Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Let's start this on a serious note.....

Here's a little something I was reading on subtle racism. I am convinced that racism will forever and always be a problem. Though the shapes, forms and ways that this is expressed may vary over time, it is still just as insidious and as it ever was. There are alot of "white" people who believe that "racsim" does not exist as it once did. To them, I say "talk to ALL of my black friends and ask them if they think that to be the case?" I live in a great neighborhood, have very upwardly mobile black friends, who speak with the diction of a t.v. anchorperson, who are in wonderful professions that run the gamut, and yet, they are STILL faced with the specter of racism. I was reading someone's blog that commented on the SHEER irritation they felt when a white person tries to talk all cool and "hip" and throws in slang to try to converse with the black person. I too have experienced that crap and when it has happened it sounds just as erroneously dropped into your conversation as if a 2 year old said "mommie, you're a BITCH" !! I mean, it rakes on my nerves like NOTHING ELSE! And call me wrong, but in those instances, I find myself unable to speak, because there is nothing I can think of to say that would not come off as extremely pissed off and the white person would inevitably be left standing there looking like "what?......what did I say?" , I'd be called into my bosses office and because I'm in HR, I'd be reprimanded, INSTEAD of them looking at the issue at hand, the equally offensive(at least to me)behavior that the white person displayed !!!

So, read this and tell me if you agree! I welcome all posts!

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