Friday, February 08, 2008

Blessings come down when prayers go up!

Sooooo… dreams really do come true!!!

I could pretty much CANCEL my last post because my girl TooSerious called our old hair stylist to find that she is RETURNING TO DOING HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo excited that I can’t even SPEAK!!!!

She said when she called our old stylist that she said that she was coming back to part-time (which was what she was doing anyway) and that she will be coming back in a month or so!

I cannot even TELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ya’ll how geeked I am!!!!! I am just waiting to hear it from her own mouth too (I have already left a voice message for her )!! LOL

But I am taking this as the gospel and solidifying my SPOT already! 5:30 baby!!! Every Friday!


And I will leave you with this: ……..God does answer prayers :-)


Shai said...

Ok, Robyn why did you post have me call my braider one last time. LOL. Come to find out she was out of town. She is from Nigeria and her son lives there. Whew! That is so good. LOL.

Disco said...

@Shai: SEE girl!! Both our prayers were answered!!! :-)

Diva said...

Thank you Jesus!!! I am so happy that Ms. T is coming back.