Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sick to death

Well, I am sick and mad. Why am I mad? Not JUST because I'm sick, but because this asshole that sits near me at work gave it to me!! I hate people that have elem-teen sick days and WON'T take them.....noooooooo......they'd rather come to work and IN-DAMN-FECT the rest of us!!! In fact, the onnnnnnly reason I am here today is because I have exhausted my sick days (we only get 6 a year) due to my colds and my son's frequent illnesses since the 1st of the year. And we allllllllll know that summer colds are rare. Me having a cold is NOT a good thing for several reasons: 1. My son (who's 1st birthday was yesterday) has been "germ"free for 2 months (quite a feat, seeing as though he was a germ MAGNET for the first 10 months of his life....I'm talking constant runny nose and seemed like he had a cold every 2-3 weeks!) So this was a feat to keep him well. Well.....because Mommy is sick and he loooooves nothing better than climbing the 'leaning tower of mama'....he's now seeming sick). Normally this would be no big, big deal, but this brings me to the 2nd reason this is not good 2.we are having a 1st birthday party for him on Saturday, with all of his family and some of our friends. Bummer! I just took some medicine that DOESN'T seem to be working! I don't have time for this people! LOL

But, hopefully, by Saturday we will all be well :-) Wish me luck.

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