Tuesday, September 11, 2007


….does my hair grow faster now than when it was long?
….do I feel sad because I don’t know if I will ever have another child?
….does this overweight, black, pregnant chick at work look a HOT ASS MESS annnnnnnnnnnnnd why did I see her the other day with a sleeveless shirt on and she had HAIR UNDER HER ARMS????????????????? This is an educated black woman and she is walking around looking like “boom-shaka” !!!!
….am I gonna tell her she need to CUT that pit-hair the NEXT time she has it exposed!!!!!
….has Boss Diva completely alienated herself from the people under her because she obviously doesn’t know how to handle situations like this?
….do cars seem to go slower, side-by –side when you want to get around them????
….do you become the parent to your parents at a certain point in your life?
….do I have to put perm on my hair (the short faded part)every other week just to keep ME from looking like “bushwick”???? **sigh**
….is unemployment too high here in Michigan??
….couldn’t I have won that $314 MILLLLLLION dollars ??
....are people grudge-holding, spiteful and vengeful ?? One day they will wake up alone and angry at themselves…or just die that way….miserable…..
….didn’t I travel more when I was younger?
….didn't I know THEN what I know NOW (inside joke with DIVA…LOL)
…. Do I have to go to this stupid meeting in an hour and I don’t even KNOW if I am about to be booted from this dept.
….do I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate change?
….people with HORRID breath want to get ALL .IN. YOUR. FACE?????
….at work, do I feel everyone know’s some “secret” that I am not being told nowadays?
….do people like assholes?
….do I wonder what it’s like on the “other side” (i.e. death)?
….does dirt seem to gravitate towards my black car?
….why do I write on this thing cause I swear no one reads it…..


Diva said...

Hey Byna,

It's about time you wrote a post!!! You know what my favorite one is....Why didn't know then what I know now!!!!! I say that to myself all the time. Thanks for giving me a shout out!!! Love you girl and keep your head up!!!

The Goddess said...

How about you just put a razor and some shave gel on her desk. That is just NASTY.

Short hair is so hard to maintain. I love how I look with a short cut, but hate the maintenance. Girl if you are perming the short part of your hair every other week, in a minute you wont have to worry about looking like bushwick, you'll be looking more like Grace Jones. LOL.

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

What I wanna know is why do folks with the stank breath TURN DOWN mints and gum???