Thursday, February 23, 2006

She's our queeeeeen toooo-ooh beeeee!

O.K., well maybe not our queen, but she DAMN sho is here.

Our new worker bee that is. I miss my girl. Yeah, my gril that got fired. But life goes on and so do I.

Well, I am sure that you are wondering how Wobbles is doing and how I am doing in terms of having someone new at the job. Well….Wobbles is doing well though she seems to catch on a wee bit slowly. But that’s not a bad thing altogether because there is something to be said for slow deliberate steps….it’ll just take you twice as long to get there though. I do wish that she picked up on things just a little faster though.

Oh!!! And as far as the pregnancy goes……..ya’ll…..ya’ll….. YA’LL will never guess how far along this bitch is….she “looks” to be at LEAST 4-5 months! And I SWEAR she did a BANG UP job of hiding that shit before! She must’ve been sucking in that gut AND baby and wearing shit that doesn’t show pregnancy! Cause I looked at that how and her stomach is as round as it wants to be!! She knew she was pregnant!!! Though she said that she didn’t because she was having periods…..mmmm hmmmm…..whateva…… I ain’t believing it! LOL

But why ya’ll did Wobbles come up in HERE today with a skirt set on, NO PANTYHOSE (o.k., we’re in Michigan in the DEAD of winter.)


Why in the FUCK don’t you have no dayum pantyhose on????? And then to top it off, she is very light/pale to begin with so PLEASE imagine what dem legs look like in the dead of winter with NO pantyhose on!!! Yeah….. exactly…. Dats’s my thought tooo….

PASTRY (as in flour) WHITE! And the legs had the NERVE to be ASHY all around the ankles and shit!!!! Good lawd, Calgon take me away…. I have often though about starting a school where I can do interventions on folks like this that don’t have the common sense of fashion sense, for that matter, that God gave a goat!!!!!

But all in all she’s cool. But ya’ll know what my HARDEST task is???? Hiding the sheer and UTTER DISGUST I have for my boss! I want to take the opportunity to dog her out soooooooooooooooooooo bad, but I can’t. You know how you can’t trust “new folks” and often times old folks too? Well…..I don’t trust her and besides I feel that it will hit home much sooner and swifter if she experiences the bitch-slap herself. Which brings me to my next point. I had thought about this and I am convinced since Boss-hoe will inevitable show her shit stained tracks in the snow…...all I have to do is sit back and wait….. I needn’t say a word….. I also came to the conclusion that it’s really for the best that Sista Girl didn’t get the job. I mean, she’s a new mother …..why would I want ANYONE to go through what I went through when I was a new mother. And I feel sorry for Wobbles because I hope that our shitty boss isn’t mean to her since she’s pregnant. But I swear people.....I soooo wanna blast the Boss-hoe to the new chick, but time will reveal . I can’t stand my boss sooooooooooooooo bad! To the point where I don’t even want her within 10 feet of me! And you know how you just can’t STAND people to breathe up on you at ALL when you can’t stand them??? Well, that’s the way I feel about Boss-hoe….. her essence makes my ass itch……

Cortaid take me away…….


Freaky Deaky said...

I wonder if Wobbles baby will develope a wobbly eye while trying to look into her eyes.

How long do you think it will be before Boss-hoe regrets hiring her?

lyre said...

Whoa! hahahaha never used cortaid...gotta try it....hahahaha

Knockout Zed said...

"Shit stained tracks in the snow"? Poetry.


Robyn said...

@Freaky:i thinkshe already has cause now that we can SEE how damn BIG her ass really's CLEAR she'll be on maternity leave (though without pay) at LEAST by July-Aug. timeframe!!! I am SURE my boss has calculated this in head if I alrady have!

chele said...

No pantyhose in the winter? That chile has no home-training. Your boss will definitely get hers ... you're right -- you won't have to say a thing.

nikki said...

"her essence makes my ass itch"...CLASSIC LOL

Ddot the King said...

LOL...good stuff Robyn