Wednesday, February 27, 2008

School days

So, I am thinking about going back to school ya'll... I have thought about this on and off for a while now. WHen I graduated from undergrad, I was so happy to be DONE with school that I damn near ran out of my last final screaming and tearing off my clothes! LOL I didn't want to see a homework list/group meeting request/textbook for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time. For real. I mean come on.... 20 years (minus the 3 years of my infancy) is a LONNNNNG time to be in school....I was ready....stick my ass with a fork, I was DO.NE!

Needless to say I am not one that just lovvvvvvvves to study and do work...and my gpa reflected that mess too. Though I have always known the benefit and importance of education, I have never been the most er...uh...studious. I know that I must bring the thunder in grad school though. There IS no place for slacking, half-assing and bullshitting....which was a big part of my PREVIOUS ways.

Life has taught me much and one of those things is that (through other people's stories too) is that you MUST get at least a 3.0 in grad school. That scares me. Why? Because I was never MADE to get all A's mother has a master's degree, but she was never ON ME-ON ME or SUPER-PISSED-I'mma-take-everything-away-from-you type of mad when i brought home a C. I do not blame her, but I was lazy and her not jumping all over me combined with that was not a good combination.

I have no time to be lazy now. I have too much to juggle now. Family, child and work. I must be diligent and organized with my studying,et al. I am looking forward to going back though I know it will be alot of work. Someone once told me that "what is the difference between now and 3 years from now?" The answer? If you start going to school TODAY, you will have your degree. In the other scenario, if you do not start school, you won''ll; be at exactly the same point you were at 3 years prior. I have known this for awhile and just have never "done it". But there have been a multitude of factors that caused that too. today's competitive market, I am finding that even with a MASTER's sometines it is STILL rediculously hard (especially in the most miserable city in america which has the 2nd HIGHEST unemployment rate) to find a job that 11-teen-hun'ned people aren't also vieing for. So...not only will an additional degree increase my KNOWLEDGE, but hopefully it will help me with the motivation for this whole thing...MORE MONEY PEOPLE!!!!!!! LOL

The other thing that motivated me this week was that in my department, I watched as a 27-year old administrative assitant (white of course) in another city was put into the position that I hold, given a $9,000 increase and is only $2,000 LESS than me in Salary..... why am I so mad about this??? Because she has not ONE.FUCKING.STITCH of Human Resources experience!!!!! This bitch works with the team that she will be responsible for supporting currently and this is how they "excused" the teensy-little-elephant-in-the-room called this BITCH HAS NO EXPERIENCE DOING WHAT THE FUCK WE DO! ANd I am supposed to sit here like the damn Chesshire Cat and smile at this shit right???? HELL NO! That is some bullshit! This bitch was previously an admin and a campaign helper (per her resume) and she is doing what me, who has 11 years of experience in MANY areas of HR (including 7 in management) and will be making a measly $2k LESS THAN ME?????? Fuck that! I need to diversify and edify myself. I gotta get the FUCK out of here! This is the very shit that makes people feel unappreciated and not like doing ONE.DAMN.THING.EXTRA for a company!!!! I will NOT be going above and beyond for these assholes! NOPE! This grand announcement was made a couple weeks ago and I am STILL pissed about it! Can't you tell?

So I need to get on the ball because these "others" are winning at MY game and I need to even (even a little) the playing field!

Game on!

I applied to one place today and I am meeting with another advisor in a week or so.... keep ya finda's crossed!!!


Shai said...

I feel for ya. I was just talking with a friend about going back to school. I don't want to spend thousands only to not find a good paying job.

LOL. I thought I was the only one running from my last final. Graduation was the same day as my last final. We had to email our final to our instructor. I hit the send button. Ran out the lab and got me a drink. My mind said NO more school. LOL.

Divatude said...

Disco Diva,
I am so happy that you have decided to go back to school. I think you need something positive in your life right now. I want you to know that grad school is not joke. You will need to be patient, diligent, and focused to do what needs to be done to complete your degree. The laziness has got to go away. But all in all, I'm happy for you and I think you're making a good choice.

The job thing, you know that TW is going to do what they want to do for the people that they like. That's a damn shame that an admin with no HR experience should be able to do the job that you have been doing with the pay that she is recieving. That's BS. So I hope the decision from your company will make you feel strongly about going back to school and finding another job. ASSholes!!!

Nexgrl said...

I must tell you from experience that returning to school in your 30's is quite different. You will be focused on that goal. You will notice that you may not even have to struggle with maintaining a tight schedule. Good luck!

Mr.Slish said...

Whew!! Back to school..NEVER I SAY NEVAAAAH!!!lol Good Luck disco I'm sure you'll do well

Anonymous said...

at first i thought you were talking about my undergrad years, our stories are so similar, grad school is a whole different ball of wax. don't be shocked if you find yourself earning a 4.0, thats right all A's. why? because almost all of the courses that you take will be more of what you WANT to do, not just because they're on your curriculum sheet. and you won't let the ones you don't like jack up your GPA, lol!Good Luck!