Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, I haven't written in awhile... yeah, I know...been pretty lazy :)

So here's a "get back in the groove" post for ya....

I fail: at being proactive on MOST days
I dream: of a world without boundaries (and in color!)
I sleep: restlessly, waking up often because I am hot or cold
I wonder: what my son will be like as an adult
I don’t: always take as good care of myself as I should
I want: to have a 4 or 5 bedroom house one day, but this dayum economy is JACKING ME UP.
I always: wish I could survive on 3 hours of sleep. Can you imagine all that I could get done???
I worry: too much
I have: a lot of respect for parents of 3 or more children
I give: too little time to pursuing what I love (photography)
I fight: the urge to say what I REALLY think to someone every day (politics, ya know?)
I am: a true blue to friend to the friends I have
I can’t: keep most promises to spank my son
I stay: tickled at my son’s laugh
I will: never give up
I can: be better tomorrow than I was today
I would: love to go someplace Carribean for my next vacation
I might: have another baby…. Just maybe
I like: rainy days
I love: feeling purely “happy” from the inside out.
I smile: when I hear Disco/House music that takes me back to my 20’s
I frown: when someone pisses me off on the road
I read: too little
I work: too little at building my photography business.
I never: say never

Tam: I will TRY to post more often LOL

Monday, November 10, 2008

This is bugging me....

The black girl that sits next to me is often-times. I think it's me. nah.... can't be. I am one of THE most friendly, easy-to-get-to-know/get-along-with people i know. She is young. And weird. Well....weird in a very private way....

Let me give you some details.....

She is professional and has a more mature "way" about her...older than her years let on. She has a 3 year old boy child whom she parents alone. I feel for her because that is difficult. It is not easy being the mother of a boy with no male parent around. She is extremely private, so I really don't know what her existence is like. Shs is so private that her son , though he has been allowed to be around some guy she is dating, doesn't even know her "kinda-man's" name....nor will she even tell us (ANY of us) her wo-workers his name when we are all talking in general conversation. And I get the "some people are just private" thing.... but if you tell us about him, why would you not tell us a first name???? I mean come on! We WON'T know him girlfriend! WTF???? Please get over your chastity belt wearing uptight ass!!! That bothers me. While NO ONE has to tell their business.... what does it hurt to say a first name???? I mean really.......

Maybe she will open up more once I have been here for awhile....but what's awhile? I have been here for two months all-dayum-ready. (***insert WTF face***)

Back to the son....she wont let her son watch anything (cartoons or otherwise) that isn't "educationally based". Really? He's 3 sis. Ease up.... there will be time for stringent scholarly pursuits later. She also has strict rules as to when and what kind of snacks may be eaten by him,as well as other harbingers of future school teachers.

She is approximately 10 years younger than me. Her with a 3 year old and me with a 4 year old.... there are inherently different parenting styles. She brought her son to work last week because she was leaving early for the day because....she refuses to let him take part in Halloween.....just because.... no religious reason to speak of.... just doesn't believe in it. Won't even let him get a costume as a fluffy bunny to play in....just doesn't believe in it. I think people like this are too serious and need some "happy medicine" or something. He is the cutest and sweetest boy and since I sit right next to her, we became fast friends. I thought that with her as a mom he would be withdrawn and quiet and....well.... like her.

But back to her and I. I like forming some type of "comfortable bond" with the people (ES.PEC.IALLY the black people) that I work with. She won't allow it and I have tried to figure out why. Oh and by the way, it's not just me. There's a guy who ----a black guy----started at the SAME time with me and he said the same thing ----- she's a different bird and seems to not have much to say to us. Maybe she just takes awhile to "warm-up" to people. But I am a person who will say good morning to my "cube-mate" even if I am in a pissy-ass mood. I am the person who will talk to anyone. I am the person who embraces being more friendly with people because I spend more fuckin WAKING hours HERE than at home! She has walked past my cube many times today, without so much as a hello or acknowledgement that she and I have not uttered a word to each other. I'm starting to get an attitude about it....ti being the way she is. And the way my desk faces, you practically look me RIGHT.IN.THE.FACE when you are coming down the path to our desks.

The guy who started with me said " you know, it's like if you ask her a question.... she gives you the SHORTEST answer possible....almost like "can you beat it" type of feeling" . He said it. LOL .But interestingly enough she's best buds with the white chick that sits on the other side of her who is just a few years younger than me & the guy that was hired at the same time as I. (i.e. it CAN'T be the age thing....)

Now, I do not have to be your best friend, but there have been times when I had to ask a question and they were just standing around having general conversation and she all but ignored me....i.e. using non-verbal dis-inclusional cues (e.g. not looking at me, not responding to a comment I make so as to say "umm... you weren't in this conversation and I refuse to acknowledge you", continuing the general conversation until I MAKE my question known).

I don't get it. And really and truly I don't think she's jealous or anything like that. I am not going to say that she doesn't like me either. She's just weird. Maybe I am too "old" for her group. I have felt this same kind of "don't fit in" feeling around my niece (who is 26 ) as I sometimes feel around her. Do I need to necesarily "included"? In a work-friendly sense I guess I feel like it's just the "courteous" thing to do.

She is a grade level lower than us and has less experience than us, yet performs basically the same functions as us. Interesting. Maybe she's intimidated **shrug**. Dunno. But I do know that her essence is starting to get under my skin.....

Saturday, November 01, 2008

People.... myyyyyyyyyyyyy people.... I swear the earth is going hell in a handbasket.....look at this mess right here!!!

Just dayum ! LOL

Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas yearnings....

My son and I went looking through the Toys R'Us Big Toy book the other day, right.... soooo he named AND circled about 25 things he wants and I just had to laugh. I remember doing the SAME thing....OK..... but not at FOUR YEARS OLD!!!

**Insert twisted lips**

I told him that Santa would have to think about his requests and that we would see. HE said "ok mommy" (all dejected)

So, to combat this "I should get" attitude, guess what WE are going to start doing??? DELIVERING FOOD to shelters during the holidays. That is going to be our **New** tradition. So often kids (and adults) can get so caught up in things that don;t matter....the materialistic stuff.

**raising my hand** "my name is Robyn and I am materialistic too many sometimes.... I want to be in the 20 step program"


So, I think that in these times where jobs are dayum near IMPOSSIBLE to come by, I need to be happy that I have a family that loves me, a great job with good people to work with AND a house that is NOT getting foreclosed on! I think that I am SO LUCKY and fortunate and I want my son to learn to be thankful as well.

It starts with us.... and it still takes a village :-)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

On a Sunday....

So,me and the boy have had a cough combined with slight chest congestion for THREE weeks now.... i HAAAAAAATe going to the dr, mostly because #1 I have NO TIME off brcause I JUST started a fuckin job 2 months ago and #2 our co-pays are $30 a fucking PIECE!!!! I know I know.... i need to take him if no one.... **sigh**.... and my husband acts like he can't take him (because he really IS very busy at work) but hs said he would try to take him. Why can't this shit just go AWAY??? I have truly been coughing for about a MONTH now to be honest... I must go tomorrow...this is rediculous.

Bout Time!!!

WORD UP!!! (yeah, I said it...I'm bringing that phrase back!) We WON!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a LONNNNNNNNNNNG time and we finally have our bragging right back!!! YEAH BABY!!!!! Michigan has beaten us since 2001 until yesterday! THAT's a LONG flippin time! We had not won AT Michigan since 1990. WHAT THE?.... 19.90?????

That's a SHAME! I was in college in 1990! DAMN!!!! But they did it. It looked ominous around the middle of the game, but they pulled it off! GO SPARTANS!!!!! I'm so proud!


I have sooo many things to do in a day (as anyone dos) and I seem to always feel that I have NO TIME to just be "me". I swear, it's like the "mentality" of when I was laid-off just won't leave me! Couple that with the fact that by 9:30-10:00pm... I am DONE! And that is with getting up azt 6:30-7:)0 (whihc is LATER than I REALLY should be getting up) and going all day!! It's like, I am rushing to get up, rushing to work, rushing to leave work at 5:00, rushing to get the boy before the 6:00 deadline (which if I leave just 10 minutes late... I may not make it!!), rushing to get dinner or cook, rushing to have him have SOME time with me or to play a game, look at a little tv and do some homework, rushing to feed him and get him ready for bed and rushing him off to bed.


My husband usually works late so during the week (except on Fridays) I usually have the duty after work until close to the time he is going to bed.

Then I have to wash clothes, clean up ( my husband does help with the cleaning of the kitchen which is great), but I am still rushing. I got so used to NOT rushing when I was off and honestly... I LOVED IT. But me staying home just ISN'T an option! And when do I have time to do the PLETHORA of things I WANT to do (i.e. reading a book ... can't remember the last time I did that!, my warm spirit business, my photography...just reading amd learning more on my own, or just sitting DOWN and watching a little tv)???

I can do it AFTER the boy goes to bed right??? NOT!!! I AM FUCKING TIREEEEEED!!!! I told ya'll, I am one of them people that NEEDS my 8-9 hours of sleep!! I can't be up until 1am just to "do my thing"..... I would NOT have a job because I would fall alseep EVERYDAY! (it's already bad enough that in meetings.... no matter HOW MUCH sleep I get.... after about 15 minutes.... I LITERALLY start to fall sleep. EVERY. TIME. It's terrible!! I'll be sitting there pinching myself, biting my finger and sometimes to NO AVAIL!! Sometimes I have to leace the fucking room and act like i Have to go to the bathroom! I HATE MEETINGS SO MUCH!!! LOL

Anyway.... I have more to be THANKFUL I shall stop the complaining here!

Have a good day ya'll!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



I just heard that Dolemite has died. Read below:

(Oct. 20) - Comedic actor Rudy Ray Moore, best known to blaxploitation fans as kung fu pimp Dolemite, died Sunday at an Akron nursing home from complications of diabetes, according to media reports. He was 81. His death was first reported by, which was contacted by comedienne Luenell with the news and later confirmed by Moore's daughter.
Moore, born Rudolph Frank Moore, was known as the "king of the party records" and released several raunchy comedy albums in the 1960's and 1970's that were seen as more explicit than peers like Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor.
In 1975, he starred as the title character in "Dolemite," a low budget comedy romp about a rhyming pimp with a stable of karate-loving prostitutes. A sequel, "The Human Tornado," emerged a year later. The persona was developed during his comedy act and included the memorable line "rappin' and tappin' is my game!"
Moore's other acting credits include "Petey Wheatstraw" in 1978 and the blaxploitation film "Disco Godfather" in 1979. In later years Moore collaborated with 2 Live Crew and Snoop Dogg and in 2000 reprised his Dolemite character in the movie "Big Money Hustlas."
He is survived by a daughter, Yvette "Rusty" Wesson, who tells EURweb that funeral ceremonies will be held in Akron and in Spokane, Wash.

Dolemite will be missed and remembered by many that grew up in my era and those in generations past. He was a hilarious, raunchy , down and dirty PIMPTASTIC playa-play from the Himalaya's! And if you find the blaxploitation films funny like me, you will feel me on this!


Friday, October 17, 2008

LMBAO!!! THIS is funnnnnnny as hell!

PLEASSSSSE lool at this that I found on

This ish is FALARIOUS!!! WOW...just wow people!