Sunday, December 30, 2007

Twas the night AFTER Christmas...

So, as I sit here on the eve of New Year's Eve...I am reflective of all that has happened in my world this year. Some good....some bad.....but all apparently by the will of God. But I pause to think sometimes "did I CAUSE x,y,z to happen", or was it simply my actions that caused these things to happen.

In any case, things happen, friends die, babies are born, laughs and tears are shared amongst confidantes and the world goes on. But life is is VERY good and I try to never forget that.

While my husband and son are gone today, I have had the atypical chance to have the house to myself. And I have been sitting here and thinking about a resolute list of resolutions that I want to put together for the upcoming new year. I feel as though this year once again, has flown by and it seems that I have again, not accomplished some of the things that I wanted to this year. Maybe I am hard on myself, but I really want next year to be better than this year :-)

Boy time has a way of "slipping into darkness"!!LOL In my assessment of my life and what I want to do with it, I of course, must take my family into account, but being that they support me, I guess it may be just ME holding ME back!

***thinking to self..."hmmmmm".....***

So, I am about to put together a realistic list that I truly BELIEVE that I can accomplish after all there is nothing BETTER than the feeling of accomplishment.....I haven't felt that much this year, so..... we are off to the race folks!


What (if anything) are your plans for the new year?


That Girl Tam said... I first? Or do you have your shit set to review before you post?? WOW!

Anyhoo...Happy New Year!!

VeNeace said...

First...I am and always will be an avid lover of your photography. Its awesome!
Second...I didn't make any resolutions this year. I can't even stick to short term and long term goals - things just always fall by the way side. So...yeah. I wish you well with your resolutions Disco Diva :)