Tuesday, October 31, 2006


O.K so does every one have their costumes ready, their candy baskets loaded and ready for the little ghouls and goblins to come by and ring their doorbells?


Why not?

Oh….. O.K…. I see……you don’t do Halloween….. mmm-kay

I guess I just do not agree with those who do not celebrate Halloween because of the reasoning that it used to be a pagan celebration of death or any of the many explanations for how it began.

I am not disagreeing that those things way back in history happened, I am just like “is it that serious now” and is that even what people are REALLY celebrating NOW? I am not celebrating the DEBBIL by dressing my child up in a costume and letting him go to a party and have fun with other children. I am not celebrating the DEBBIL by allowing him to go door to door to get some candy. It simply is another event in the lives of Americans who, for the most part, do not take it THAT seriously.

I just do not see why it’s necessary to have to segregate your children from having this fun and why it is even taken that seriously when if you DO participate in any of the MAIN activities that are taking place (most of which have NOTHING to do with the DEBBIL) you are just basically having a costume party.

I have read alot of information on what Halloween , Hallow’en, All Saints Eve or whatever other name you want to call it , first meant. I just do not choose it to have THAT meaning for my family plain and simple. We do not have evil ceremonies taking place or any other malevolence, so I do not worry about what it meant eons of years ago……..

Halloween is what you make it in my humble opinion, and again…..it’s just my opinion. But I will have my child up in his $50 dolla’ costume and having a ball.



Luke Cage said...

And Good for you. Enjoy yourself. Life is serious enough already. Lets not amp it up another notch right luv? Hey, is that what your little guy is going as..? The Debbil? -lol@ the spelling of that. By the way, after all of that, what is ROBYN going as tonight??? :)

Knockout Zed said...

Who the fuck is fuckin' with you? Do these same muthafuckas investigate with vigor and vim the pagan ties to Christmas? I guess is "nope". Tell them raggedy muthafuckas to get a life and pass me the mini-Snickers!


TooSerious said...

I'm with you!!

Everybody knows that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love it because it is all about having fun. I truly believe that it is what you make it. If you make it an evil holiday then that's what it will be. But if you make it a fun day where you get to get candy and dress up and just have fun...then that's what you get out of it too.

So keep on putting my Snooka in his costumes...just not them $50 ones. :-P

Happy Halloween, y'all!!!!

chele said...

My kids are too old to trick-or-treat ... but I'm giving out candy to the little rugrats ... it is not that serious.

Tired of being broke said...

Halloween is not for everyone. With the diverse cultures here in the states, your going to find not everyone celebrates halloween.

TheGod said...

Fuck all them gotdamn dumb ass Holidays...just telling it like it is. Them joints are for kids...because I know I damn well celebrated them; well not celebrate but got my candy, on Christmas my presents and whatever else was coming to me on a euro created holiday.

Yeah the orgins of things do matter. Would it be ok to celebrate beat a nigga day...even if it had roots back in the 1600's...but because niggas don't get beat today, it is ok to do so. Hell naw...man.

I say create your own holidays and let your kids interact with other kids and have fun. We don't celebrate Christmas over here...I refuse to tell my children a white man is the cause of your great Christmas...I don't do Kwanza either. We celebrate childrens day! The holiday is shaped around us, our culture and with meanings kids can grasp their minds around.

Peace Out Rob-Bee-Zee...It all comes down to doing what is right for you and fuck the rest as long as it don't hurt others in the process.

Aziza said...

I too love Halloween without those who oppose it judging us. I love to see the kiddies dressed up in their costumes. And my sweet tooth loves the candy.

a.Marie said...

Halloween snuck up on my this year.

I had one Twix on the counter and some twins knocked on the door....I gave it to them and told them to split it.