Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Reality or fiction?

People, I LOVE reality TV..... from Real World to The Biggest Loser to Extreme Home Makeover to College Hill to Run's House to Supernanny to Wife Swap to The Great Race to Being Bobby Brown to I Love NY/Flavor of Love/Charm Schol to Life with the Christies (which I only saw ONE episode because I can't get the damn channel on my cable that it comes on ....grrrrrr)...I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!

I think that it is something about (alot of) us that makes us watch. It's like we are voyeurs into a world which we would never be allowed into otherwise. It gives us a glimpse into people characters and allows us to zone out. It makes celebs more real and lets us know that the things we do are NOT so out there azfter all or that we are waaaaay more grounded than we ever thought! LOL It's fabulous!!! Now... My husband would just say " ain't NONE of just NOSEY!" And maybe I am.... I am a voyeur by nature. I could go to the mall and just sit there (if no one could see me) and look at and critique the folks that walk by. Hell, I KNOW someone is critiqing ME!!! So, why not get my critique on???? LOL

There are some good ones coming out soon and here is one. It'll be on VH1.....I will have to find out when it's gon be on.... I can't wait! LOL



The Goddess said...

Oh MY GOSH! That is going to be SOOO HOT! I'll be watching right along with you.

I don't know what my problem is cause I'm addicted to reality shows too. You didn't mention my favorites, America's top model, Real world Road Rules challenges, Making the Band this past season with the men was GREAT! I can't get the Hubby to watch them with me for nothing. LOL

Luke Cage said...

I've tried so hard to get down with the reality programs, but I just can't do it miss Robyn. I want to be down. At least, the only ones I watch religiously are Run's HOuse, I liked the one about DMC trying to find his bio-momz. Cops and America's Most Wanted are regulars at my house, but aside from them, that's it! But I do agree with you on the voyeuristic nature of the common person. You hit that nail right on the head luv! Hi miss Robyn, how ya been?

Disco said...

@ Frank: HEEEEEEEY luv!!! You've been gone tooo long!! I was wonderin' where you were **looking from side to side** :-) Don;t be a stranger!