Sunday, October 26, 2008

On a Sunday....

So,me and the boy have had a cough combined with slight chest congestion for THREE weeks now.... i HAAAAAAATe going to the dr, mostly because #1 I have NO TIME off brcause I JUST started a fuckin job 2 months ago and #2 our co-pays are $30 a fucking PIECE!!!! I know I know.... i need to take him if no one.... **sigh**.... and my husband acts like he can't take him (because he really IS very busy at work) but hs said he would try to take him. Why can't this shit just go AWAY??? I have truly been coughing for about a MONTH now to be honest... I must go tomorrow...this is rediculous.

Bout Time!!!

WORD UP!!! (yeah, I said it...I'm bringing that phrase back!) We WON!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a LONNNNNNNNNNNG time and we finally have our bragging right back!!! YEAH BABY!!!!! Michigan has beaten us since 2001 until yesterday! THAT's a LONG flippin time! We had not won AT Michigan since 1990. WHAT THE?.... 19.90?????

That's a SHAME! I was in college in 1990! DAMN!!!! But they did it. It looked ominous around the middle of the game, but they pulled it off! GO SPARTANS!!!!! I'm so proud!


I have sooo many things to do in a day (as anyone dos) and I seem to always feel that I have NO TIME to just be "me". I swear, it's like the "mentality" of when I was laid-off just won't leave me! Couple that with the fact that by 9:30-10:00pm... I am DONE! And that is with getting up azt 6:30-7:)0 (whihc is LATER than I REALLY should be getting up) and going all day!! It's like, I am rushing to get up, rushing to work, rushing to leave work at 5:00, rushing to get the boy before the 6:00 deadline (which if I leave just 10 minutes late... I may not make it!!), rushing to get dinner or cook, rushing to have him have SOME time with me or to play a game, look at a little tv and do some homework, rushing to feed him and get him ready for bed and rushing him off to bed.


My husband usually works late so during the week (except on Fridays) I usually have the duty after work until close to the time he is going to bed.

Then I have to wash clothes, clean up ( my husband does help with the cleaning of the kitchen which is great), but I am still rushing. I got so used to NOT rushing when I was off and honestly... I LOVED IT. But me staying home just ISN'T an option! And when do I have time to do the PLETHORA of things I WANT to do (i.e. reading a book ... can't remember the last time I did that!, my warm spirit business, my photography...just reading amd learning more on my own, or just sitting DOWN and watching a little tv)???

I can do it AFTER the boy goes to bed right??? NOT!!! I AM FUCKING TIREEEEEED!!!! I told ya'll, I am one of them people that NEEDS my 8-9 hours of sleep!! I can't be up until 1am just to "do my thing"..... I would NOT have a job because I would fall alseep EVERYDAY! (it's already bad enough that in meetings.... no matter HOW MUCH sleep I get.... after about 15 minutes.... I LITERALLY start to fall sleep. EVERY. TIME. It's terrible!! I'll be sitting there pinching myself, biting my finger and sometimes to NO AVAIL!! Sometimes I have to leace the fucking room and act like i Have to go to the bathroom! I HATE MEETINGS SO MUCH!!! LOL

Anyway.... I have more to be THANKFUL I shall stop the complaining here!

Have a good day ya'll!


That Girl Tam said...

I think this is why I'm glad to still be at home...I know if I go back to work I will be in the same position you're in...not enough time to do all the shit that NEEDS to be done - and doing it with virtually NO HELP. I mean, at least your hubby cleans the kitchen...XL? Not so He won't even wake up with the baby on his days off...and it pisses me off. I don't complain because I already know his response will be something like, "Well you wanted to stay at home...ain't like you got somewhere to be..."

::blank stare::

Yes, he has said shit like that before.

If you haven't already tried and your son need to take some Mucinex. That shit REALLY works. I'm the OTC QUEEN...I can tell you which OTC drug to take to make you feel better!

Shai said...

Robyn, I pray you get some rest. I think that is why you are sick.

I feel ya on the rushing. My child is 18, yet I just cannot get it together and do what little I have at home and I am always rushing to work. Is it age?

@Tam: I used to follow your blog. I hope your baby girl is doing fine.

Disco said...

@Tam: Girl PLEASE!!! Don't let the SOUR taste fool ya! When my black ass was off, that was EXACTLY my husband's attitude "you ain;t got shit to do!"...and he probably made some comment to me..,no I take that back, we got into an ARGUMENT about something I wanted him to do and he was like "look.... I have to go to don;t have NOTHING to do....".

**insert angry face**

So, I SOOOO feel you! For real! I understand!!!Before and since I went back to work, the routine is as follows: I pick up, he takes. Oh baby, when I was off??? Do you think that the school EVER saw him???? Umm, no!

Girl, Men just make ya mad don't they!

Kiss that little Jordin girlie for me!!! **MUAH** Auntie Robyn wants a REAL picture too!!!

**giving Mommy the Gas face** :-)