back in that musical pocket I was transported back to when I was just about to graduate from college and was learning what it meant to be me. I was forming my memories and further developing my musical sense of self as well. I had long leaned towards the Native Tongue groups (Monie Love, Blacksheep, ATCQ, Brand Nubian, Poor Righteous Teachers, JB’s, De La Soul……etc.) as groups that I “felt”. After all, isn’t that what music is all about? FEELING???? When you really like a song you can FEEEEL it changing your mood, going through you and CONNECTING with your spirit on the deepest primordial levels. Some of you may think that I am getting too deep with this,but to me and everyone else (if you really think) about it, music IS deep. It DOES elicit a response (whether good or bad depending) in ALL OF US. I mean, Counrty and Western elicits a response from me….it’s just not a good one. I have an AVERSION to the way it sounds.

ATCQ from day ONE has been THEE group that if I COULD make music, makes music most like I would. Music is the co-host and the active catalyst of my life. You know how when a song comes on that you like and you are feeling that RUSH of “THAT is my SHIT”, what you are feeling are the “good feeling” chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins affect parts of your brain much like that feeling of “being sooooo in love” does. It makes you feel good, invigorated and invincible. You can’t TELL me that when you hear “your song” that you don’t get geeked and WANT to get up and dance or at least sing along. Those are endorphins and I can always count on them to take me back to a time and place where everything was good. Music that I love is tied to those feelings and thus when I hear the music AGAIN , those old feelings and memories come back. Nostalgia people.

Who could be the one /
Rhyming ill, having fun /
Blowing up, making musical memories and things /
Elevate your thoughts on the vibe that we brought /
While we climbing we shine like a super bowl ring /
You could do it too/
I mean hot like we do /
It's a lot like we do and make your own mark /
It's deeper than the song /
Hope you live your life long /
When you win, how you start, kid you gotta have heart /
Niggas in my shit
Move! /
Give a nigga room /
Back it up, it's a grown man making on time/
, Like It Like That

The crowd was amped and full to what seemed to be 90% capacity at this time. And since I was close to the front, it probably appeared that it was even MORE crowded. Jalen came on and was wearing the “Peoples Instincive Travels…..” album on a tee shirt as he was about to introduce Quest. I just about jumped over people like I were in a mosh pit to snatch it off of him, but the threat of jail deterred me. As I said, I know almost EVERY SONG by heart and the only ones I DO NOT know were a few from the “Beats, Rhymes and Life” album. That was my LEAST favorite album if I have to pick one. So, I had my “act foolish” fuel in me and when he announced …..


I immediately rose from my seat, stood UP on the metal , park-like seats and was literally jumping up and down. I had enjoyed the concert up until then so much and had ALREADY been jumping around so much that my knees had ALREADY started to hurt along with my feet, but this was my night. My night to be taken back, my night to enjoy reliving my younger days and my night to “DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING”.

“Chairman of the board, the chief of affections/ You got mine's to swing in your direction/ Hey, you're like a hip hop song, you know?” Bonita Applebum”,

For those who don’t know me, I am what you would call a “big girl”. I am not a little petite girl and when I tell you that I was jumping ALLLLLLL over the place and DIDN’T GIVE A FUCK, that is what I MEAN! I was swinging my arms, jumping up and down (envision the way Kris Kross was jumping straight up in the air in their “jump” video), I was rapping EVERY.SINGLE.WORD, I was gesturing like me and Quest were having a rap battle, and As I looked over Zed was doing the same thing! He was throwing his arms up and getting hyped. Loving the show! The whole place was ELECTRIC.

“Q-tip and Phifer, they mashed up the party
Kick the rhymes and more rhymes
Kick the beats and more beats
We'll have you scratchin in your head, like Shaheed on Technics ……”
, Clap Your Hands

The funny thing was that me & Zed had talked earlier and I had said (and he agreed) that in a perfect world , only those who REALLY appreciated and LOVED the “native tongue” (i.e., not the Sha-nay-nays that won tickets off the radio and her ghetto crew) would be there. In a perfect world, the people in attendance would be much like us: respectable, there to have a good time and ones who REALLY FELT the music. Not those who 2 weeks ago were like “ A tribe what WHO???..... who dat?” See, when you are really into something you do not want it denigrated by those who do not TRULY appreciate the artistry and the skill that went into creating that music. Hence, I am sure a country and western lover would not want to see me at their shit. I understand and will not be there.

“now you caught my heart for the evening/kissed my cheek moved in you confused me/ should I just sit out or come harder/please help me find my way….” Find My Way

But when they came on, it was like I was in their world and they were in mine. I was their muse and they were feeding off of me. They NEEDED to see me and they NEEDED to feel that I respect and LOVE them for what they do and for the joy that their music, parts of their soul, have brought into mine. So, I jumped, shouted, and if my husband hadn’t positioned himself directly in front of me to protect me from falling because I was going so wild, I probably WOULD have tried to walk over a head or two to the front of the stage cause I was feeling them so tough!!! People went Banana’s when they did “Electric Relaxation” as well as “Can I Kick It” and “Find A Way”. All in all their performance was awesome. By far the BEST concert I have ever been to. My only complaint is that they weren’t able (due to time constraints) to do MORE!! I woulda stayed out there half the freakin NIGHT to hear more!!!! I have such great memories attached to Tribe’s music. In a way I grew up to be who I am while listening to their music. So, though I was in LITERAL pain until YESTERDAY because of all of the damn aerobics I did, I don’t care…… I’d do it again…….. there are not many things that I am this intense about and Tribe is one of them……. They know….. I did it for the love.

Love getting down and i love a cool breeze /
Love seein' checks from record companies /
Love lovin' love 'cause i love what I do /
And we do our thing for the one nine two
, The Love

Friday, September 01, 2006

daycare drama

O.K., ya’ll, why when I went to pick up my child yesterday, when I got there one of the teachers tells me (as I am walking to the room) “Dylan has been fighting”. I immediately felt my “presha rising” and I had a look that said “WHAT THE FYCK DOES THAT MEAN???”

Well…. I didn’t SAY that verbally, but that was the look. So I proceeded to say, “what happened?” Well, the teacher told me that he “popped a little girl in the head”. I said “ well, what were the circumstances, was she hitting him first or had she done something to him……?” (not that that excuses the hitting, I was just trying to find out WHY he did it....) The teacher said no that he just wanted her to move out of his way and he popped her in the head.

I looked at him and was like “GET OVER HERE! NOWWW!” How about he was looking sooooooooooooooo pitiful and I DID.NOT.CARE. I must’ve asked him 10 times if he hit her and he didn’t utter a WORD. I was then like “GO APOLOGIZE to her.. NOOOOOW!” He goes over and in an almost INAUDIBLE voice says “ I sorry”. I said “I don’t think she HEARD you!” … he goes “sorry” a lil louder. Of course the little girl appeared unphased and continued playing. When we left that roon, I snatched him down that hall so quick I was damn near dragging him cause I was walking so fast. I was mad as H*LL !! I said : When we get home, there’ll be NO chips, NO, juice, NO, popsicle, NO toys , you are going to eat your DINNER, take a BATH and you are GOING TO SLEEP! Do you understand me?”


“Good! Because I am VERRY disappointed in you.. you do NOT hit people!! And I am about to call yo’ daddy and tell him what you did!”

So, I call my husband….. (who wasn’t going to be home before Dylan went to sleep cause Wed.’s are his bowling night)

Husband: “Dylan! Did you HIT a little girl”


That boy didn’t start crying until his daddy got on the phone! LOL My husband tried to question him for a good 3 minutes and Dylan would not say ONE. WORD.

When we got home, I SWEAR, he was THEE most pleasant, agreeable, no problem, no asking for the banned items, child I have ever known him to be! I was sitting there and though I wanted to be jovial, I KNEW I had to be serious so he knew that I was serious and that it wasn’t a joke. I told him “I love you baby boy, but you CANNOT HIT PEOPLE. PERIOD. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?????”

"yes...." **half crying, half sad**

Usually, we are going through thangs and crying if we do not get our way. …. NOT last night! I was amazed!!! The only thing is that I had to keep this stern countenance about myself because I needed him to know that I WAS NOT joking with him and that what he did was wrong. Now, THAT SHIT was hard ass WORK! I like to relax, not be all stanky and evil all night. That shit gave me a headache!! Emotionally draiing. Cause see, the MOMENT he sees a smile on my face, he starts smiling like it's playtime. I am just not one to keep a stank-ti-tude all day long, so his punishments are usually short lived. But he ALSO knew on THIS night that I was NOT playing with him. I started to TEAR his ass up when they told me, but I also know that it would not have “necessarily” sent the right message to hit him because he hit somebody else.

Yeah, I know…. OUR parents didn’t think that way and would just light us up at a moments notice!! LOL Though while I do NOT believe that spanking is bad, I also do not want to hit him for everything. Because too much hitting and not talking to the child doesn't effectively teach them that there are OTHER solutions other than hitting. I think that beating a kid for EVERY.SINGLE. THING is not right just as that time-out shit all the time ain't right either. Parenting (as I am finding) is about trying to be in tune with your kid, striking a balance and doing the best you can do. I have sooo many friends who grew to be REALLY (in a bad way) scared of their parents and resent them later on as teens and consequenty act out or make the statement "my parent taught me how NOT TO BE with a child.... I don't WANT to be like them". That's because that was ALL the discipline they got, i.e. gettin' beat down. I want him to have fear of me, don't get me wrong, but sometimes excessive fear can manifest into OTHER destructive shit...... so again, it's about (in my opinion) striking some kinda balance if you can. I guess he IS only 2 though, but I tell you what…. That boy AIN’T stupid, so he KNEW that I was incensed by his behavior. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been acting like that (i.e. all sweet and no problems and no talking back,etc.). And funny…. He doesn’t DO NONE OF THAT to other people. I guess, me & my husband are just “mommy and daddy”…..them African’s ain’t nothing special…… I can do what I want.

I literally can’t BELIEVE how agreeable and even tempered he was.That boy was so good last night. He didn’t approach his toys, He didn’t ask for chips …or NOTHING else on the “banned items” list!! LOL

I don’t care WHAT ya’ll say.. kids AIN”T stupid!!! LOL