Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I have been inspired to write, no BITCH about this being the start of football season by another blogger.

For any of you that know and love me, you know that I HATE sports. In other words, I do not play or watch sports (i.e. football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, bowling, golf, tennis....etc.). It is simply NOT my thing.

This has been a CONSTANT source of sourness between me and my betrothed. He on the other hand LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES TOO MANY sports in my opinion. Most of these sports could literally disappear from the face of the fucking earth FOREVER and people's memories and I would not shed a hint of a tear. The only sports I can tolerate watching are gymnastics, tennis and the summer Olympics sports.

My husband is in 2 fantasy football leagues (well he's participating in one this year), he bowls every Wednesday, and he watches golf, football, baseball,tennis, basketball....see a pattern here?

When we were dating he used to always go to his female friend's apartment (who lived LITERALLY a 7 second sprint from his) and watch football ALL FUCKING DAY on Sunday. YUCK! He cites that "you used to watch it with me". Correction, I went over there and maybe watched ONE game on two different occasions, never all day by any stretch. And the only reason I may have sat through an entire four hour stretch of a game was so I could be up under his "sports obsessed" ass. So, admittedly, now, I am nowhere in SIGHT after about suffering through about 30 minutes of a game (thank GOD for multiple televisions!)

I soooooooooooo do NOT want my son to be sports obsessed, a comment that makes my husband looks at me like I've grown 6 horns and four tails when I say it. He said "why not?!" and really expected a response! WHEW! And said "why would you NOT want him to be like me?" WTF??? First of all, watching sports and staying glued to ESPN, in my opinion has nothing to do with "being like you". There are so many more facets that make-up who and what my husband is. So, I just let that comment float into the air......

One thing is certain though.... I do think that there is more to life than being sports OBSESSED. I have no problem if you LIKE sports.....sitting around all day in yo draws, watching 3-4 games from sun-up to sundown is just stupid to me. That's all. But that is MY opinion.

Most of my girlfriends like at least ONE SPORT (usually either football or basketball). They admonish me and tell me that I "need to get into the sports with him". WTF?? I think not. He isn't getting into "gardening" with me! If I don't like it, I don't like it. Period. Watching sports is about as painful and irritating to me as a man being forced to watch "the life cycle of a dung beetle" mixed in with a little "crotcheting: you can learn it to" would be.

I do not bother him when he's watching it...I typically just let him watch. He has in turn, toned down how many games he watches. After all, we have a son, I'd like to spend time with him and I think it is selfish and sophomoric to think that you as a grown man should even WANT to spend 1/2 of the weekend posted up in front of the t.v.! My husband has compromised and I am glad of it because we are DEFINITELY at the two MOST EXTREME realms of the spectrum on the topic of sports. And I appreciate it.

But most men do NOT want to be bothered AT ALL when they are watching sports.O.K., dig this: What if we (women) said "you know what, every Saturday, I'm going to do what i wanna do, so.... don't ask me to cook, don't ask me to do yo laundry, don't ask me to feed or bathe the kids...just don't fuck with me at all". Yeah right! We as women would NEVER be allowed to get away with saying that we expect our signif. others or our husbands to not bother us when we arew doing something "we wanna do" for 12 hours on a weekend day or once every week, or anything like that. Maaaaan..... them niggas would have a shit-fit. So I sooooo don't wanna hear "the don't bother me when _____ is on". Nigga please. If I NEED to, I will. I will respect it, but if I NEED TO, I will. Women trying to make that kinda request would go over like a fucking fart in church! HMMPH!

I have learned as well as I can at the moment, to deal with this whole sports thing. Because I DO have a son, who will most LIKELY like SOME and/or participate in a sport (or 6 leave it to his daddy).

So, "are you ready for some football?!!" My answer is: as ready as I'm gonna be....

Because....after this sport ends.....another begins....and so on, and so on....and so on.......


Kajuana said...

You're not alone. But I handle it slightly different. If Manfriend (not husband and we don't have any babies) wants to sit on his couch scratching and watching football all day, I'm cool. I just go do the things I want to do. Most of which include shopping and eatting.

brooklyn babe said...

Oh dear... don't get cut, with slamming the "male bonding"
I love sports (in doses)

Robyn said...

@Kajuana: Girl, I do that occasionally, I guess I need to take up more of that kind of activity :-)

@BKBabe: Girrrrl.... LOL You know I'm over here hidin' from the "sports masses" LOL *duckin' head* I just cain't STAND that dang football!!! UGHHHHHH!!!! But I have at least learned to tolerate it (thou you probably can't tell by my post) :-)

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Nina MM said...

I love sports! My honey-do and I share an affinity for boxing, especially. But football? Don't call me during my game on Sunday. Do so at the risk of gettin' cussed out viciously. And basketball season? I'm usually in several fantasy leagues myself. LOL

A dude told me once that I'm a man's dream. Yeah...that's until I sit in his favorite spot on the couch, makin' it smell all like the Victoria's Pear Glace I just bathed in, stretching out his favorite t-shirt, and start masturbating his remote. Then I'm his nightmare. LOL

Chubby Chocolate said...

I hate football too, but love boxing.

One year for Super bowl, I invited my boyfriend at the time (who was getting on my nerves and I wanted to cut him loose,but had a hard time getting him out of my system, but that's a whole nother story...) over to watch it and I blocked the channel so he couldn't watch it and made him stay there, to watch a girly film. He wasn't very happy about that. He actually teared up. Toture-I LOVE IT!

O said...

See Robyn, I HAD to read this while battling day two of insomnia from hell. C'mon girl, you know your HB's multi-sport obsession is over the top. But let's not ignore the bigger issue. ARE YOU NUTS? Eff football? Not possible.

And as for tryin' to compare what would happen if you said gimme 12 hours of "whatever-I-want-time" to myself, well the comparison is probably not fair. Would you want the same thing you say your hubby is requiring? A whole day alone to have a hobby? With a youngster, the basic football watching guidelines go out the window. By right, you could leave the youngster with him, demand that youngster not be ignored, and roll out to do whatever. Hell, that's what I thought ALL married moms did during football season. All my boys who have kids get kid duties during football at least 1/3 to 1/2 of the season. Sheee-it.

Don't get this confused with backpeddaling. I still think women in general need to follow proper SO/wife ettiquette during football Sunday, I just think with kids the math changes. Since y'all already married, maybe you should not even ask and just declare one Sunday that you have plans and he gotta keep junior.

Maybe that'll get it.

Robyn said...

i wuv ya'll *wiping tears*

@Nina: Girl, I forgot about boxing. He loves boxing too, but I can tolerate that and even kinda like that a lil bit. :-)

@CC: Girl yo KNOW I'm luvin the torture!!! :-)

@O:O.K.,I'm just luvin you to death!LMAO@ "ARE YOU NUTS? Eff football? Not possible"

I do agree that maybe I was a little harsh....nah...FUCK THAT! I stillllll hate that dang game! LOL But this is true as far as the rules changing when the kiddies come into play....and maybe I'll do as Kajuana said and make it a fun-filled day of shopping (much to his financial chagrin) :-)

Knockout Zed said...

Two loves of my life are football and pussy. If a woman likes football, that's my next wife! Yay football, nigga!

Anonymous said...

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