Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Late Procrastinator

As the old saying goes “the early bird gets the worm” or was it “better late than never”? Yeah, that’s it! I subscribe to the latter. You seem I am horribly afflicted with the “CPT disease”…..yup…… I just CAN’T seem to be on time. Here, lemme ‘splain….

I have a boss who is a micromanaging jackass. I am a manager. I am an exempt employee. Yet, she ROUTINELY nickel-n-dimes me about being 3-5 minutes late. This (probably due to the fact that I could definitely be a case study in “reverse psychology”) just makes me REALLY not put forth the effort to be here early. Because that kind of time frame is negligible. Yeah I know it’s the “principle” and it’s the “rules”. But in my opinion, if you value your employees,something such as 5 minutes should NOT be noted, cited, catalogued and preserved in your tiny little brain.

Most of this is probably because she and I OFTEN have different takes on things and I ROUTINELY challenge the dumb-shit she does, so this is par for the course with me & her. But it really makes me NOT want to be here 5 minutes or even 10 minutes before hand. Me being 5 minutes late is just petty. But here’s the deal as well, I HAAAAAAAATE being around her soooooooooo much, that I do NOT WANT to be even 1 MINUTE early for work!!! But I am getting off of the subject matter.

I find it difficult to be early or on time. It’s really a terrible fault I have. I am not like 30-40 minutes late when I am supposed to meet someone, but I might be RIIIIIIIIIGHT on the nose or a leeeeetle, wee bit late.

As well, I am a HORRIBLE procrastinator, much to the irritation of my boss. She occasionally points out that “ I should NOT wait until the last minute to write my charges (that she wants to read before I send them out)”. Look…. I write very well. I do NOT NEED your azz to do every “i” and cross every “t” I just don’t. So, I am of the position that I really do NOT care if YOU are irritated because I am doing this when I am comfortable doing it AND before the deadline. This is one thing that I am NEVER late on. Writing responses to the Dept. of Civil Rights or EEOC charges. Them mofo’s don’t play and a fine could mean my ass! So, we don’t play with that.

However, I am (and have AAAALWAYS been ) a person that works better under pressure. If you give me 6 weeks to do a project, if I were forced to do it in the first few weeks, the product you’d get would resemble cow dung. Because if it’s too far in advance, I have no sense of urgency, therefore I have a lack of attention to the task at hand. But gimme something that’s due in 4 days…… I can probably get it done in 1, but that 4 day window is juuuuust enough for me to work at an accelerated-leisurely, but steady pace. Then the product will be lovely, because I was focused. I just cannot “FOCUS” * picture me squinting and pursing lips* if it’s too far in advance.

One day, I’ll get better….maybe

Catch ya on the rebound,

My Editorial....and .05 cents

Thanks to everyoen that took the time to comment on this topic surrounding the movie Crash. This movie had several subplots and several issues that I could have spoken to, but I felt that I should narrow the field or we'd be here all day dialoguing and debating ;)

My .05 cents
In my humble opinion, if it were me that was in this situation, I would NOT have wanted to go to jail and would have preferred that my husband say NOT A DAMN THING. Hear me out on this. Though I would've been seething and as Danyel said "I would want him to stand still, though, so we could get home and plan (and execute) a horrible, long-lasting, tortuous demise for the cop in question.

I am coming froma different frame of reference than I think most people were when they commented. It's not that I believe wholeheartedly and blindly in the justice system, I feel quite the opposite actually. I however have a 15 month old child. And I CANNOT AFFORD for him to grow up without a Mommy OR a Daddy. Period. That cop was just ITCHING (like he had crabs) to FIND a sliver of a reason to JACK THEM UP!

I also would not let MY personal ego come into play when it comes to either me and hubby shutting the HELL up, or us potentially having an ugly situation go from bad to HORRIBLE in a flash. And I say "ego" because NO ONE wants to be embarrassed and disrespected and it takes a STROOOOOONNNNNG person to think of the consequences that could come out of a situation when you're IN the situation! Yes, I would want my husband to "protect my honor", but what have I gained if I go to jail or if me AND my husband go to jail???? Life is full of hard choices and the otpions before you are NEVER equally weighted. Of COURSE I would feel that my honor is worth protecting AND fighting for. But isn't my life and my family as well???? YES, would want to strangle the breath out of that cop if that were done to me, yes, I would want to damn near castrate him, BUT..... on the other hand, why should I let this ONE ASSHOLE ruin (well,potentially never know WHAT could happen once you set the chain of events rolling) my life????? I work at a job where if you are CONVICTED of a crime, you are terminated. O.K., so, what happens when I then go to ANOTHER job and they run a background check and see a misdemeanor or a felony on my record??? I make a pretty decent salary and I can damn near GUARANTEE that as a black woman in America, if I had a "record" it would be EXCEEDINGLY and REDICULOUSLY difficult to get that back somewhere else. I would be branded thrice. Black. Woman.Criminal.

I am torn about this one. Because I feel that even with cops that ARE NOT racist and crooked, it only takes a COUPLE of "fuck you's" and "go to hell's " and "you can't do that to me's" to make MOST cops go OFF! They, in my opinion, have a God complex. They feel untouchable and for the most part..... when it comes to proving who was wrong, if they had "reasonable suspicion" to think whatever it is that they THOUGHT that made them do whatever it was that they DID, there's a good chance they'll get off. Reasonable suspicion. But I also would WANT to curse them from here to Sunday and have my husband slam him and pummel his forehead into the ground.

Now, I also know that in certain situations, the cops (like this one ) are just f**ked up and it doesn't really matter if you look well dressed or are well spoken. You MUST do EXACTLY what Terrence did (i.e.apologize and just try to get the hell out of the situation unharmed and unhandcufed.) I see the arguments of everyone, however, the risk is too great for the potential price that I would have to pay for letting his STUPID ass "take me there" . I would rather feel DISRESPECTED than be taken away from my family (in this particular situation...not in a more severe one such as him attempting to rape or something of the like). I would rather deal with his ass through the courts and such (like I said, I don't have faith in that shit either, truth be told, but it's better than doing a bid because shit got outta hand).

Because, just LET me get away and your ass is way or another. That would NOT be the last, but this time there would be something that anonymously "happens" to your ass.... it would be dealt with, and NOT by my own hands.

So there ya have it. I would've shut the f**k up and wanted my husband to do the same in this partucluar situation. It would be dealt with later.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


O.K ya'll...I knoooooow I am a day late and a dolla short on this one, but I JUST saw the movie "Crash". And for those that are late as hell like me, it was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! I am going to go buy it today!

But this brings me to a controversial part in the movie

If you have NOT seen the movie and do NOT wish to know a very important part of the movie, STOP READING NOW

(to refresh everyone's memory the scene I have a question about was the scene where the police officer pulls Thandie and Terrence over, just because he sees them in a Black Navigator, which is the type of vehicle being sought in connection with a car-jacking on the same evening. The police officer, who we have learned was obviously racist, pulls them over when he flashes his lights and sees they are black, though his partner is vehemently opposed to it. His partner tells him that "this is NOT the Navigator, the plates don't match, etc.". The racist police officer pulls them over anyway. He accuses Howard of being drunk by making him touch his nose and stand on one leg. Thandie gets upset, gets out of the car and begins telling the police that they are wrong for stopping them and due to her getting more and more angry and mouthing off to the police officer, the racist police officer proceeds to "frisk" Thandie, UP HER DRESS, BETWEEN HER LEGS, and OBVIOUSLY FEELING AND GRABBING her CROTCH , as she winces in shame, all in the name of "you could be hiding something up that coctail dress" when he obviously knew she wasn't. Terrence felt that he should not say anything because this police officer was the type to take them to jail in a heartbeat or do them bodily harm. So, in a backhanded way, the police officer coaxed Terrence into apologizing for the whole incident and Thandie was LIVID. She felt betrayed because she felt he sold out by aplogizing and was livid because he did not punch the guy out and go to jail to save her reputation. He felt that the police officer was a crazy racist nutball and to have kept running off at the mouth would've gotten him and possible her, killed. So he said nothing.

O.k., so, here are my question(s):
1.In the scene where Terrence Howard and Thandie Newton were pulled over by the police, men, what would you have done?
2. Women how would you feel if your man did nothing?
3. How would you feel if he had punched the police officer?

I love this movie because it speaks to racism and classism on so many levels. It is a movie that needs to be seen by blacks and whites alike.

Let me know what you think........ and then I'll tell you what I think!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I decided to post a couple of pics of my little stinky boy. He is my light and my joy. He's now 15 months old and is into EVERYTHING!!! WHEW!! I need some vitamins to keep UP with his lil behind!!! :-)

Image hosted by
He just looks like a little angel.....yaah right!! LOL

Image hosted by
This pic was of he & my Mom in July...can't you tell she's just LOVIN' her first grandbaby???? :)

Image hosted by
This one was of me & my stinky boy in July

Image hosted by
He loves his daddy.....

Image hosted by'd SWEAR my child ain't black because THIS is what his face looks like when you try to give him some grits *SMDH*....we'll keep working on this...

Image hosted by
He swears he rules the world!!!

That's it!! Thanks for coming...I'll post later on my "drunk neighbors" hee hee...yeah Rod.....this means YOU!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cider Mills......

My girlfriend and I went to a Cider Mill last weekend. Actually, I had been meaning to post this but just did not have the time and forgot about this. For those of you unfamiliar with Cider Mills, they are very popular in the Midwest around this time of the year. Cider Mills are where fresh apple cider is made. It is pressed and put into jugs to be sold. Cide Mills are only open from late Aug. through the beginning of December. So if you want some cider you have a limited window. The mill that I go to is not that far from my house and is a very popular one. Not only can you get cider there, but you can get fresh warm cinnamon donuts, hot dogs, apple pie, caramel apples and an assortment of other apple-based products. There is also a shallow creek that runs right by the mill, so you can go and sit by the rocks and drink your cider and eat your donuts, etc. with your family. All products are fresh and free of preservatives and are the BOMB! On a cool fall afternoon it’s so nice to go to the Cider Mill, with it’s gorgeous scenery and cozy, relaxed atmosphere.


Except for:


*cue the music from a scene in a Star Trek episode where they leave you on the edge of your seat with a cliffhanger---to be continued*

“dun dun dun....DUD-DUH”


Let me start by saying that I have never been stung by a bee in MY LIFE, but am DEATHLY afraid of them! Anything that I can’t get away from quickly enough that can follow my ass AND hurt me, it to be feared in my eyes!

So, now take that nice vision I gave you above and add “THE BEES-----EVERY-FUCKING-WHERE”

As soon as me & my girl pulled up, I said “aaawwww FUCK! I forgot about them fucking stankin ass BEES!” There are ALLLLLLLLWAYS bees at the Cider Mill. I said “DAMN, don’t these assholes invest in Extermination services????? DAMN! You KNOW that there will be bees because of the sweet smell/taste of the apples!! Why won’t these jackasses get some roach spray or something! Jeeeesh!”

Fear immediately set in. It was probably some foreshadowing……

Sooooo…we get out of the car and immediately I see the bees, flying aroud the lot where we were, near the brook, near EVERY garbage can and DEFINITELY near the entrances to the Cider Mill. I said to myself *hmmm…there must be more of them around now than when I usually make my first trip in October, because it’s hot still and the smell travels/is more intense and draws them nearer in bigger numbers…..*

So, anywho there were two walking paths to take to go up to the cider mill itself. I quickly assessed which one had the LEAST amount of bees buzzing about and told my girl (who had not been to one before) “cool….let’s go this way…less bees”.

So, we get up to the little house-shaped apple-dwelling and go in….so we look around and get in line. As we are in line peoplr are constantly in & out of this place, so there are a few bees INSIDE the screened door looking as if they are trying to get out. I keep it movin up the line tryin’ to get away from them even.

So, fast forward, we get our donuts and our cider and since it was still a warm summer day, they had this “cider slush”, so we got a small one to share. I bought a ½ gallon of cider and she bought a quart.

So, off we go into the parking lot. So, dig if you will a picture: She gets a phone call as we leave and she’s carrying my ½ gallon of cider. She’s in front of me and I’m behind her. I have the cider slush in my left hand, my purse on my left arm ( which is one of those “open at the top with no zipper” small, bucket types of purses that CANNOT go on your shoulder because the strap is too short), and her quart of cider in my right hand. (all this detail is going somewhere….bear with me)

We’re going to the car and this BEE lands RIGHT ON THE TOP OF MY CUP OF SLUSH! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHHHHHHHHHHIT! I start gently waving my hand with the slush in it, ( and my purse on my arm) around trying to get the bee to go away. It doesn’t work, I wave harder. My girl is on the phone just a walkin not paying ONE bit of attention to my ass trying to stay cool, but ‘bout to go into a FIT! The bee, persistent little fucker that is was, would NOT GO AWAY! I start flailing my arm (the one with the purse on it and the slush in hand) back and forth trying to get away, all the while bobbing and weaving like I was Laila Ali, trying to get AWAAAAAAY from this damn bee! Shit is threatening to fall out of my purse (remember the purse is open at the top) and I am going fucking CRAZEEEEEEEE !!!! It STIIIIIIIIILL would NOT go away. So, I start backing up, flailing my arms and sprinting backwards, forwards and sideways TRYING to get this damn bee away from me. Now, I knew the little jackass was probably getting irritated because I was swatting at him and shit and he would come back towards me, looking like he was trying to run INTO my face and shit and I was going FUCKIN crazy! My friend was STILL ON the GATDAMN PHONE and was STILL paying me NO attention until I yelled “SAMAAAAAAAANTHAA!!!!!! HEEEEELLLLP!! YAAAAAAHHHHH” as I’m running from the fucking bee! I mean this bee stuck with me for AT LEAST 250 feet! I could NOT get away. And even when my “friend” did turn around she only turned around ¼ of the way in a “what the shit?” kinda way and kept right-the-fuck-on talking and walking as I stood there, twisting my head from side to side (picture how a dog shakes water off of it’s body) so hard that my hair was slapping me in my face! . I KNOW I was looking like a heroin-laced crack head with Turret’s !!! I was going absolutely APE –SHIT! This godamn bee would NOT leave me alone!!! All this time my girl STILL on the phone.

As we approached the car apparently the bee relented…thank God! I did NOT drop my slush and to top it OFF, when I got to the car, I was the one who had to get my keys out and open the door!! I wanted to kill my girl!!!! At that point I wasn’t convinced that the bee had not jumped on my back or something so I’m looking around like I’m a schizo that sees shit crawling on their body or something and trying to make sure his ass wasn’t around before I got in the car. Somehow I shook his ass AND salvaged the crushed, yet, drinkable cup of cider slush. Hallaleujah!

So….moral of the story…don’t go to Cider Mills when it’s hot….or without a pollinators-suit on…..

“Bee” e-z yall ………

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Presidential Asskissing

Hello good bloggers!

I am here to rant today :-) If there is one thing that I realize more and more about myself and my likes and dislikes, it is that I HATE, ABHOR and VEHEMENTLY OPPOSE ass-kising. Personally, I think that it's because the older I get the more I see the intracacies of the corproate work-world for what it is....a bunch of ass-kissing, assholes, who are trying to step on your head, slit your throat or just generally fuck you up to get ahead.

I hate playing this game.

As a matter of fact, I have rebuffed the notion that I should HAVE to play this game. First of all, I am the type of person (at work)that does NOT trust damn near ANYONE. My girl "Sexxicat" is the only one. She is an exception though and she is black. There is much to be said for that last statement which I will explain in a later tangent. In general, I have found that white people and black people look at things VERRRRY differently (I know, I know.....what was my first clue,right?). And this extends into EVERYTHING!!!

I now know why my grandmother just "let it fly" when it came to expressing herself at age 82. IT was because she had probably gotten SICK AND TIRED of tip-toing around muthafucka's for a nice portion of her adult life! I used to always be the one (around whites I work with) who thought "you are innocent until proven guilty". No more. White folks will fuck ya up and say some shit sometimes (i feel) on purpose and sometimes just out of STUPIDITY and sometimes just because. I trust no one.....

I swear!! For example, if you know my boss is an unreasonable bitch, why would you say something (OBVIOUSLY to fuck me up) to fuck me up??? Lemme give you a real life example: I was talking to my girl Sexxicat(who is black) and Idiot1 walks problem. So he just happend to walk BACK by when I was talking to Sexiicat again. Now, if you know me, you've heard many a diatribe on the ills of my boss and how much I REALLY dislike this heffa. She is irritating, micromanaging, fake, nosey and a wanna-be. What is a wanna-be int his case?? A wanna-be-seeming-like-you're-my-friend-but-you'll-tell-ALLLLLL-my-business-as-soon-as-I-turn-around-to-anyone-you-feels-need-to-know kinda bitch. This ASSHOLE says "Dang! Didn't I LEAVE YOU RIGHT THERE talking to her an hour ago??" This jackass said it loud enough for our boss to hear the shit. The reason why this is a problem is because just from my boss HEARING something like that, it would be filed away and catalogued OR she would call me or Sexxicat into her office and have a "talk" with us abut how people "perceive" us.... fuck a gatdamn perception! Give me the real! hhmmph! And because Sexxicat and I work for the same bitch and Sexxi'c cube is right outside (albeit mostly out of view) of our bosses office, what this ass said was that much MORE offensive and purposeful! And he KNOWS that she's bitch. After all hs sits in the same area that we do and is privy to her stupid antics and our arguments. So, his ass DEFINITELY knew!

But though Sexxi sits close to our boas, we can still have "whisper-chatter" and my stankin-ass boss not know unless she was looking at us or if some asshole said something like Idiot1 did!! And like I said before, my boss is nosey enough to the point that she WOULD come out or at least look to see who was talking. JUST lucky for us, my boss wasn't in her office. I started to LIGHT THIS MUTHAFUCKA on fire! But he is the type of smart-assed individual that if you say something smart (like I wanted to say "woo-hoo....I guess they DID give you that position as hall monitor, huh?") he would come back at you with ANOTHER smart-assed comment and then that woudl incite the demon in me and....... well you see where I'm going (not to mention he is a "director" (of what I'd like to know because all he does is sit at a danm computer trying to listen to typing....just sitting.....QUIET AS A STATUE. what the fuck are you doing? playing on the damn internet...probably, just like me... hee hee). So I said nothing and just let his dumb-ass walk on by.....but I was HOT! He knew what the fuck he was saying! Why ares you so fucused on MY BUSINESS???? Why? Because he is bound by a different set of rules ...."white folks work rules"......

So...back to the topic of this post. Our president's birthday is tomorrow. *crickets* Do you think I give a damn??? Yeah , he's nice and all, but O.K.......

So, these ass-bitin (white folks) have put up ballons, banners, streamers, table clothed the front cabinet (in preparation no doubt, for a cake), puffy mini-baloons,put up placards with "Happy 45th" on it, confetti and other miscellaneous decorations.

Now, at the risk of sounding like a they think that they will 1. get a raise 2. garner any favors remembered an hour after the party . I have no such misconceptions. It's simply not going to happen The president is nice enough, but such vulgar displays of asskissing just nauseate me.

I am soooo not a hater, I just do NOT see the purpose in kissing the damn president's ass! I am think that I am soooooo over the whole "corporate" thing and am just feeling crotchety and funk-ety. For no good reason.

So, tomorrow.....let them eat cake....

I don't want none *nose tooted up to the sky*

Monday, September 12, 2005

Sunday Madness :-)

O.K, I MUST post something related to the SHEEEEER disdain I've expressed for football (hee hee). If you're just joining us read this to get urself up to speed!

O.K., so you clearly see the feelings that I am speaking of correct?? Well, I am posting THIS here post JUST for "O" !!! LMAO

As many of you know yesterday was the start of the looooooooonnnnng football season.'s ong for me. O mentioned in my post from Sunday, that it appears that all went well on Sunday with the watching of football and all. Welllllll, don't count your rushing yardage just yet, sports fans!

Sunday, as previously mentioned was a good day! I was a little tired from Saturday and since I really wanted to go to the furniture store, I spent the better half of the morning cleaning up and trying to get some energy. I was sooooo tired (for Lord knows WHAT reason) and was trying to get it together, so we (the family) could go out together! I figured, after husband played golf on Saturday, he's going to MOSTLY be watching football on SUnday, so..... he can SACRIFICE a little wee bit o' time for my ass. So, everything was cool... but.....somewhere in our communications, there was a little mix-up.

Let me clarify: I didn't get up and get showered until after 2pm and i thought that my husband said that we could go to the furniture store (which was open until 8pm because of the ginormous sale) after the 1-4 game went off. He had said that he wanted to SEE the 4:30-7:30 game, NOT go once it came on. This was the first mistake. So, you know I'm like "awwww shit. this nigga is gonna have an attitude in the damn store if he goes". So I say "Hey, you don't have to go, don't worry about it". He said "well, it wouldn't make any sense for you to go back because you already saw the furniture, so why would you be going back without me? Let's just go...." (does that sound like an attitude that YOU would want to go to the store with?????me neither...) But I didn't want to get into a "you don't have to go/ no, I'm going" argument. So, I just got in the car & went.

Well, we then see my girl that I went to the store with the day before and her husband (that myhusband played golf with the day before) at teh store, as they were purchasing their furniture.

Could the trip have waited? yes. But the sale was OVER as of yesterday and it had been for TWO DAYS ONLY and REALLY nice furnitire in the WHOLE STORE was 50-75% off! !!!! Now,I know that most men reading this (O,specifically you) are saying "who caaaaares about some furniture!" But this was important, especially with a sale like that that I didn't find OUT about UNTIL Saturday!

So, becuase the game was on WHILE we were at the store, both my husband AND my girlfriend's husband were ITCHING to get to a stationary locale to watch the rest of the game. husband invites them over to "finish watching the game......" and said he's cookout on the grill (the food he was SUPPOSED to cook on Saturday). So..... cool. We all get to the house and everything's good, no? NO.

Because we now had "guests" we had to "entertain". So bewtween him trying to put the food on the grill, me prep some of the food, me trying to put the baby to sleep, help him, set the table and make this seem "fun" on a Sunday NIGHT....MY ass was tired and irritable. AND...... since he is the "grillmaster"

Can you say he was irritable beyond BELIEF ??? (hey, I wasn't the one that invited them nigga's back to the crib for t.v. and food......I'm not taking the rap for this least not in total!)

So, there ya have it. He saw the 1st game, missed MOST of the 2nd game and saw the 3rd game...... I think that's pretty damn good, and I'm happy with it.

be easy.....

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Good Weekend....

ya know...most of my weekends are well, boring. I usually don't do much as I am trying to FORGET about how much I hate my job, and just spend some time with the family. But we are usually not DOING anything. Yes, even though it is the summer, we don't go too many places. But this weekend was pretty cool.

On Saturday, my girlfriend that does my nails made me a little dinner on Friday while she was doing my nails to celebrate my birthday that was a couple weeks ago (Aug. 27...I'm still accepting gifts :-) and it was really nice! She also had some lil drinkie-drinks for us and we just sat around and talked and watched her kids run around. I realy appreciate my girlfriends. It was pretty clear to me this weekend that if me & the huby do move to Atlanta I will miss them sorely. I sooooooooooooo wish that I could pack them up and take them with us! I only know a very few (like literally the meaning of few...3 toi be exact) people in Atlanta. One is my college roommate who is cool, but she and I have lost touch ALOT over the years and I have only seen her like 4 times in the past 10 years when she comes back to Detroit to see her family. The other is my boy Bill who I talk to once in a while, but have lost semi-touch with too. I do have my sister-in law who I think is cool too, but there is nothing like "YOUR" girls. My girl Samantha said " ya know, if you move....I'mma just die! You are ,my only girlfriend that I can really hang with" She then went on to detail the fact that though she has other girls, you usually have one or two with whom you can really hang, withoug them getting on your gahtdamn nerves. And I second that emotion. That's my dawg. She and I have become closer since Samantha (Sam from here on out) started dating and eventually married my boy Melvin that I went to college with.

Sam came over on Saturday and we had a REAL girls day out. We went to persuse furniture stores, clothing stores,etc. Then we went back to my house, scooped up my little stinker and headed to the mall. It was a beautiful day and I had a ball. The hubby went to play golf with Sam's husband Mel, so the WHOLE family was having a good day!

Sunday: today we kinda layed around but we wanted to go back to this furniture store cuz there was this ginormous sale going on (50-75% off EVERYTHING in the store), so we went to see what we could see. Well, who do we come upon but Mel & Sam!!! LOL They had come back to buy a couch and we just wanted to see if we could strike a deal! Well, they ended up coming back to our crib and we cooked out and had a ball!

A good time was had by all!

I love my friends :-)

Great weekend!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I have been inspired to write, no BITCH about this being the start of football season by another blogger.

For any of you that know and love me, you know that I HATE sports. In other words, I do not play or watch sports (i.e. football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, bowling, golf, tennis....etc.). It is simply NOT my thing.

This has been a CONSTANT source of sourness between me and my betrothed. He on the other hand LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES TOO MANY sports in my opinion. Most of these sports could literally disappear from the face of the fucking earth FOREVER and people's memories and I would not shed a hint of a tear. The only sports I can tolerate watching are gymnastics, tennis and the summer Olympics sports.

My husband is in 2 fantasy football leagues (well he's participating in one this year), he bowls every Wednesday, and he watches golf, football, baseball,tennis, basketball....see a pattern here?

When we were dating he used to always go to his female friend's apartment (who lived LITERALLY a 7 second sprint from his) and watch football ALL FUCKING DAY on Sunday. YUCK! He cites that "you used to watch it with me". Correction, I went over there and maybe watched ONE game on two different occasions, never all day by any stretch. And the only reason I may have sat through an entire four hour stretch of a game was so I could be up under his "sports obsessed" ass. So, admittedly, now, I am nowhere in SIGHT after about suffering through about 30 minutes of a game (thank GOD for multiple televisions!)

I soooooooooooo do NOT want my son to be sports obsessed, a comment that makes my husband looks at me like I've grown 6 horns and four tails when I say it. He said "why not?!" and really expected a response! WHEW! And said "why would you NOT want him to be like me?" WTF??? First of all, watching sports and staying glued to ESPN, in my opinion has nothing to do with "being like you". There are so many more facets that make-up who and what my husband is. So, I just let that comment float into the air......

One thing is certain though.... I do think that there is more to life than being sports OBSESSED. I have no problem if you LIKE sports.....sitting around all day in yo draws, watching 3-4 games from sun-up to sundown is just stupid to me. That's all. But that is MY opinion.

Most of my girlfriends like at least ONE SPORT (usually either football or basketball). They admonish me and tell me that I "need to get into the sports with him". WTF?? I think not. He isn't getting into "gardening" with me! If I don't like it, I don't like it. Period. Watching sports is about as painful and irritating to me as a man being forced to watch "the life cycle of a dung beetle" mixed in with a little "crotcheting: you can learn it to" would be.

I do not bother him when he's watching it...I typically just let him watch. He has in turn, toned down how many games he watches. After all, we have a son, I'd like to spend time with him and I think it is selfish and sophomoric to think that you as a grown man should even WANT to spend 1/2 of the weekend posted up in front of the t.v.! My husband has compromised and I am glad of it because we are DEFINITELY at the two MOST EXTREME realms of the spectrum on the topic of sports. And I appreciate it.

But most men do NOT want to be bothered AT ALL when they are watching sports.O.K., dig this: What if we (women) said "you know what, every Saturday, I'm going to do what i wanna do, so.... don't ask me to cook, don't ask me to do yo laundry, don't ask me to feed or bathe the kids...just don't fuck with me at all". Yeah right! We as women would NEVER be allowed to get away with saying that we expect our signif. others or our husbands to not bother us when we arew doing something "we wanna do" for 12 hours on a weekend day or once every week, or anything like that. Maaaaan..... them niggas would have a shit-fit. So I sooooo don't wanna hear "the don't bother me when _____ is on". Nigga please. If I NEED to, I will. I will respect it, but if I NEED TO, I will. Women trying to make that kinda request would go over like a fucking fart in church! HMMPH!

I have learned as well as I can at the moment, to deal with this whole sports thing. Because I DO have a son, who will most LIKELY like SOME and/or participate in a sport (or 6 leave it to his daddy).

So, "are you ready for some football?!!" My answer is: as ready as I'm gonna be....

Because....after this sport ends.....another begins....and so on, and so on....and so on.......

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

“My wife…I can’t find her body….she told me to take care of the kids and the grandkids”

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, we can all see the devastation and the fury that mother nature unleashes when she’s at her bitchy-est best. Of all the stories I have heard so far the man who made the statement above stood out in my mind. His words, without slick verbose, without thought, only with heart, overwhelmed me. He was frantically speaking to the news anchorperson describing the last time he spoke to his wife before the raging floodwaters carried her away from him, possibly the last time he will ever see her. It was clear that he still had the desire and will to find her as he hurriedly told his tale, each word pulling and tugging at my soul as if there were an axe breaking down all of my senses. It was then that I broke down and cried. I cried for this man who can’t find his wife. I don’t know him, but I feel him. Innately. It is that human bond that connects us to everyone on this planet that made me feel this way. I can’t imagine the sheer panic and distress that the people of Louisiana and Mississippi are facing. There are no words to describe the feeling that burns through the core of your existence when you hear of a tragedy such as this.

From the fights, fires, police presence, no water, no electricity and most importantly NO PLACE TO LIVE and LOST FAMILY MEMBERS……. What would we do? The answer is: the best you can. The images are like that of a nuclear bomb having been dropped on an unsuspecting populous. Homes, businesses, schools and churches all gone. The incalculable, priceless memories that are the tapestry that form the whole of peoples lives. Gone. You see bridges demolished, nothing left but the steel beams sticking out of the water. You see cars that have floated together, left to fend for themselves in piles, one atop another. You see the tears and you feel the anguish and the desperation and the heartbreak.

These situations put EVERYONE in a “survival of the fittest” mode. There is no concern about what to make for dinner, what to get Johnny for his birthday, what time your wife is getting home…. Concerns are basic. Food. Water. Shelter. Making sure loved ones are accounted for.

The hospitals are overwhelmed and are trying to evacuate. The Astrodome in Houston will be full soon. People are scattering trying to hold onto anything that they consider valuable, their lives and the lives of loved ones. There are no toilets, no place to sleep. And in a minute, the dead will begin to tell their tale. The smell will begin to arrive. When I think of all of the devastation it overwhelms me. I do not have any family in the Louisiana/Mississippi area, but my mother lives just north of Miami, so I have had this type of concern before. Just last year, she was in harms way and it was all I could do to keep it together. For real. My Mom’s been there for 18 years and I wish everyday that she’d agree to move farther away from the “hurricane zone” preferably closer to me. But that has not come to pass. Personally I think she thinks “oh, Robyn, don’t’ worry… won’t reach ME” or maybe she thinks “I’ll be O.K.”. She’s always been a brave, spunky lil thing and I just pray that she never faces the wrath of a hurricane such as this. It’s simply surreal.

“my wife..I can’t find her body….she told me to take care of the kids and the grandkids….”

This will be burned into my memory for a long time to come.

Peace and Blessing to those in all the affected areas.