Friday, August 05, 2005

Blog addiction? & Nosey Mutha's

The husband just sent this to me and I am soooo feeling this cause this is the way I feel about my co-workers and sordid others.....

Some people are like Slinkies...
Not really good for anything,
But they still bring a smile to your face
When you push them down a flight of stairs .

Hot damn I swear that's the way I feel about some folks!

Am I addicted to blogging??? I think I am. I am a serious "work blogger". This is when i have the most time to do it and am most mentally alert. I find blogging such a relaxing and cathartic way to express all of the shit that gets backed up in my mind at one time or another. O.K, my husband says I'm "too addicted" ,but I say just like he has golf, I have blog. I blog therefore I am dammit! *hee hee*

But seriously, I am addicted ya'll. I mean, I work with a bunch of nosey, tattle-tell assholes and unfortunately my computer is turned in a FUCKED up position where the asshole behind can see if EVERYTIME he walks by or if my boss trots her ass over here, SHE can see it to. And they look at my computer screen (and my other black co-worker's screen) EVERY TIME they either pass BY my desk or stop to tell/give me something like there's a gahdamn Gremlin sitting there just begging them to look or like there is ANYTHING on MY computer that THEY need to see!!! DAMMIT, I hate nosey assholes. But I have found that that's how most white folks are. Nosey. But you wanna hear the kicker? THe muthafucka that sits behind me get's up from his desk like 10-15 times an HOUR!!! No FUCK.ING. LIE. And sometimes his ass goes to the bathroom comes back, goes to check the fax machine,comes back, goes up to the front,comes back, will get to the end of our row snap his fingers in an "aww shoot, I forgot something" way,and ....comes back. This muthafucka gets on my nerves SOOOOOO DAMN bad! I mean I wanna tell him to "sit his $5 ass down befo' I make change" ---- a la Nino Brown. But truth is, if me or my girl were to do this.... my boss would be questioning us BAD like we ran off to Jamaica or something!!! He get's such preferntial treatment (in small ways like this) and it's so bad that he's such the "Golden Boy" that take this situation for example..... if we were to be gone from our desks as much as he is, our boss would be looking under plants, in garbage cans, in the bathroom.... Oh wait. She's already DONE THAT SHIT! "Robyn are you in here?" I kid you not. And though it has not been often, the fact that it happened at all is an abomination! (you see why I gotta leave before "going postal" ain't got shit on me???) And all she wanted to tell me was that "Oh, I just wanted to tell you that we received a new worker's comp. booklet and it has all of the new names......". People. I not. THIS BITCH INTERRUPTED MY PERSONAL PEE-TIME TO TELL ME ABOUT A FUCKING WORKER'S COMP. UPDATE !!!!! Ya'll don't feel me.

So, in relation to my blog, I have to be 007 and trigger finger at the same time when I'm doing my work-blog thang. I quickly switch the screen so that when nosey ass people come over, it LOOKS like I'm working. My ears are so attuned to anyone walking up to my desk that I actually "KNOW" how each person in my dept's walk sounds. (I was doing this before I was blogging though). Because there are some things that'cho ass, Ms. Boss-bitch, were not meant to see.

"Why don't you blog at home" you say? In three words, a 13-month old. When I get home it's all about the Zilla -----> and how could I deny this face. Then after he's fed, bathed and put to sleep I begin job #3 (because my husband usually works late, I do the previously detailed part solo most of the time). So then I try to find SOME-thing to cook or my husband will cook or bring something home from take-out. By this's 9:30-10:00p.m. and I feel like I've been LITERALLY picking cotton ALL damn-day long. I ain't got NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO blogging energy. As a matter of fact, I ain't got no energy AT ALL. none. zip. zero.*calling out in to someone in the background* Somebody bring me some Echinacea, pleeease!!!! Soooooooo this brings us back to "why I blog at work"'s damn near the only time (during the week) that I CAN do it!

But blogging is sublime for me...totally sublime, I guess if I can't relax and read a book, I can at least pencil in a lil bit o' time to blog, albeit at work, and relase my inner-self to the outer world!

Enjoy and keep reading!


brooklyn babe said...

I hear U... Get your blog in, where you can fit in. And what better way then on somebody's elses clock. Lol...

Whatever helps keep the sanity, tonight I don't feel like writing, just reading, so vent away Robyn... and for your nuerotic-postal-any-day-now-probably-doing-blow-or-pick-a-habit-any-habit-coworker... let those types be. They need to paste in order to keep the voices inside their head quiet. Or is that the reason they keep getting up?!?!?! lol

Myrah said...

That post was insane! I do feel ya on the work place BS! I've been a stay at home mom for 3 years and about to go back to work! Every thing you said about your co-workers and boss gave me a nervous twitch!! ohhh I don't miss that BS! I had my boss once come in the bathroom looking for me but she was pissed and kicked the door! Now you know I had to flip OVER the desk on her!! anyway you seem to handle it all well and you get to blog while at work which is the outlet you deserve!


Knockout Zed said...

If you paid me, I'd beat up the snitch at your gig and give your boss something to "relax" hehehe.