Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a Blast!/Jobs

In Detroit, we have this now yearly event called the
"Winter Blast" where there is Ice Skating, a giant Snow slide and all kinds of family events. So... we go to the Winter Blast and this lil boy wanted (of all things) a snow cone! LOL

He also wanted Mommmy to eat it with him.

Anyway, we went to the winted blast on Sat. and it was COLD as hell AND raining (you know black women don't fuck wit the rain right????) and I had to wear a hat earlier in the day when it was raining that was making me sweat out my ***JUST-DONE-THE-DAY-BEFORE*** hair) grrrr.......

So, why was my child HELL bent on "ice skating" and got on the ice and IMMEDIATELY fell?! He was like " I'm ain't going back" LOL Well, here is the issue.. neither Mommy NOR Daddy can Ice skate, so that was the END of our adventures in Ice Skating! LOL We'llhave to do better next year.

So, on to the Ice Slide... Mommy took pictures and daddy and the boy went on that too!

And then we had to be made into Spiderman.......

After that it was a wrap! Time for all to go home a relax a bit since we'd been in the COLD for 4 hours by this point! LOL

Fun times with the family! :-)

Job Update

So you know I am still looking for another job. How about I went to an interview for a Dir. of Admissions for a computer training group in the city where I live(so convenient!) and this muthafucka said " the hours of work are 10-8pm Mon through Thurs. (his ass coulda stopped RIGHT.THERE) and 10-4 on Friday with every other saturday for 4 hours. WTF????????? And these idiot's are not paying a great base and of COURSE there is a "sales" component to it..... I zoned completely out of the rest of the FIFTEEN MINUTE (that's how long everyone's preliminary interviews were) after he satarted talking that mess about a 10-8pm schedule! even if I WANTED to, I couldn't do that shit! I wanted to slap the man and tell him WHY IN THE HELL didn't you put this ish on the website so that people wouldn't even WASTE their time interviewing when the damn hours of the job are so out of the norm???? They are stupid!

So..... the search continues.....


The Goddess said...

"Spider man spider man, does what ever a spider can....."

Ok I couldn't resist that. He looks so cute and girl if your baby aint your twin. GOODNESS!!!! It looks like yall had such a blast.

Sorry to hear about the interview. I would have probably walked out right after dude mentioned the hours. I would have been so mad wasting my time.

Melonie said...

Awww!! That looks fun!! Your baby is adorable!

Oh yeah...that job sounds like it has HIGH turnover.

Diva said...

My Dylmonkey is just a cutie pie!! I just love him.....