Monday, January 28, 2008

Picture day!

So I attended my first wedding as a "photographic assistant", and boy can I tell ya! Photographers work their BUTTS off (well the good ones do). I mean the two guys that I was shadowing take between 2,500 and 3,000 pictures between the two of them! WOW! I mean, they take alot of pictures and then edit quite a few of them

The only bad part of this day was that I had to "ask on the fly" when they could sneak in a second or 10...literally! But I was able to get a better idea of what they do. That is a good thing :-) So, this is the first step. Next comes me getting serious about learning the "photoshop tutorials" that I have had for LITERLLY a year or so and then going to my mentors house and watching him and sitting with him as he edits some pictures ! YEA!!!

So... I finally got my computer after much drama.... Where to begin..... I had the perrrfect monitor picked out (that was not coming from Dell) and it was at Best Buy. So, I go online 3 days before I was goign to get it and it waxs available in 4 locations. I go in the DAY before I was to get the computer and the monitor was not available in not ONE STORE in the Detroit Metropolitan area! Can you say pissed? Because THAT meant I would have to ORDER it and WAIT for it.

**sidenote** when it comes to getting something that I reeeeally am looking forward to, there had better not be ONE thing standing in my way or I will be all jacked up!

So... I order it and THANKFULLY it came the day BEFORE the computer. On to the computer...FedEx SUCKS! I fought with THESE muthascratchers because since I was not at home for the 1st attempt (when we waited alllllllllllllll day on Satruday until 4:00 and their asses came at 5:30!!!!!!) I wanted the package to be held. Now.... there is a Fed Ex Express location that is 2 miles from my house. No prob, so I call the Fed Ex number and they tell me that it CANNOT be held there because the Fed Ex EXPRESS is as different from the Fed Ex **Home Delivery** system as DHL is from UPS. WTF?????? Soooo... this meant that they told me that i had to go 15 miles from my house (inconveniencing me, though I PAID for delivery of this item AND there is Some type-a Fed Ex location RIGHT aroudn the corner!!!!) to a WAREHOUSE location and that I had to go during their "pick up hours"!!! WTF???? am I the customer or a delivery person???????????????

Anyway... I got my lovely computer and went to go load stuff on it. Now, I don;t know if you all have heard but there are MANNNY problems with the New Microsoft Vista. **raising hand** I have one ALREADY! I believe that I have narrowed it down (via going on chat forums,etc) to the fact that when I loaded my MICROSOFT Zune software on, it is CLASHING with something in this damn computer and is causing my system to NOT be able to go into "sleep" or "hibernate" mode (you know how your screen will go blan eventually when you haven't used it in ahile??? Well, at this point mine won;t do that. I do NOT want to DELETE my Zune software because I NEED IT to be able to use my Zune and get monthly updates that allow me to listen to my music at ALL on my Zune!

***SIGH*** I am frustrated already.So, I have just been turning my monitor off when I am done until I can get up the energy to seek out a solution.

But riddle me this.... WHY IN THE HELL is MICROSOFT Zune software incompatible with MICROSOFT Vista?????? I swear if I could SLAP Bill Gates for THIS screw-up I would! GRRRR........

Anyway.... other than THAT, the computer's speed is PHENOMENAL!!! I am sooooo impressed with it! I LOVE IT!!!! I got my heater (check!) so that I am not so cold in the basement, I have my cable hooked back up to the tv (check!) so that I can watch at least the basic cable stations, I have most of my software loaded back onto the computer (check!)and I have my desk set up (check!)

I am ready to go!

Me and my girl Diva have long lamented the exodus of our beloved hairstylist to the realm of "stay-at-home-mommyhood". Well, I swear Friday reached an all-time frustration. I was soooo "calmly-frustrated" and by that I mean...ahve you ever been sooooooo upset about something that you simply have no energy or recourse other than to "be still" and calm? Well, that is how I was on Friday.

I still have not found (after 7 months of trying **new stylists***) someone who #1. I can get a standing appointment with for a time when I can come on a Thursday or a Friday. So, I still alternate every other week with a different stylist.

Well, my FAVORITE of the two and I have had our differences , namely that she REFUSED to give me some color! So, I went and got it from another (actually a 3rd) stylist. There is NO reason that shd should not have given me color and to me, she is one of those "don;t tell me how to do hair because I HAVE the cosmetology license" kinda people. **sigh**. Let's top this off with the fact that she is sloooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Why did I call on Friday to get an early appt and she told me I could come at 4:00pm. Cool! that means I will be getting out earlier, right?! So I go to the shop. Why was there a client who APPARENTLY had JUST SAT down in her chair 1 minute BEFORE I got there(why would you tell me to come at the SAME time as someone else????????). I sat there for a SOLID hour before my head was even TOUCHED whiel she permed and put a color rinse in rhis chick's hair AND blow dryed it (she does not have an assistant)! I was pissed! I ended up being there for 3 1/2 hours and there was only ONE PERSON IN FRONT OF ME!!!!!!!! I was so angry.

I told her about herself too when she FINALLY took me in the back to wash me. I said (in a joking way) "Girl you coulda just told me to come at 5:00!!! If I had have known I was gonan have to wait!!!!". She said "I was JUST abotu to apologize for that". (there was another stylist who's station is right next to my stylists back there at the time) and so my stylist says (to the other stylist, but halfway to me) " our clients just be dogggggin' us... we don;t want them to be sitting here all's not intentional.... April did you see how Robyn just "went off" on me..... I'm sensitive". And I believe she is serious! But I have NO TIME for your "sensitivities" when I am paying you MY HARD EARNED cash! And then she had the NERVE to "jokingly" say "wellllll.... I COULDA just had you come atc'ho REGULAR time (5:30)!!!" WTF????? I was taken aback!!! I said back " Yup! You sho'll could have and I coulda been CHILLIN at my damn HOUSE instead of SIT.TING up in HERE for no reason!" Bitch don't get smart with me (even though it was said in a nice-nasty way)!!!!!! You will get gone off on FOR REAL!!!!

I have stayed with her this long because she IS good and she does take alot of CARE with my hair and she is 4 miles from my house! The other chick I like (stylist #2) is allllllllllllllll the way downtown (i.e. a 25 mile drive from my house)so I therefore found stylist #3 (who put my color in and is 2 miles from my house, but she is slow too). I just can't get it together man......

I am still upset even now to be honest because my time is precious and as my husband indicated "this should be your time to relax but you are so frustrated that you don't even ENJOY the service you are getting". He is right, but what can I do about it? Nothing but try to find someone else....for the 90th time.....that soooo does not interest me because I have TRIED tooooo many people and paid money for bullshit. So I am just all jacked up in terms of what to do abotu this salon-situation. I have uber short hair so I CANNOT just "go without" getting my wig done, nor can I "just wrap my mind around" the fact that I will "just have to wait". It's just Pure-D frustrating! And I feel like she (this particular stylist) has me by the jugular...... i think i may start looking again.


Diva said...

Let just said that I am so frustrated with finding a good hair stylist. I miss my girl doing my hair and knowing everyone that comes in the salon. This shit is for the birds. Grant it, the girl that does my hair does an OK job, but it ain't like my girl. I just don't know what to do!!! How does the old saying go..."You don't know what you had until it's gone", well I know what I had, I just wish she would come on back and do some hair!!!

Nexgrl said...

I have always had a love/hate relationship with stylist. I finally stopped getting a perm 2 1/2 years ago. For the most part, I do my own hair. When I finally decided that I needed a colorist, I asked my esthetician. Have you tried asking someone whose hair you think looks nice consistently, who their stylist is?

Disco said...

Hey Nex: Girl.... can I just TELL ya the pain that I feel! LOL When my stylist quit (who was also my girl Diva's stylist that she is talking abous above as she has short hair too), I would ask EVERY.SINGLE person who's hair was the way mine was that looked like I want mine to look. Diva's hairstylist just did NOT do MY hair nicely and she can get her moods too and is SLOWWWWWW as molasses too. (sorry Diva, but it's the truth! LOL) I have been to 7 different people and have kept 3. I have one more person that I have gotten mixed reviews on and may try, and I WISH I could do my short hair myself... but I just can't. When my hair was long, I hardly EVER went to the shop (as in every 3 months or so). I did my OWN perms and didn;t have color or even if I needed streaks (which was the extenet of my color at the time) I would only go every so often cause I did it MYSELF at home! LOL I have gotten soooo tired of asking people and this one lady who's hair was GORGEOUS was like "my stylist isn't taking new clients". Whether that's true or not....we'll never know. I have also been give at LEAST 4 names of people who are just TOO far for me to travel to so there goes that. I guess I will have to TRY to wrap my mind around the fact that this person is just SLOW as hell until I get up the gumption to start asking again and try someone new.....

Shai said...

Robyn, I feel you on how you girl's stylist does the bomb for her and not so great for you. I used to go to my friend's stylist and one day I watched her take her type and made her hair look gorgeous. I come behind her, she did my hair and it looked like shit. I went home and styled the right way. LOL. I liked her at first then she slacked on me, was not helpful with my questions, and scheduled 9, 10 million folks. When my hair fell out because she left a perm on too long, I left her. I mean she would have like 5 heads in various states with several folks waiting.

I have not had a perm since 2004 and I mainly wear wigs now. I had a nice braider but now her phone number is off. So I may do a drive by since she worked out of her apartment.

My hair needs cares not just styling and that is VERY hard to find. So until I find new ways to do my hair or find a good stylist, I will stick with wigs and whatnot.