Sunday, July 17, 2005

let them eat cake! Posted by Picasa

Well, this was the outcome of Dylan's 1st birthday party....cake EVERYWHERE! On himself, on Mommy.....But I guess that's to be expected huh? The day was complete success though it was hot than a sumamabitch on that day. I planned an outdoor event and hadn't expected to be sitting next to the devil AND his children on that day. It was 93 (with a heat index of 102)degrees with 100% humidity and NOOOOOOOOOOO , I repeat NOOOOOOOOOOOOO wind in site!! I was BAKING!! I was sweaty, felt like a soggy piece of playdough and had just gotten my hair done the night before, so ya KNOW a sista was on slight irritation mode. I hadn't even planned on wearing the ensem that you see above, but because guests started arriving waaaaaaaaaaaay before I THOUGHT they would (I was counting on the ole "CP" time) and negroes had the NERVE to be ON TIME!! Which left me, my mother,husband and mother-in-law SCRAMBLING like a muthafucka trying to get shit right! And need I remind ya'll that it felt like my body temperature was on 690 bake the ENTIRE day???? I'm surprised I even had a curl in the picture above!!!

But all in all, we ate, drank and opened gifts. Great time with family & friends. The only really bad part about the wholllle day was my friends BAD AS FUCK kids. Lemme repeat BAD FUCKING ASS KIDS!!!!!DAYUM, I'm really sorry that I had to call it out like this, but the truth is, this has got TO BE my area to vent, because she IS a dear friend and if I told her how I felt like I am about to write the details of what happened, she'd probably NEVER speak to me real. She is definitely one of them folks that "can't handle the truth".

So, what happened you ask? Oh my goodness...where to begin. *CENSORED*Some people just don't get it......Nuff said.

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