Tuesday, September 27, 2005


O.K ya'll...I knoooooow I am a day late and a dolla short on this one, but I JUST saw the movie "Crash". And for those that are late as hell like me, it was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! I am going to go buy it today!

But this brings me to a controversial part in the movie

If you have NOT seen the movie and do NOT wish to know a very important part of the movie, STOP READING NOW

(to refresh everyone's memory the scene I have a question about was the scene where the police officer pulls Thandie and Terrence over, just because he sees them in a Black Navigator, which is the type of vehicle being sought in connection with a car-jacking on the same evening. The police officer, who we have learned was obviously racist, pulls them over when he flashes his lights and sees they are black, though his partner is vehemently opposed to it. His partner tells him that "this is NOT the Navigator, the plates don't match, etc.". The racist police officer pulls them over anyway. He accuses Howard of being drunk by making him touch his nose and stand on one leg. Thandie gets upset, gets out of the car and begins telling the police that they are wrong for stopping them and due to her getting more and more angry and mouthing off to the police officer, the racist police officer proceeds to "frisk" Thandie, UP HER DRESS, BETWEEN HER LEGS, and OBVIOUSLY FEELING AND GRABBING her CROTCH , as she winces in shame, all in the name of "you could be hiding something up that coctail dress" when he obviously knew she wasn't. Terrence felt that he should not say anything because this police officer was the type to take them to jail in a heartbeat or do them bodily harm. So, in a backhanded way, the police officer coaxed Terrence into apologizing for the whole incident and Thandie was LIVID. She felt betrayed because she felt he sold out by aplogizing and was livid because he did not punch the guy out and go to jail to save her reputation. He felt that the police officer was a crazy racist nutball and to have kept running off at the mouth would've gotten him and possible her, killed. So he said nothing.

O.k., so, here are my question(s):
1.In the scene where Terrence Howard and Thandie Newton were pulled over by the police, men, what would you have done?
2. Women how would you feel if your man did nothing?
3. How would you feel if he had punched the police officer?

I love this movie because it speaks to racism and classism on so many levels. It is a movie that needs to be seen by blacks and whites alike.

Let me know what you think........ and then I'll tell you what I think!


Anonymous said...

I have never been in that situation and hope never to be... But what was he to do go to JAIL!!! No!!! He hit the police officer Jail He talk smart to the officer Jail. Flat out Nigga in a hard place... There was nothing for him to do and she sees where her mouth got her a finger...So now say he did punch the officer he is in hand cuffed and now what??? You can name the things he (the cop) could have done to her... The best was done. Now skip to the next scene he does react over react because what happen to him the day before. Tell me don't you think that is alot of brothas out there bow down to the police and are miss treated, degraded, man hood taken away. The next day they go off no one can talk to them they are going to defend themselves...Terrance was lucky someone knew why he was trippin, but think how many brothas out there that no one knows they where miss treated by a bad cop.... Deep so Deep this shows none of us are safe from racism...

The Humanity Critic said...

Crash was indeed a great movie..

Chubby Chocolate said...

I saw that movie.
If I were in that situation, my partner wouldn't have had to do anything, but put up my bail. I would be the one going to jail, because I would have knocked the shee-yate out of the officer and face consequences later! Atleast this is what I would have done in movie world...:-)

Knockout Zed said...

I can't even buy into the movie premise. Thandie Newton with a black man! Ha! Preposterous!


Danyel said...

that situation is so horrifying and so reminiscent of slave days it makes me ill. I think my hub would have been in jail or dead. I would want him to stand still, though, so we could get home and plan (and execute) a horrible, long-lasting, tortuous demise for the cop in question.

my problem with the movie: why did Ryan Phillipe pick up Larenz Tate? WHY? That made NO sense.

Nia said...

I've been with men that would've punched him off the top...and those that would've done nothing at all. What I would've preferred was a whole lot of shit talking and a report filed after the fact. I could've done without a physical altercation...but you gonna have to protect my honor some kind of way.

Luke Cage said...

Hello Robyn. Thanks for stopping into the Splinter Cell to pay a brotha a visit. Well, Crash was indeed a great movie. I'm a brother of a police officer, and he would have advised me to NOT do or say anything in that situation.

While I would not have DID anything, because lets face it, the guy DID have a gun and all a crooked cop needs is a "reason" to pull the trigger (Amadou Diallo - 41 shots comes to mind), I would've laced him with expletives up one side and down the other. Which in the end would have surmounted to no positive conclusion at all.

But I hate to say it, I wasn't going to be shot, and my lady probably would have told me to shut up and just allow her to take the fondling. Very tough call. It's ez for me to say anything without actually being in that situation right now. Hopefully, I'll never have to find out. Good post dear...