Wednesday, October 18, 2006

S.I.L. #2


Now, what you are about to read is my BEST, SWEETEST, BOWING DOWN TO-KEEP-THA-FUCKIN-PEACE LETTER EVER SENT BY ME. This is not normal..... I feel bad for the girl.

So she sends me a text this morning which says: "So have you heard the latest?"{Me thinking: Ohhhh, it's on and poppin NAH!!!!!} and below is my response to her text message.

I ain't even got no words for this so I'm just gon let it roll as is. You all make ya comments! I am LITERALLY LMBAO at this shit.

IF you missed S.I.L. #1, click HERE

Carry on!!


From: {Robyn}
To: {}
Subject: Party
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 11:22:00 -0400

Hey Ann!

I got your text this morning! And yes, I have heard the latest about going to L.V., and actually I think that it’s a GREAT idea! Jane ( my m.i.l.) said that Jay has never been, I know I’ve never been (my hubby has) and it something different! I am not a gambler, but I have heard from others that there are sooooooooo many things to do out there that you do NOT have to be a gambler to have a blast! I know that you really wanted to have a surprise b-day party and maybe we can have a “surprise” type of event out there! Like , maybe we don’t have to tell him that ALL the people are coming and have them showing up be a good surprise! (just a thought)

This personally would be good as well for us, because one thing that (my husband) brought up is that because we would be the ONLY ones who have to travel to GET to Atlanta, we would not be able to contribute anything towards a party. Our plane fare for me , him and Dylan ALONE is moving along the lines of $850-950 range. We simply don’t have money like that! LOL (that’s actually why we’re not traveling ANYWHERE this holiday season….. it’s just too expensive.) So, unfortunately, if the party stays in Atlanta, (my hubby) said that it would have to be good enough that we were able to come simply because of the money that is being expended and the money that would need to be spent once we get down there.

Flights to L.V. on the other hand tend to be VERY cheap and if me, you, Jay, my hubby and the kids got a suite, the “smokers” could have a suite and we could all have a great time.

Also, (my hubby) didn’t really think that Jay would really enjoy the D& B that much for his birthday. But this is YOUR husband, not his, so if you feel really strongly about it, you should plan your party accordingly if you know that he will like it better. I told him you said you thought he would, but he thought that he would like a nice dinner with family/friends, etc. better just because D & B is so informal and more for a younger person to celebrate a birthday.

But gimme your thoughts and hopefully we can all have a blast next year!



(that was the BEST I could do ya'll to be as NICE as I could.....)


From: Ann {}
Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 4:08 PM
To: Robyn(00900)
Subject: RE: Party

Jay would love D & B for his birthday because he loves going and has told me it would be a great place for a party. I think Las Vegas is a great idea to but the reason I am pissed off is because I'm the last to hear about this and I'm over here planning this big ass surprise party because Jay said that he never had one beofre and nobody has even bothered to ask me my opinion on the man that I have been married to for the last 11 years. Everyone knew that I wanted to plan a surprise so I think that I should have been notified before Jay therefore I could decied what aspect to keep a suprise. Because he is my husband. And I know for a fact that Las Vegas is not the most exciting place to take Jay because he told me last night that "It's not something he's ever really wanted to do, but it could be fun." I think my personal touch surprise party that I had planned for my husband would more suit him but what do I know. And since I would need help paying for this anyway, it appears that my paln is no longer an option so Las Vegas it is. I'm sure we will have fun. Don't get me wrong, I do think Las Vegas would be great. It's some place I have always wanted to go but I think it should have come through me since evrybody knew that I wanted to plan a special surprise for my husband.



I wanna go off on her so bad, but this is SO. FUCKING . COMICAL because it's so fucking UNBELIEVEABLE, I can't even BREATHE!!!!!



Knockout Zed said...

Is she mentally incapacitated? Is she? "I wanted to do my thing and beg for loot, but now that's out of the picture, so I'll whine about it"? NUTZ.


chele said...

Your girl is ... special. I still don't understand how you plan a party that you can't afford to pay for. What is that??

The Goddess said...

I agree with Zed. There HAS to be something wrong with her. She's over there talking about no one asking her opinion, while she is being inconsiderate to everyone else making plans for YALL (which is gonna cost you $$ to even attend)and expecting others to kick in financially for something she calls HERSELF planning. What kind of BS is she on. She MUST be smokin something! I would tell her tacky butt off.

Robyn said...

@KZ: She is a big ass baby! And I think that she was raised and spoiled by her parents (just giving a reason, not a justification....). And like I said, she is a trip, though there are parts of her that are sooooo very nice.

@Chele: Maybe two personalities? I don't understand WHAT her deal is, but I know that if this doesn't get resolved she is going to be all PISSED OFF and ANGRY NEXT year (yes, she WILL hold a grudge like that.....). I'll have to post the story about how she reacted to me & my husband not coming to visit her and my b.i.l. and they live out in WEST HELL......

yeah..... o.k.....that'll be next time I post...

@Goddess: Girl! The ONNNNNLY reason I have not gone APESHIT is because I do not want to have bad relations over something that is TRULY so small. Then it would be stressful being around her, I would dread the attitudes and the looks (if I really said what I.WANTED.TO....this chic would HATE me......for real because she is SO myopic in her thinking!). So, since I really (thank God ) do NOT have to deal with her that often, I try to keep peace, while trying to get a point across too.... But I FEEL YOU! And I WANNA tell her ALL.ABOUT.HER.STANKIN.ASS.

Oh, and the kicker is when I sent her a response to what I have posted that she said, she simply said :

"The surprise is over. So now nothing is planned. Just stick with Las Vegas since that is what works better for everyone else."

She is such a big baby!

Luke Cage said...

Robyn baby.. have a heart huh? (smile) She's not operating on all cylinders. We all have "one" of those in our immediate and family circles. She's your "one"... lol

Tired of being broke said...

Your M.I.L is gangster. I like the vegas idea. Let your S.I.L pay her own way. How do you plan a party and not have funds.
Guess she is just pissed cuz she is not spear heading everything.

The_Hustleman AKA James W. Dennis said...

Peace Mz Robyn. Wow your M.I.L knows how to handle bizness! Shoot I'm all excited now and I hope you'll have a great time. Vegas is what's up. I just hope your S.I.L's attitude while you all are there doesn't bring any negative tension to the atmosphere. Then again, if your M.I.L is going, it shouldn't be a problem LMAO! Later sista

1969 said...

Okay...I am still laughing at throwing a 40th birthday party at Dave and Busters. LOL.....whew...and for a grown ass man? Oh Lawd...whew. Yup, she's special.

Vegas sounds like the plan. Since it sounds like you guys will be funding this party anyway (smile) you may as well go somewhere fun.

Robyn said...

@1969: girl..... are you FEELING ME????? And I haven't even put up the latest drama that she sent via my e-mail.....suffice it to say her ass MAY be getting cussed O.U.T..

And Like I said, if MY husband did THAT CRAP for me, we'd have SERIOUS problems and I am being verrrrry nice when I say that. D & B for a grown up????? If that's their steez though... (cause she HAS SWORN in subsequent e-mails that he LIKED the idea......) then, so be it..... I just don't flow like that. To each his own I suppose.

@Shai:Vegas sounds good tome too! I have never been and I am excited and plan on IGNORING he if she chooses to be shitty.

@TBB: Girl! My M.I.L. will curse a mothafuck out in a HEARTBEAT. For real, so if you ain't bring the heat wit'cha, best NOT to step in her kitchen...or be prepared to get burnt the FUCK UP! She take NO shit from NOBODY.....oooh the stories I could tell, but my husband prolly would be very upset with me if I did! LOL

@Frank: Hey honey! Umm......lookie here.... special-ness by virtue of a loose cog doth not an exception make! I'm LETTING HER HAVE IT when next we talk, I have been nice and sweet long enough and the last e-mail I got (which I chose not to post) was a bit inappropriate and evil (towards ME!!!!). It's on.....

I am SURE I will update :-)

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

What IIIII wanna know is.... did she share this same "nobody notified me" sentiment with Jane? I seriously...SERIOUSLY doubt it. Please tell us if she does. Please??? I'm just DYIN' to know what happens (to her).

I think I like this Jane lady.