Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday recap

Well, here we are on another Monday morning ! This was me and my monkey this past weekend. He is such a nut! I can’t imagine life without this lil boy.

Crazy boy

Flying monkey!

In Mommy’s glasses (o.k., but why can that head almost fit the glasses???? And don't they look like some old school Gazals????LOL)

Now….onto the stuff !!!!

I have to tell you that the Sunday night lineup on ABC has me all in AGAIN! I was a little bit miffed that they took my SHIZNIT --- Grey’s Anatomy---- off on Sunday’s after Desperate Housewives, but I am EQUALLY pleased with what they replaced it with. They replaced it with a show called “Brother’s and Sister’s” and the opening night proved to me that this show will be one to watch. It has all of the classic “drama” that we as Americans, especially in my set of 30-something, young child rearing, folks could want. I can see it will have the family drama, sex, infidelity, sibling rivalry and conflicts, life-stress situations and love. Ooooooooh weeee!!! I can’t wait til next week! LOL This show was pretty damn good if I do say so myself. My only question, is why did the daddy have to die on the FIRST DAMN NIGHT????? He coulda stuck around cause I could see that this will be chock fulla enough stuff WITH HIM there. But I am SURE he’ll be showing up in flashbacks as the show goes on.

But O.K….how about My Shit, “Desperate Housewives” was the SHIT too!! But how about I can’t remember half of what went on in the last episodes of the show before the season ended and I was all confused for a minute last night when it began! LOL I was all in though. I loooooooooooove me some D.H. !!! But they fucked me up because I FORGOT to watch Grey’s Anatomy’s premiere on this past Thursday! DAMMIT!!!! But I will be watching this week

Am I a t.v. addict or what ya’ll ???


Knockout Zed said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, that's a handsome young man. Now it's time for his Uncle Munkee to take him out and use him to meet women.


Robyn said...

@kz: we gon get'chu some help...ONE DAY...... LOL

The Goddess said...

He is TOOOOO cute! And it does look like he's rockin some gazels. Those were fly back in the day.

I'll have to check out the brothers and sisters show. Sounds like it's one to watch. I'll have to tune in as long as it doesn't interfer with The Wire.

I also have to thank you SO much for all your good wishes and positive thoughts after our accident. We're doing better. It's nice to know our blog fam is thinking about us. Thanks again!

Robyn said...

@The Goddess:
Hey lady!!! You guys are MOOOORE than welcome! I was just so upset at the sight of that picture because I know how I would have been had it been me. I'd probably be in jail right now! LOL

And thank you for the sweete complinents on my little monkey-boy! LOL

TooSerious said...

Look at the Snook Demon looking like a big boy!!! I was just looking at pics this weekend of me when I was wearing Cazals... believe me...yo glasses now look a whole lot better. :)

Zed, don't be using my nephew as a ploy to meet women!

1969 said...

Your son is beautiful Robyn!

I was cracking up at Desperate Housewives...Bree at the Dr's office trying to explain what was wrong with her....

Miss Ahmad said...

i watched brother's and sisters and although it's star studded cast i thought i was kinda flat..flat like calista's ass...

i missed half of desperate housewives so i'm not sure how i feel it this season.

The_Hustleman AKA James W. Dennis said...

Peace Mz Robyn! Handsome little dude you have there, I know you're proud. And what do you know about gazal's LOL?! I don't watch much tv but my girl is crazy about those shows, especially greys anatomy which she is highly pissed that they moved. The bid reason is because she works which on thursday nights which means I have to record it (no Tivo here. DAMN!).
So everyday for the last 2 weeks I have been hearing about her pisstivity and the show isn't even on yet(lucky me). Anyhow take care and keep doing your thing. Oh, and yes, you are a tv addict LOL

Hassan said...

Your son is breaking hearts already...

And yes, you need to ramp the TV thingee down a bit.

Maybe not.

chele said...

Your son is a doll!

I didn't watch Brothers and Sisters. I didn't miss DH or Grey's. Both premieres were off the hook.

TheGod said...

Peace Robyn Goddess

Monkey-boy. Ha! I love it. It is great the names we come up with for our babies. I know ya love him. There is no feeling like the hugs and kisses from your little one.
About the ad for our site. I don't use blogger, so I would not know how to get the little ads up there. I will try to find out. Thanks for your love and good is appreciated.


Robyn said...

@TS: your boy be at home actin just like that...the SNOOK DEMON!!! LOL

@1969:Girl, thank you!! He is my sweetheart!And uh.... yeah..... you mean to tell me that that DUMB ASS Bree has never been "taken there" before????? SMDH

@MS.A:LOL!! Yeah Calista's ass IS flat as shit, LOL, but I really liked that brother's & sister's...... maybe I was just excited from Des. House. ! LOL

@Shai: Maaaan!!! I KNOW I am an addict....but just to THOSE shows (which is after the lil man goes sleep! And I feel ya girl's pain!! LOL

@Hassan: Heeeey, hey, hey!!! I am not READY for him to be breakin any hearts just yet! LOL But thank you for the compliment hon!**smile**

@Chele: i am SO.MAD. that I missed the Grey's premiere!!! They need to have that on On Demand on my Comcast Cable! I need to see that!!!! DAMMIT!

@The God: Hey! Yeah.... Mommy gets in allllllllll the love while I can ( cause I KNOW his behind won't be "stuttin" me in a year or'll be "ewwww MOM....don't KISS ME!! And I'd love to put the ad up, so just holla at me if you find out how!

Knockout Zed said...

The Grey's premiere is online on the ABC website.


Luke Cage said...

Look at your little man. You too are a pair. Nice Kodak moment. TV addict? I don't even think you're close luv. Wait till you see my tv post I'mabout to put up. I think I need a 12 step program. Have TiVo will travel.

Robyn said...


@Luke: LOL, yes we are a mess together!!! And I am GLAD that you have verified my "non-addict" status!!! I feel sooooooooo much better ***going out to get Tivo now*** :-)