Friday, March 24, 2006

Cover thine own asses!

This is save ya OWN Ass Friday!

In the ever continuing corporate bit-o bullshit saga… (dayum, I'm FOREVER having something to complain about when it comes to this job! * sigh *)

Check this out….. This morning, I got an e-mail from a manager at our company saying that he was ready to make a job offer to “this guy”. However, “this guy” had some issues that may prevent him from being hired. Boss-Bitch (I like that phrase) says “Robyn, you need to tell “Manager 1” (who “this guy” would be working for) that I DO NOT agree with this decision to hire him because of __issue#2___. He will need to document the fact that he’s been advised of this in the event that “this guy” messes up. He needs to know that I don not agree with his choice and that it is his choice to hire “this guy”.

Me: O.K. I’ll let him know.

Now he had sent me the message below after Boss-bitch told me to let “Manager 1” know the info. above. And I consequently responded to it, telling him what Boss-Bitch said. I cc’ed Boss Bitch on this e-mail so she could see that I did what she asked me to do. She come’s FLYING wit' her wig all twisted, over to me like 15 minutes later (I’m assuming as soon as she saw the e-mail) bothered by the fact that I told “Manager 1”


Please see the communication below for details:

From: Manager 1 [
Sent: Friday, March 24, 2006 10:42 AM
To: Robyn __________
Subject: “This Guy” Offer

I've talked with “this guy”. I would ask that the offer be for a base
salary of $XX,XXX.00, plus his 10% at risk. He can start as early as
Monday, _________ - so it's just an issue of when we can get the offer to him.

My thanks, Manager 1.

-----Reply Message-----

Hi Manager 1,

Thanks for the quick return. Just to let you know that "Boss Bitch" advised me that she wants it to be said that she does not agree with choosing him due to his issue#2 with the _____. I did show her the e-mail's that he sent to you and that you forwarded to me regarding his __issue #2__and ___issue#1___. "Boss Bitch" indicated that there was not a problem with the ___issue#1___as this would not be a criteria used to disqualify someone, however, due to the fact that this individual has fiduciary responsibilities as a ___________, she is not in agreement with this choice based on the lack of financial responsibility evidenced by the ___issue#2____.

She further indicated that you will need to write a memo to file regarding your decision to hire this individual, stating that you are aware of the past problems he has had regarding his finances and that you are comfortable with hiring him.

Call me with any questions.


So, this bitch is pissed and I’m like ‘WHAT?!!!’ Why in the FUCK are you pissed that I told him exactly what YOUR ass said. She goes “ well, It comes off like I am trying to be Queen Bee (yes, ya’ll…this white woman who has NO knowledge of black shit said it) and I just wanted you to tell him that there may be some issues……….” It was at THAT point that I tuned her out and mumbled an “oh, sorry….. I didn’t want Manager 1 to think that it was MY doing, since I do not have that power, THEREFORE, I DID want to make it clear that it came from you and I told him that you didn’t agree with it….. (thinking, what’s the damn problem BITCH?) If I do what you say, I fuck up,if I DON’T do what you say I am now doing things as you “DIRECTED ME” to do (and yes, she has NO problem coming at me with those exact words). So, I win when I lose and vice versa. It’s always a fuckin no win situation with this stank ass hoe.

I’m goin on Monster right now…..naw, for real this time ya’ll…… it’s always something with her funky micromanaging ass. But guess what…….? I COVERED MY OWN ASS on this one! Cause "Manager 1" woulda come at ME all funky if it hadn’t have been clear that this was not me trying to be Billy-Bad-Ass and make decisions not within my realm of authority (because Boss Bitch gives NO ONE authority, she must have it all), and I was gon’ make DAMN sho he knew it was HER wishes, not mine. Naw... BITCH! You ain't EVEN gon put this on me because you DO run around here and act like "Queen Bee" ain't no damn secret! People pretty much know she's a shitty individual 98.9 percent of the time, the other 1.1% she's trying to be a fake ass and ACT like she "really cares about your well being".

Whatever dude. If you got the balls bitch then OWN UP TO THEM MUGS!!!! You said what you wanted me to tell him, it's not MY job to infer or soften shit. Cause if I did, then you'd have ANUTHA problem that I didn't do "what I directed you to do". NOPE! Your own shittiness got'cha bitch! LOL

It's these small, shitty victories that count ya'll....small shitty victories :-) hee hee!

Moral of the story: Don’t tell me to do something hoe if you don’t want me to do it.

Have a good weekend ya’ll !!!!


Insaneblackwoman said...

"Don't tell me to do something, hoe, if you don't want me to do it..."

Or better yet, hoe...

Be more clear and precise about what you want me to do.

Still even better...

Do your own mofo'ing dirty shit! Don't put me in the middle of your damn decisions.

Robyn said...

@Insane: Amen, amen, AMEN SISTA!!!! Can I get a witness too???! LOL See.....somebody out there feels me in that I have to FIGHT (daily for the most part)not to be STRAIGHT up on an episode of COPS for twistin' her wig back right! ** grrrr**

Insaneblackwoman said...

LOL! "twist her wig back right!"

I love it! I love it! I love it!

Girl, you oughtta just snatch that wig right off her bald head. I bet her ass look like Grace Jones under that thicket of fur she calls a wig... LOL.

I bet she bought that shit at the Bazaar, didn't she?!

Girl, you is CRAZY, mama!

Knockout Zed said...

Why the fuck...? What the fuck...? That bitch got problems. I can't even begin to gauge the depth of her issues.


chele said...

That heffa is crazy. Next time she should send out her own damn e-mails. I cannot stand a micro-manager! Good luck on Monster, girl. Seriously.

Luke Cage said...

Daaaaaag luv. I cosign with miss Chele. That "heffa is Ka-Raay Zeee!" Is that what you have to deal with on the regular? Poor thing. I hope it gets better for a sista before things get worse. I can see you whipping out the vaseline and slicking yourself down ready to rumble!

Robyn said...

@ Luke: * taking off earrings, ans as Beloved used to say....tuckin' the razorblade int he cheek...* I miss you Luke! Where ya been?????!!! :-) And YES, this is the craziness that I deal with more times than NOT. But it's O.K., I know that my day of "give us free" is coming! LOL

@Chele: Ain't she crazy????? All I can do is smdh at her.....

Msnhim said...

WTF!!!! !

She is out of control!

Peace said...

This is hilarious!!! She is one crazy bitch. She probably realized she was wrong later and just never said anything.
Fuck, get a headhunter - they can work good deals for you!

rebelleBAP said...


yo blog is straight funny! sis, don't let those white folk get at you OR this blog:) be good!