Monday, September 11, 2006


Today started off as a slow day… ass was draggin and I didn’t want to get up to go to work. So, I get here (15 minutes LATER than my already 15 minute agreed upon start time….i.e. when I was hired and up until the funky ass road commission started doing HEINOUS road construction RIGHT where my son goes to daycare at, my start time was 8:00am, so then I got my stank ass boss to agree to an 8:15 start time, and today I got here at 8:30am). My boss is out so I’m like “cool… biggie”. I get in, get to my desk and her watchdog “odie” acts like he has an attitude because I am late!!! What a surprise (said sarcastically). But here’s my question, whyyyyyyyy do YOU care that MY ASS is late???? What does it profit you to tell on me (if you so choose) and why do you have that stank-ass attitude on your face???

So, I go get some coffee and Odie comes and says “Bubble Guts cancelled her trip…..she’s on her way in……”. WHAT IN THE FUCK???? I was like (with allllllllllll the attitude I could muster) “Why?! Cancelled??.....”. I was speechless. I literally come to work with a “lighter”, more “airy feeling when she is NOT going to be here. I can’t stand this woman.

Anyway, my weekend was pretty boring …. Didn’t do much…….and it rained all day on Saturday. That cold rain where you just wanna do nothing but sleep. Even my little one wanted to sleep.

Then yesterday I watched about 5 programs on the 9/11 tragedy. The most moving one was one where this guy just happened to be documenting the “life of a fire fighter” (not sure what the name of the program was……) and on 9/11, he was at the fire house closest to the World Trade. He was IN the buildings with the fire fighters before they crashed, he SAW bodies falling to the cement. One of the fire fighters said that when they went onto the roof of another building nearby, that there were all kinds of body parts on the roof…..hands, feet, legs……

I mean…this is un-IMAGINABLE to me……he documented being in the first tower when the second tower crashed and it went dark with ash, and debris. I can’t imagine. I can’t imagine having lived through that and ever being “totally” alright again. Like Katrina, when something so devastating happens to you…. I don’t think that you are even “right” completely again. ESPESCIALLY if you have lost a loved one.

I had a good friend who worked in a building VERY near the W.T.C. and my thoughts IMMEDIATELY went to him as I sat there at work (I worked in a nursing home , so there were PLEEENTY of T.V.’s) and wondered about his safety. I tried to call him and got no answer on his cell. I left a message. He called me back 2 days later and though his building wasn’t hit , he just happened to be FISHING in MAINE with his father on that day….. a Tuesday. Who in the HELL goes fishing on a TUESDAY?????? He just happened to be doing just that on that day. I was very relieved to talk to him. He was one of my closest friends from high school and I had been pretty worried.

My heart goes out to ALL the victims, Katrina, 9/11 and may we as a people find a way to continue to heal.

So, as I complain about this that and the other, I am humbled by the fact that there are people who have a LOT MORE to complain about than me, that don’t…… so I will be silent in the face of the remembrance of the horror experienced by so many, five years ago.

So, what’d ya’ll do this weekend??


Knockout Zed said...

I beat up a Mormon. That's about it.


The_Hustleman AKA James W. Dennis said...

Greetings Mz Robyn. I, like yourself, am always humbled by those who experienced tragedy and still manage to go on. I mean how can you complain about small things like someone at the fast food restaurant that has an attitude when there are much worse things going on in people's lives. It really changes your perspective on things. I talk to victims of Katrina on a daily basis and their stories will humble you with the quickness. Let's just say I've learned to be more grateful for everything I have. Peace.

Me said...

I ran around and got school supplies and complained about all the money i was spending - but thank God I had it to spend

Anonymous said...

When you become a parent-- What I do?? is never the question.... What did you do?? for your kids sounds about right... Saturday, I ran and got football stuff and I do not know, what I was buying.. No! I take that back. I bought everything that I could to protect my child from getting his tiny behind hurt...Then, Sunday lets say I spent alllllll day (5hrs) only to see my son play......two plays (yes!!! a sista was pissed)All that time and money and the little neeeeegrow did not dirty. So again you ask What did I do... Get Mad AS HELL this weekend... Robyn it is your girl Tee

Tired of being broke said...

Shopping at Target was the highlight of my weekend. Exciting huh??