Saturday, September 01, 2007

baby love

So, my niece told the family that she is pregnant abotu two weeks ago and I am very happy for her! She is 25, got married last year to the guy she's been "whatevering" with, since she was 14. The family loves him and he really is a great guy! She is a colleg grad and is going back to grad school. Though with this announcement, she may delay going back a lil.

The family got together to celebrate this and her birthday which was Aug. 15. She told me that the pregnancy was planned and I , for one, was shocked ! She and I have alllllways joked around about who "would be next" and I was always like uh.... I have one... YOU are next! And she would be like "naw....I got about 4-5 years...naw....". But look what done happened! LOL She said that she stopped taking her "birth control" and the next month VOILA! She was pregnant!

So, she calles me yesterday and I didn;t get the phone and she then texts me the following:

All I have to say is....not one, but TWO BABIES

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??????????????? this heffa is having twins!!! LOL I was cracking up when I heard THIS!!! WOW! Twins!!!!!! I cannot believe it!!! :-) So ya KNOW the girl is scared! But she will have plenty of help, so she will be aw-ight :-)

We will love them babies and my little one will have two new cousins to play with and spoil.

Good times :-)



The Goddess said...

Hey Robeezy!

DANG! I bet they didn't plan for twins. Geesh! Congrats to the lil cousin. Hope she enjoys her pregnancy. Babies are a blessing no matter how many.

But thank goodness I didn't have twins. LOL.

I know you are going to take some FABULOUS pictures of the babies once they arrive.

Diva said...

WOW two!! That's a blessing, but i am glad that it's her and not me. I thought at first that it would be great to have twins. Then I would be all set. At first it's going to be hard. But they will always have a play mate. So I hope you know that you are going to be asked to assist from time to time.