Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another one bites the dust

I have never had a computer die on me, but the one I had for 3 years did about 2 weeks ago ***big dramatic sigh***. And with it died my ability to retrieve a wholllllllllle buncha pictures. That is all I am really concerned about are my pictures. I had put quite a bit onto CD, like the ones that I have taken for people, but as for my personal ones, well....most of those were on my hardrive!

Oh, whoa is me! whoa is ME! I know I shoulda known better and I did, but there seemed to always be something more urgent than for me to spend the $130 to get aback up drive. I had a lower end laptop and I probably should have known better. Afterthoughts are just that though....after. thoughts. DAMN!!

So, I went into immediate "look for a new computer mode". Do I have the money to get one right now? No. But can I do without one, especially seeing as though I have some pics that I took of this family oh, let's say 2 1/2 WEEKS ago at this point that I need to edit and get back to them???!!! HELL NO!!!I also have half been waiting on this (hee hee). You see, my husband is of the "we are broke as hell and it doesn't make sense to spend money on shit when we do not have to". While I understand this philosophy, I am a spender by nature, so I like to "make it happen, cap'n". This is a fundamental difference in the way we look at money: He's a saver and could care LESS about a damn electronic ANYTHING and I am a spender and if I were "allowed to" would have THE newest, most updated electronic WHATEVER at least once a year! I just love the stuff **shrug**. So, though I am MOST upset that I may not be able to get my pictures off ( I had pics that I had never printed out of my son when he was a baby,etc) I am OVERJOYED that I get to get a new computer.

So, we (of course) are arguing over how much this computer is going to cost. My thing: I am doing photography. I neeeeed a fast processor because that was one of my MAIN gripes with that old one! It was a slowwwwwwwwwwww as molasses processor! It sometimes I would be trying to open folders from my SD card that had large file sizes I swear I could cook dinner, go to the mall and have a pedicure in the timie it took for that mug to just open up a folder in thumbnail size on the SD disk (if the folder had like 50 large size pictures on it)!!! I HATED that computer once I started really doing my photography. Because it was just NOT easy and fast! But I also knew that the electonics-Nazi would not allow me to get a new computer. Him: "Do you even KNOW that the reason that it's slow is because of the processor?" Me: No. "well maybe it just needs to be defragmented or maybe it this or maybe it that.....blah, blah, blah". (irritated ass sigh). I don't feel like going through a buncha diagnostics when I know ENOUGH about computers to know that I was 99% sure that it was because of what I said: the processor was slow (not much RAM which is why it was dirt-dog-dirty cheap)and I got a lower end computer which NOW had alot of it's memory taken up!! But he needs emprical proof and evidence for ALL things related to money **rolling my eyes**.

We really do not see eye to eye on stuff like this (can't you tell?). He wants proof and parcel of the reason that we needed a new computer PRIOR to it blowing up because he's like "we broke!" which is mostly true I will give him that because since my position was eliminated Nov. 06 my salary has DROPPED by $15-16K a year. Yeah. So I knew that the ONLY way I was gon get a new one was for something irreparable to happen. And you KNOW the only reason I am getting one NOW (as opposed to waiting until some undetermined point in time) is because I NEED this to do my photography business and this computer is essential to me MAKING extra money, right??? However it came, I am glad that it came!! So, my angst in losing the other is heavily laden with excitement on getting a new computer :-)

And the silver lining is that my girl said that she MAY be able to pull some stuff off the hardrive because I tried to take it to Geeksquad at Best Buy and they were like "uh, we can't pull it off but we could send it to our data recovery place and their prices START at $259.00- $1,600.00". You know I gave them the "African are you FLIPPIN CRAZY " look and walked my behind RIGHT outta there right? So, thank you girl for offering to try to pull my stuff off of this computer!

And even though my husband was NOT happy at the price of my new system (because we got this other computer on a "Day-after-Christmas-when-I-stood-my-ass-out-in-the-cold-at-BEST-BUY-like-you-see-them-crazy-ass-people-do-and-got-a-rediculous-deal-on-thisl-ow-end-computer-deal" , I know that this is what I NEED if he wants me to really "get going" on my business. So.... I am not worried. My job allows us to take out an INTEREST FREE computer loan so that is how I am getting this fine piece of machcinery! It is repaid through payroll decutions in pretty much whatever amount that you would like. No-brainer. My new computer is also very capable of seeing me into the next "cycle" of computers because of the upgraded processor that I am getting on it. So, I am happy :-) I am like a kid at Christmas!! Buying stuff like THIS makes me soooo happy :-)

The only down side is that because THIS is a desktop I will have to keep it in the basement....the cold, cement, unfinished basement becuase that is where my "desk" (that I never use) is and that is the ONLY place (because my house is so damn small) that it can be placed. There is no "office"and no room in any other room to put it. I am going to also buy a heater to put down there because I will be down there everyday. My laptop (much to my husband's dislike) was pretty much permanently perched on the kitchen table **shrug**. That was the only place (other than the basement) where it could be and at least it was portable! So, that is the only downside, but I spent 3 hours yesterday in preparation for my "baby" to come home. I had to change the location of my desk because since there is only ONE power outlet that was put in (because , remember the basement is UNFINISHED) I needed the desk to be NEAR that outlet! Besides I wanted to change it becuase where it was is where I wanted to relocate my makeshift "photo studio" anyway! So, I am going to IKEA today to get some rugs as there was already a 12 x 12 berber carpet remnant over near where the desk used to be (and I am leaving it there so that when people come over to take pictures they will be stepping on carpet and not cement, get me?). So, I foudn two rugs and I am off and runnin!

My baby(a Dell) is not going to be here for another week-10 days ***impatiently tapping fingers*** But, I will have to post a picture of me and my new baby once she makes her arrival :-)


Lys said...

Congrats on the new addition to the "electronic" fam. Reading this post is pretty much solidifying my need for a backup system over, I dunno, yet another new pot or a new pair of shoes :)

I was lucky - I got my laptop through HSN on installments. If I knew then what I know now about coupons and cash back, I probably would have been much happier.

The Goddess said...

Girl, I'm like you. I get so excited about new electronics. The Hubby tried to buy me a lap top a few years back and I was like "what for, my desk top works fine" and now that I have a lap top, I can't imagine EVER going back. My desk top was super slow and my lap top is like "bam bam bam" I love it.

It sounds like you're doing more with the photography so I'm SO excited for you. Congrats on being able to get a computer that's going to make the photography easier for you.

Too Serious said...

No problemo, if the Geek Squad thinks that they can send the hard drive away and get the info...I can get it. The only upside to being 007 is that I can do that kinda stuff.

Shai said...

Robyn, gurl I am in the same boat.Funny thing is I am a saver like your husband yet like you I need a new computer. I mean I have a college-bound teen who needs it and I have my various work and whatnot. So it is not a necessity like food but it is important to us now.

My computer died in late summer, only a year after buying it. I can get stuff off my hard drive. But I don't have the money for someone to do that right now. Plus, I have to gather money to move, for a car and other stuff. *sighing* So I look on the Net and in the sales paper hoping I can find a good desktop and put my lil down payment I saved up for it and credit the rest.

Congrats on your Delly. I was just looking at one the other day. Tell me how you like once you get it. Maybe a sista will have a nice tax refund next month and I can get one.