Friday, March 17, 2006

Black. White.

O.K., I have been wanting to post about this new DUMB ASS show Black.White. that is on FX. Lawd, ya’ll…. I watched this show and wanted to jump through the screen at these folks.

This was my first time watching it, as I missed the opening show last week. Well, if you haven’t heard of it, this is a reality-t.v. show where one black family (mother, father and son) get make-up put on their entire body so that they appear white and a white family (mother, father, daughter) get made up to look black.

FIRST CRITICISM: If is almost IMPOSSIBLE to make a black person with strong features (see: big ass nose and big lips) look like anything other than a pasty albino looking mufucka and that is EXACTLY what the black woman made up to look white, looks like! She LOOKS like a black woman in white face!!! Take a look at her ass!!!

Come on, and the son and the father ain’t no better! You just cannot make black people with strong features look WHITE! They look like they crawled out of a damn can of pasty-ass Poppin Fresh Biscuits. PUH-LEASE.

Now, the white people look a wee bit more believable as a whole, but that Momma…..she looks a hot-fire-shit mess.

That afro on her ass is ridiculous but she could still pass for black. The father looks a bit suspect to me, but maybe that’s because I am black and if I were to see him I’d look at his ass like “something ain’t right about his ass……” but might now be able to put my finger on it. But that white GIRL. Baaay-bee……. She looks JUST LIKE A BLACK GIRL when they make her up! Do you hear me???? I was watching the show thinking, DAMN!! If I saw her ass in the street I would have noooooooooo idea that she was NOT black!!! Hell I ain’t the only one because she was enrolled in this all-black poetry class and not NARRY a one of them black girls OR boys knew she was white until she told them. I’ll discuss that later……But anyway, because blacks as a whole are mixed with SO many other races, it is NOT uncommon to find a black woman or man with keen features. So , as a whole the White-to-Black transformation was mush more believable.

But let’s get to the meat of my beef with this shit. Why did black momma take the white momma out to buy some “afrocentric” clothes and this white woman (dressed as a black at the time mind you) goes towards the “Dashiki’s” and decides that THAT is what she wants to get to wear to CHURCH (black church ya’ll) and the black momma was going along with her like “well…..yeah, that looks nice……yeah, it’s nice….” , but when they got home and the two families were together the black momma (to be referred to as B.M. her on out) started talking about the white momma’s choice of garb. O.K., first of all, bitch (B.M.) you KNOW ain’t but a DAYUM few black folks wearing Dashiki’s anymore. You shouldn’t haven’t even gone along with that shit if it wasn’t sincere. So, I agree with the White Momma (W.M.) in that she was a bit irritated because the B.M. let her buy it knowing it wasn’t the thing to wear. But here’s the question: Why (W.M.) is it your belief that all black people wear Dashiki’s??? Are you really that in the dark about black people?? Do you now see black people on t.v. (if no where else) in anything BUT a fuckin Dashiki?????

O.K., so they go to church and the White Daddy (W.D.) is just having him self a HELLUVA BALL at it. He’s clapping and smiling and swaying and going on……he’s standing there looking like the fucking cat that ate the canary! Then he comes out his mouth and says “ It’s like a show that they are putting on…..this is fun….” Or something of the like:


WHAT THE FUCK????A SHOW? I was so appalled at his obvious disrespect of the black church and the goings on of a black church! Muthafucka you think that getting the holy ghost is a SHOW?? He is taking NO steps to understand black people. This is just a free pass in my opinion to walk up to another black and go "whus up my NIGGA!" and not get the shit slapped outta him. He shall take NOTHING from this experience.....I can see it. You think that the hymns that are sang are a SHOW? You think that any of this done in the name of the Lord is a SHOW???? I wanted to jump through the gat-damn t.v. a slap the hog-shit outta him!!! He disgusts me! Instead of appreciating the DIFFERENCES of the church that you go to and this black church and trying to UNDERSTAND it, you degrade it and dismiss with as much irreverence as if you’da spit in somebody’s face! He doesn’t want to LEARN anything from being made up to be black! This is just his chance to run the fuck around in black face and “play”. This is like a free pass into a previously restricted world. See the difference is, we (blacks ) already LIVE IN your world (white world that is) and so the only thing that I can see will be gained by the black folks made to be white, will be that they might become privy to more racist talk or actions than they would if they were walking around as a black person. We ALREADY see what it’s like to be white because it is flaunted in our face. Better opportunities, better wages, less discrimination based on external factors (i.e. if a black with a criminal record and a white with a criminal record of the SAME offense went to apply for a job, WHO do ya think would get the job?????yeah….that’s what I said….). And I think that the black family sees that they ain’t gon get much outta this experience too. The one person who I think will learn the most is the White Girl who is made up to be black (W.G.) She was so bothered that she was in “black face” and that the other people in her group didn’t know her “real deal”.

O.K., but why at the beginning of the the show, the W.M. called her self joking around and said “Hey ……BITCH” to the B.M.????????????????????????????


See…that’s why I am NOT on that damn show. I’d snatched her ass outta her clothes so hard and fast and beat her like she stole something that it wouldn’t; EVEN be funny! The W.M. called herself “being socially acceptable”. THIS BITCH REEEEEEEALLY thought that with black women calling each other a bitch was a socially acceptable thing! Oh my God * SMDH * Are you kidding me?? But I guess the proliferation of blacks that call each other bitches and nigga’s in hip-hop and in movies have given white folk just the pass that they need in a situation like THIS to say some shit like that * SMMH* (shaking my mufuckin head).

OOOH……. I could go on but I’m tired of thinking about this stupid show (which I will continue to watch just because it’s addictive if for no other reason than to see what happens) But for those that did see it, what’d you think????


chele said...

FX? Dammit! I've been turning to A&E because that's where I thought the show was. I have heard nothing but comments like yours about the show -- especially about the makeup. I think that is the point ... to show how ignorant White people are regarding Black people.

Freaky Deaky said...

I honestly have no desire to see the show but I love your reactions to it. I agree the black family probably won't learn much. The white family might. Seems to me that whomever came up with the show should have thought the concept through a bit more.

Maybe it's just the picture but the black boy looks white to me. His mom just looks light, bright. Based on the pics both dads look like they belong at a NAMBLA convention.

Knockout Zed said...

I love whitey! I'm glad the show gives black people the chance to be white. I'd jump at that chance!!!


Chubby Chocolate said...

I haven't watched it and I refuse to watch it after one of my colleagues told me that when the white guy was in disguise, he kept using the N word a little too much.

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Hey now! 1st time on your blog.

I caught bits and pieces of that thing. Yeah, BM set WM up to fail, but if BM decided to sucker punch WM in the jaw for the B-word.....welllll then.... she might have deserved it. Not like Pumkin spitting on NY on Flav's show..... but she would've been dealt with. We use "Whatup Trick? Nuttin' Ho" with a SELECT few, and even then, we better have known each other since we were TWO!

I didn't catch WD comments on Church, but juuuuust maybe Big Momma should've just caught the Spirit and started knocking folks over.... including him. Then he could tell if it's real or show.