Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good Life

I am addicted to Kanye's new song "Good Life" has a sample of Michael Jackson's "Pretty Young Thing" and it is rockin!!! I actually like him anyway, so I figured his new album would be good (let's not talk about the temper tantrum at the awards though.....LOL)

Anyway, as far as the job goes, I woke up with this stress-tension pain going across my shoulder blades. No doubt a result of my inability to not ba a tense person. My husband rubbed my neck some and it feels a little better, but it's still there. I feel like I need some Icy Hot or something! **sigh**

But in light of all that I am complaining about, I think it is fitting to tell you all the things that I DO like:

* Getting up in the a.m. (or p.m. or whenever) and being able to walk, talk, see and hold my little one.

* I am thankful for being "relatively" healthy(need to stillllllllll lose some weight) but I am thakful for my health

* My new car. I REALLY love my new car. Cars are a BIG deal to me because I feel that I want to feel a certain way and have a certain level of comfort when I have to be in this thing EVERY.DAY, twice a day or more. Now.... I will not mortgage my HOUSE to pay for a car, but I want it to be nice and have toys and bells and whistles in it. So, with that said, my new car doesn't have ALL the bells and whistles, btu it has enough and it has plenty! I know lots of people (my mother for one) feel that a car is "a way from A to B" and that is fine. But please do not dog me because I like to do a bit'o "stylin" in my car. I feel like my car NEEDS to be an extension of my taste and self. (i know this is a long explanation on the whole car subject, but I really do love my car and it makes me HAPPY everytime I get into it!)

* My Son.I love to see my son smile and hear him tell me "mommy , I know that because I am a smart kid". I just laugh and PROMPTLY tell him "uh... you aren't THAT smart buddy" **all the wile thinking "yeah, you are a bright kid , but i don't want you to get ANY KIND of big head at the damn age of 3!"LOL.... He has had too many people telling him that and while it is good to think that you are smart and build self-esteem, I also do not want him to EVER be too arrogant! Ya know what I mean??? Anyway.... I was allllll off the topic! LOL

* Good times with Good friends. There is nothing like having a good times and having good laughs! It is essential! **note to self: schedule a date for me, Diva and TS to go out**

* Good Music. Music makes me happy if I love it.... it can be absolutely mood changing. That's why you will find me banging my music in my car OFTEN. I love music!

* Vacations. I (as I am sure everyone does) love the feeling you have when you are on vacation. I, unfortunately, have not HAD one (let me quantify this.... I mean one where you are not visiting parents or in-laws or sitting in your house for a week) in far too long. I need a real week-long, carribean get away. For real. They are great!

* Getting my hair done There is NOTHING like the feeling when I get my hair (and nails for that matter) done. I feel polished and together when they are right :-) I know Diva feels me!

And most of all, I love being happy, just genuainely happy :-)

Later ya'll and may you have a happy wonderful day!!!


The Goddess said...

As much as we complain, WE ALL have so much to be thankful for. It's important to take time out and give thanks. Shoot, I need to do that more often.

Robyn said...

@ Goddess: GIRL! ain't it the truth! And I have been doing a whooooole lotta complaining lately, so I figured I needed to be thankful :-)

Shai said...

I am glad you are finding joy and peace even through the changing winds. I feel ya on the music thing, I was just listening to a Detroit jazz artist Brian O'Neal and I was vibing even though I was riding the ole funky bus. LOL. God is good waiting for us to shut our mouths and bless us.

The Goddess said...

Robyn; me too with my complaining butt. I forgot to mention that the Hubby loves that song by Kanye too. The day he heard it he downloaded on I-tunes. His albums are usually really good so I may have to break down and get it even though his ATTITUDE is getting on my nerves. Kanye acts like a B sometimes. LOL

Diva said...

We all complain about our work life, but thanks be to GOD that we have jobs. I love your list. I feel the same way about my car, my son, good friends, music, vacations and of course I love getting my hair done. Damn did I write this???? LOL.

Robyn said...

@Diva: And THAT is why you are my ACE !!! You coulda written this !!! LOL

@Goddess: Girl, Tell The God that I am with him in musical spirit!! LoL. I love good music!

@Shai: HEEEY Lady!!! How the heck are ya??? And I agree with you.... I need to close my mouth and open my mind more often :-)