Monday, September 12, 2005

Sunday Madness :-)

O.K, I MUST post something related to the SHEEEEER disdain I've expressed for football (hee hee). If you're just joining us read this to get urself up to speed!

O.K., so you clearly see the feelings that I am speaking of correct?? Well, I am posting THIS here post JUST for "O" !!! LMAO

As many of you know yesterday was the start of the looooooooonnnnng football season.'s ong for me. O mentioned in my post from Sunday, that it appears that all went well on Sunday with the watching of football and all. Welllllll, don't count your rushing yardage just yet, sports fans!

Sunday, as previously mentioned was a good day! I was a little tired from Saturday and since I really wanted to go to the furniture store, I spent the better half of the morning cleaning up and trying to get some energy. I was sooooo tired (for Lord knows WHAT reason) and was trying to get it together, so we (the family) could go out together! I figured, after husband played golf on Saturday, he's going to MOSTLY be watching football on SUnday, so..... he can SACRIFICE a little wee bit o' time for my ass. So, everything was cool... but.....somewhere in our communications, there was a little mix-up.

Let me clarify: I didn't get up and get showered until after 2pm and i thought that my husband said that we could go to the furniture store (which was open until 8pm because of the ginormous sale) after the 1-4 game went off. He had said that he wanted to SEE the 4:30-7:30 game, NOT go once it came on. This was the first mistake. So, you know I'm like "awwww shit. this nigga is gonna have an attitude in the damn store if he goes". So I say "Hey, you don't have to go, don't worry about it". He said "well, it wouldn't make any sense for you to go back because you already saw the furniture, so why would you be going back without me? Let's just go...." (does that sound like an attitude that YOU would want to go to the store with?????me neither...) But I didn't want to get into a "you don't have to go/ no, I'm going" argument. So, I just got in the car & went.

Well, we then see my girl that I went to the store with the day before and her husband (that myhusband played golf with the day before) at teh store, as they were purchasing their furniture.

Could the trip have waited? yes. But the sale was OVER as of yesterday and it had been for TWO DAYS ONLY and REALLY nice furnitire in the WHOLE STORE was 50-75% off! !!!! Now,I know that most men reading this (O,specifically you) are saying "who caaaaares about some furniture!" But this was important, especially with a sale like that that I didn't find OUT about UNTIL Saturday!

So, becuase the game was on WHILE we were at the store, both my husband AND my girlfriend's husband were ITCHING to get to a stationary locale to watch the rest of the game. husband invites them over to "finish watching the game......" and said he's cookout on the grill (the food he was SUPPOSED to cook on Saturday). So..... cool. We all get to the house and everything's good, no? NO.

Because we now had "guests" we had to "entertain". So bewtween him trying to put the food on the grill, me prep some of the food, me trying to put the baby to sleep, help him, set the table and make this seem "fun" on a Sunday NIGHT....MY ass was tired and irritable. AND...... since he is the "grillmaster"

Can you say he was irritable beyond BELIEF ??? (hey, I wasn't the one that invited them nigga's back to the crib for t.v. and food......I'm not taking the rap for this least not in total!)

So, there ya have it. He saw the 1st game, missed MOST of the 2nd game and saw the 3rd game...... I think that's pretty damn good, and I'm happy with it.

be easy.....


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Knockout Zed said...

When will your black ass understand, Robyn? The GAME is what's important, that's it. Just the GAME. Emotions, hygiene, courtesy, friendship, etc. can all resume when the GAME is over. One's favorite team plays only 16 regular season games a year. That's it. Basketball = 82 games, baseball =162 games, hockey = 82 games, football = 16 games. That's it. Niggas that love football accept no substitutes. Hit somebody!!!

O said...

Funny "update" to the story. And, I like good furniture as much as the next person. Wait...*rechecking post*...did you say you got up at 2:00 PM? Just checking. Anyhoo, hopefully you're husband's team won. There is very little worse than spending that time and then having your team lose.

By the way, seems like y'all would both be happier if you picked some Sundays in advance. I mean, the freakin' schedule it already out. So he could choose the week that Cleveland or the REdskins are playing and just roll out with you that day. Whatever the day, if you agree to it a few weeks early, then there's no expectation of him watching or you getting bent outta shape behind the viewing.

I like reading your site, it's good stuff.

Nia said...

A furniture sale and a football has got to go on the list of the 10 most compromisable moments in marraige. LOL

Danyel said...

oh I can't stand football.

: )

Robyn said...

@knockout: you know what.....just pick a finger *holding up my hand and waving it at Zed* :-)

@O: Now, you KNOW I didn't mean that I ACTUALLY arose from the bed at 2pm!!! LOL Please, I have a 15 month old! Them days are LONNNNNNNNG gone (and I soooooo miss them dearly!).I just meant that I had not gotten my butt in the shower and "dressed" until then :-) And you know what *checking football schedule* I agree, we gon' pre-plan some shyt! Thanks hon!

@Nia: Hey sweetie, thanks for stopping by! And you are TOTALLY right...I had to check to make sure it wasn't a clone of my husband talking!

@Danyel.....*bowing* Did I tell you that I just love you!!! LOL FINALLY a woman that shares my disdain for that dang FOOTBALL!!! LOL