Monday, March 13, 2006

Hey ya'll !

Hey ya’ll !! I know that I have been away for a couple weeks, but the lazy/can’t figure out what to post/too tired to post bug had gotten my ass! But I am back!

So, for all ya’ll that havec been wondering…….here’s a kinda-sorta update on the Wobbles si-chi-a-shun………

Something. There is just something that irks me about Wobbles. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’ve boiled it down to the fact that we just don’t have ANY, ZIP, ZERO chemistry. She reminds me of one of those girls who are stuck in the 80’s with the slightly boofy-poofy dirty blond (though hers is natural) hair. She’s simple in demeanor and not savvy in any sense of the word. She is a reallllly nice person, but boring. I can just tell!!! She wears clothing that looks like someone in Montana who works as a ranchhand would be wearing. She does NOTHING to her mid-back length hair. It is ALWAYS all over the place and she just flat out need some new glasses to detract from that She seems like she just floats through life singing “la lee la laa laa” (probably because 1. she’s a new employee and 2. just because she seems to be naïve and “dumb” to office politics and slow to pick up on attitudes, and personalities…..just plain non-observant I guess is a good way to describe it) . But I really think that it stems from her close knit (admittedly strict and sheltered) Mexican parents. She has said that she has a zillion cousins, and that she primarily stayed on her side of town and played with them. I mean, she didn’t even really know how to get to the building we work in! helloooooooooooooooooooo!!!! The building we work in is THEE most recognizable building in Detroit, and the tallest downtown! Come on dawg! It always amazes me when people are so sheltered that they have NO knowledge of VERY common landmarks in a city that they’ve lived in ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL their lives. Anywho, though she’s nice, I just don’t feel a chemistry with her. (which I KNOW my boss is happy about) But I can’t deal with people who are kinda “socially slow”. Now that may sound bad, but if you are one of those people who doesn’t get jokes, has been sheltered and can’t hang with a quick witted person…..chances are, me and you will not be tight. Call it wrong, but that’s just me.

Anyway, on to the post that I have been promising “T” and “Roni”. Roni, you know who you are!! HA HA!!!!

Anyway, Roni invited me to an event that is held every month at a different one of her girlfriends homes every month. Well, this month was at LiLi’s house. LiLi has a bea-u-timous home and since it was Roni’s birthday, I had to oblige, plus I don’t get a chance to get out the dang house without the little one that often and just hang with the girls, so I jumped at the chance! Well, lemme start off by saying LiLi, YO ASS KNOW YOU LIVE FAR AS hell lives from the north pole, right?????

Nevertheless, once I got there it was all good. Everyone brought food (well… I brought somoe dinner rolls, which my ass PROMTPLY forgot about and left in the car in my haste to have a ball!) and the food was delicious! There was pasta salad, wings(honey barbeque and regular), fruit, some type of chicken bake, and cake and of COURSE there were some DRANKS !!!

Now, Roni had said to me “ Pleeze come hang out if you don’t mind hanging around a bunch of 26 year olds”


Can I just tell ya’ll that though that statement was so innocuous coming out of Roni’s mouth, it hit me like Bobby And Whitney hit the pipe! GATDAMN, I AM NEARLY TEN years older than ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THESE folks!

(thinking to self ) “ oooh lawd…..lemme sit down that thought made me weezy……naw freak that, I am as young and vibrant as I was when I WAS 26, probably even more so!!! Hhmmph!” So once I got to the gig it was all about the fun ya’ll, and can I just tell you that this group of ladies is HIL-FUCKING-LARIOUS!!!

Some of the stories that were told that night just cracked me the HELL up! I shall definitely be hanging with them again! They are awesome.

I have decided that I am not going to tell the “greatest story ever told” which is a story from “T”s father….I just simplyty can’t do it justice! The story is about how Jewish people indoctrinate their newborns into the evil of the world….. trust me….it’s hilarious!

So….. I am going to make her a blog so she can tell this story!

Interesting but meaningless tidbits:

Why is it that the muthafucka that I work with who is a representative of the HR dept. sooooooooooooooooo intolerant of gay people. I have heard him on SEVERAL occasions making snide –assed comments regarding gays. I am absolutely appauled by him. He was over in his cube (which is DIRECTLY next to mine) making a shitty comment about the movie “Brokeback Mountain”. As he’s talking to someone in the office, he goes “Yeah….good ole Brokeback Mountain……now THERE’s a real American movie! Yeah, THAT shoulda really won some awards” . Now you may say that that is not that bad, but he has said other things such as “I can’t stand the whole gay movement…’s disgusting……. “. I know that if I were to say something to him, he and I would be in a HEATED argument over this and I swear it would make me really wanna slap the holy-horse-shit outta his ass. So, I just let him go on his IGNORANT ass diatribe and basically plug my ears.

Can I tell ya’ll just how much I need a vacation??? I wake up EVERYDAY with a lackluster feeling about going to work. Maybe I just need to have a “summer vacation” break like when I was a child. I really need a vacation or a get-away. Though it’s hard for me to figure out how I can do this AND make some money! And can ANYONE tell me why the asshole (the one I spoke of directly above) paces the fucking floor alllllllllll day! He walks past my desk to get to the rest of the office and EVERYTIME he passes he looks at my computer. So, alllllllllllll day long I have to keep switching my screen to a “word documnent” or my fuckin’ e-mail cause HIS dry-crusty-ass is alllllllllllways looking to see what he can see! I can’t STAND his stankin white ass! I bet if I were white, his ass wouldn’t be all over my computer! That’s why I swear, I have my computer’s “font size” on the “very small” size! But the thing is, even though it’s small, you can still tell I’m “surfing” if you even glance at my screen cause no work I do is as colorful as blog pages! LOL *serious look** fuck him.

Well, I am writing this between working, so I had betta go and get back to doing the dang thang!

So in the meantime, ya’ll be good


Freaky Deaky said...

Welcome back. They actually make a screen that connects to your monitor and obscures the view to anyone who isn't directly in front of it.

Since Mr. Brokeback sits next to you why don't you record some of the stuff he says. It's always good to have something to hold over his head in the future.

Knockout Zed said...

Too bad Wobbles parents didn't keep her ass sheltered from THE DICK!!! Sneaky-eyed beeyatch.


chele said...

Glad you back. Glad you got out the house and had some fun. The guy at work sounds like a trip. What do you wanna bet that when you're not around he says stuff like, "I can't stand the whole Civil Rights movment" or "F the NAACP". You know he does.

Chubby Chocolate said...

Found my way back to your spot. It's been a good while.
Couldn't read your post. I got distracted by the CAAAAHHHH-YUUUUTE pics of your little man. He's adorable!

Georgiapeach said...

This post was too funny!
Wobbles?..rofl. You got on her
Glad you had fun at Roni's B-day party.
Happy B-day Roni!
You would think that someone in the HR department would be more careful of what they say you know?

Supa said...

I need a vacation too!!! Welcome back. Waiting to read your tag from Zed.....