Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Today’s bit’o corporate bullshit….

Hello kiddies! Well, I’m back for another exciting
rant on


Well, today’s bit’o bull comes from a co-worker of
mine and this is a good one. This woman (a black
woman) told me that this young, attractive white boy
who works for OUR company was recently told that he
was FORBIDDEN to go to lunch with a white girl
who works for the client that we service. WTF???? My first question is why? Did they have any ties professionally ? Did she report to him or vice versa? What caused this mandate?

Before my corporate police readers
come down on me, let me say this: This white boy is
married, is about 24, attractive, etc., and has NO
dealings with this white girl (who doesn’t even reside
on our floor in this building)
professionally. They
have no juris diction over each other, do not report, do not take
orders from nor, AGAIN, do they have ANY professional ties to
each other. So what’s the problem, right?

Well, the big bad “Director of all things we must suck
ass because the CLIENT said so” dictated it. This would be the boy’s director (I say boy because he looks like he’s about 15!).

Apparently the “perception” was that there might have have been some
impropriety going on betwixt them and he is married
(she is unmarried) and that since the “perception”
(there’s that funky ass word again) was that “people”
were talking about them having LUNCH together so often, and
because the CLIENT said
so… must stop

*shaking my head thinking that
I’d probably be fired if that shit had been DEMANDED
of me*

You all have noooooooooooooooooooooo right or dominion
over WHO IN THE FUCK I EAT LUNCH WITH!!!! There is no
“business reason” other than some shitty
ass/half-baked ass “perception” that the two of them
“might be “ fuckin’. And there IS NO conflict of interest just because she works for the client, so that ain't it. And if so, AGAIN….is it the business of my company or hers???? NO ! That is THEIR issue and THEIR problem! I SWEAR white folks get so into what is “perceived” and what they think and in people’s business SO TOUGH, that it just drives me INSANE!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT if they are fucking?!!!! Ain’t that HIS
business and HER business????!! I heard tell that the
girl was very upset when this mandate came down last
week. Now this boy (he really looks like he’s about
15…..for real) works in a sensitive area where MUCH
confidential info. COULD be disseminated if he so
chose. So, maybe that’s why they were all up in arms,

FUCK THAT! If you all can’t PROVE that I have leaked
company secrets, then get the fuck off my back!
I get
an UNPAID 1 hour lunch and I should be able to eat
with WHOMEVER I see fit! FUCK THAT!

Personal Interjection:
Now, for those that don’t know me, this is a sensitive
subject with me because my bitch-ass boss at one point
stopped me & my girl from eating together but her real
reason (see: I’m jealous because you two are close
and have secrets that you DON’T tell me and I’m acting
like a 5-year old who you won’t play with….no for
real….. that was the ONLY reason….. because she wanted
to be “in” our little group and we refused to let the
bitch in….so she got spiteful)
was thinly veiled
within the mighty “BUSINESS NECESITY” line. She had
told us (because we work in the SAME group, that she
“needed to have someone (other than the guy that does
labor because he knows NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hr/benefits
stuff…..I mean NONE) here who can help with benefits
in case I am pulled into a meeting,etc. so you two
need to stagger your lunches” Well, there wasn’t much
we could do to fight that shyt because this bitch is a
MASTER lie-weaver/hide-shit-in-a-corporate-business-reason
mufucka. And if we hadda made a stink about it (i.e.
go to the president because that’s the ONLY place we
can take shit because this hoe IS THE HR VP……he’d have
submitted to her in an “well-that-makes-sense-we-have-to-be-customer-service-oriented” bullshit way, because he’s REDICULOUS when it comes to “the client is always right” type shit…..his ass
shoulda worked for Burger King because when it comes
to the client NOTHING is questioned and they can
basically “have it your way” with us….. I hate that
shit too…which is why unless I was ready to get fired
I would NEVER take ANYTHING to the president……he’s too
unaware/don’t care when it comes to recognizing her
evil ways)

But the real is that this boy was promised a job BEFORE he even graduated college and he had not had ANY (did ya’ll hear me) ANNNNNNNY experience doing what the job required. They liked him though, and that was alls he wrote. He has since got 2 SIGNIFICANT raises in the 2 years that he has been here (outside of the normal “pay raise” time period, mind you….) because he was “learning so well and could be considered to be the same level now as the other two guys he works woth”.

What – the – fuck – ever……. Sell stupid somewhere else, I’m all stocked up. The truth is, that because he’s a white male, he has received truly unjustified (wait….does “because I want to give it to him qualify as justifiable???? Just asking) raises!! Like I said, I really feel that I do NOT need to be in HR because seeing all of this UNFAIR ASS SHIT makes me madder than HELL !!! Had I not seen all that I have seen (especially monetary-wise) I probably wouldn’t have the “life ain;t fair and white folks get over WAAAAY more than blacks thanks to the good ole boys & girls network” attitude. But I do….. Cause I know what I know and I’ve seen what I’ve seen.

But ole boy COULDN’T rock the boat and say shit in opposition to this mandate because he has GOT TA know that he is making az DAYUM good salary for the (lack of) years of experience he has and his new little wifey be done KILT (yes, I did say it) his ass if he comes home talking about I got fired because I stood up to the powers that be because I couldn’t have lunch with my trinket at work…… PUH LEASE ! He ain’t stupid……There is NO Way without a whooooooooooooole lot of looking and patience could he probably #1 find the type of job that he has (because his job is very different and weird) nor could he command this SAME salary elsewhere. He’s only got TWO freakin years into this field and ANYWHERE else would NOT want to pay his ass, so he PROMPTLY shut the fuck up and went on and dealt with that blow. They probably are fuckin or at least enjoy flirtin……nah…..they fuckin! LOL

Anyway, the end all and be all is that I’dda blown up that SPOT cause I work in HR, and there are enough HR jobs out there that they’da HAD to give me a justifiable JOB RELATED reason why I couldn’t have LUNCH with someone.

Eat or Die ya’ll…….


BossMack said...

Tha BossMack couldn't survive in that environment.

chele said...

Ah yes, the joys of corporate america.

So they just have to take that shit? They are having lunch on their own time ... hello? Your company does some really jacked up shit. I guess it's the same all over.

Knockout Zed said...

I was in a similar situation. Daily I had lunch with this chick I actually worked with. She was married, I wasn't. Crackas insisted that something was up, even implied it to me. I was a 23 year old cat, in my first job. I didn't know how to respond, so I let it ride.

Truth is, I wasn't fucking her. She was just a black woman, same age as me. We both felt isolated. If they had taken that little time we got to compare notes away from me, I don't know what I would have done.

Perception is a bitch.


~ Eclectic Soul ~ said...

Ughhhhhhhhh @ that craziness. I hateeeeeeee corporate America, all except for the benefits.

I need your hr expertise on something... I'mma email you this evening. Hope you don't mind. :-)


Chubby Chocolate said...

One of the reasons why I left corporate america. I can't stand it!!!!!! So sorry, Robyn!

It doesn't hurt to act out every now and then so you can take advantage of the mental days.

Hang in there

Insaneblackwoman said...

Affirmative Action... in some sort of weird way?

P. Alonzo Harris Jr. said...

hey ma,

i hope all is has been a long while since i dropped a line on your blog...

hmmm...interesting dealings at your suprised you have shanked someone... lol


Paula D. said...

Dayum, I know I hate corporate america, but this shit would make me insane! Absolutely ridiculous!

2nd Chance said...

SOmeone has to much time to notice who this boy goes to lunch with- don't they have something else to mind their buisness...