Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wo out Wednesday.....

I meant to post on this last week. I am mad. Why you ask? Because this CHEAP ASS, STANK ASS, FUNKY ASS company I work for as of this past Monday took all of our parking spots away from us (which is covered parking) to save .005 millicents and NOW has us parking OUTSIDE NEAR THE WATER!!! Why is this a big deal? One, because we have to WALK a country MILE now to get to our parking lot AND we are right near the water. I mean, right near, as in if you walk 20 steps from the parking lot, you could jump in the fucking Detroit River. And it is alllllllllllways (even in the summer) windy as FUCK near the river. Why would this be a problem you ask? Well, numero UNO, when it gets cold and STAYS cold, our cars will be 1. snowed on, 2. locks frozen, 3.mist from the water will freeze into ice on your car…. I could go on.

So, dig this: These jackasses have been trying to pacify our “big three” client and reduce pricing so we could get the contract and effectively keep everyone employed for a minute, right? So we needed to bid on and get a new contract (since we are contracted to them) for the next 5 years, so everyone was on "monetary" pins & needles. Right. So, we got the funky ass contract.

woo hoo.

Have they mentioned giving us a raise (which we have not had in 3 years) or bonus’ (which we have not had in two years)???? Noooooooooooooooooooo. Why? Because our profits are now DIRECTLY up to us. Lemme ‘splain. This company used to bill the client for whatever they needed to bill them for and the client would just pay it, hence we made a profit based on this direct billing, but NOWWWWWWWWW we have a set amount of money (in total) the client is saying that they will pay over this 5 year period , so in essence the LESS we spend of this pot of money, the MORE this funky ass company can make. These cheap ass muthafucka’s have been cutting EVERYTHING and it’s ridiculous!

So, they decided to CUT our covered parking. I am LIVID. First of all, I work in a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE building that just to get OUT of takes between 5-7 minutes (going down the elevator, walking through the building, etc.) and because the parking structure we USED to park in is 3 blocks away (which is significant when it is cold as shit outside… many of YA, ’LL would want to WALK in the bitter cold like that for 3 blocks in the winter?????). Well, we USED to get shuttled by shuttle bus literally door to door. I didn’t have to even take an umbrella because I could just run from one door to the bus and vice versa.

Now? I am gonna have to have an umbrella, gloves, hats (I hate hats because I allllways inevitable get ‘hat hair’ ) and I am NOT happy! So, you know I asked could we pay the difference between what the NEW lot costs and the old structure costs if we wanted to stay in the structure. Answer? Sure. The company will contribute $60 to the ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY($180) DOLLAR cost per month, leaving you to pay $120 a month!!! FUCK, THAT’S A FUCKING PAY DECREASE (especially seeing as though we haven’t gotten ANY RAISES since Jesus was a baby) and a BIG ONE at that!!!! I am PISSSSSSED! I do NOT appreciate (and neither do other employees) being pushed out into the elements AND having to walk a country ass mile because the bus that goes to the shuttle does NOT go to this lot! I am livid. And yes, I know that MOST people do NOT have covered parking at their jobs, but they ALSO do not have to walk a COUNTRY ASS MILE to get to the damn parking lot.

Why is this significant? For two reasons. I pick my son up 98% of the time. I am literally FLYING out the door at 5:00 to get him because from the time I leave my DESK it used to take (when we were in the structure) a SOLID 15 minutes, desk to car. No lie. I work a GOOD 30 minutes (in excellent, no hold up, no issue traffic) away from where my son’s day care, which is right near where I live. And let's not talk about accidents or rain, snow,etc. !! That just blows my timeframe COMPLETELY out the water. The daycare closes at 6:00pm and DOES NOT HAVE a “pay if you’re late” policy like most daycares. This is one of the reasons that I was skittish about putting him there because their by-laws say

“You are pemitted to be late no more than 3 times in a 2 month period. If you are late more than this, you will be asked to find alternative child care for your child”.

WTF?????? If you know anything about Detroit, you will know that people act like they lose their damn ability to drive in the oh, let’s see….. rain, snow, sleet, WHATEVER if it’s the first time in a while that any of those conditions appear. Therefore, I COULD be late more than 3 times in a MONTH, even BEFORE this parking change! But we went ahead and put him there because it is at a church and sooooo many people have had great things to say about the program and I REALLY like him being there (he’s been there since July) and I had ascertainied that I could 98% of the time get to him by 6:00pm. My husband (because of his work schedule) CANNOT pick him up except on the scheduled days, which are two a month when I get my hair done! It just isn’t possible, so I HAVE to be the one to get him. But of course all of this was BEFORE this change in my parking. Now, I am ALREADY flying by the seat of my ASS to get to him AS IS. And now in the winter (because I will have no covered parking ) when I get to my car I will have to shovel and scrape ice and AL LTHAT SHIT (i.e. taking more time for me to get the fuck going) which will take what?......MORE TIME…….. has me PISSED! And there is NOTHING I can do about it. So, right nows I am REALLY just bitching to the wind and venting. thanks for listening to me rant ya’ll There are no options except if I had one of those doctors that will write a note for anything…… yeah, you know “the hook up” doctors (of which I know NONE) write me a note saying I can’t walk that distance. So, no haps.

Annnnnnnd, my boss is bitch so she AIN’T gon let me leave early because she will NOT let you flex your schedule (this is the bitch who resents people with kids because she is jealous that they have them because she had 6 miscarriages and has not life except for her disabled stay-at-home husband and her cat and dog).

Sooooooo , basically I am FUCKED and everyday I walk in here, I RESENT everyone I see “riding” on the bus I used to be able to ride on. (it passes by where I have to walk). I know it’s not their faults, but I am still just mad.

So, I get to work looking like I have been in a windstorm bout the head (remember, it is REDICULOUSLY windy because we are on the water) and wo’ out because I have been walking FAST to get INTO the building as fast as possible. Oh, but I am not the only one. There are MANY who have been complaining!

So….. I know there is NO option other than paying the $120 a fuckin month or get another job, but thanks for listening to me vent ya’ll……

I hate this fucking company.

Disgusted, singing out


Robert L. Mack said...

Um....can you say or


The Goddess said...

Girrrrl! I was able to feel every bit of your piss-offedness in that post. It's amazing how we work ourselves to death to make SOMEONE ELSE rich and they cant even eat the cost of your parking. Big companies are a trip. They'd have to just be mad at me, fire me or something cause I sure would leave at WHAT EVER time I needed to in order to pick my baby up from daycare. It'a a trip. I hope you figure something out that works for you.

The_Hustleman AKA James W. Dennis said...

Peace Mz Robyn! I can't say I feel your pain but I understand it. It's amazing how a job can dictate areas of your life. They want everything you got but only give you scraps, wtf is that!? I grew up in Denver so I know about the cold and snow but it's so unfair because you have responsibilities outside of work, like your little man, and they don't give a shit. I bet if some of those execs or higher ups had that problem they would catch a break. But alas, big companies are more into their money then caring for the people that help them make it. Hope you find a solution. Much love.

Knockout Zed said...

Ya know Jesus was a baby over 2000 years ago. That's been a mighty long time to wait for a raise. You don't look a day over 28.


Single Ma said...


Girl, I don't mean to laugh at your troubles but you had me cracking up. I'm having flashbacks of the few years my family lived in NC...the COUNTRY part. I mean, closet neighbors 3 "forks" up the "road" (no streets). LOL

So you gotta walk a "country ass mile?" HA HA HA Dayum!

How about

TheGod said...

MZ Robyn

I loved this post. Not because you were angry but because frustrated individuals are funny as hell. I know am..especially now when we are going through our misfortune.

It may be time for a change. Better to be at a clean ass company than a funky ass company.

Thanks for your positive energy and support. I appreciate it.

Sending your positive energy to make your load a little lighter.

Jade said...

Wow!!! I so feel your pain. I hope that you find a solution. Best wishes!!! We must remember that our first ministry/job is to our families/children!!!!