Friday, December 07, 2007

Chicken Fried shit

Hey people! What's good?

I am in a good mood today though you might not know it by the post that it so follow, LOL. So, the other day this black guy that I work with came to me and had a few questions becasue he will be leaving the company because he didn't get a position that he interviewed for (the equivalent to what I do) and he was like "I have to be out.

So, here's the skinny... .this guy was working with the group that he would have been supporting in a new role, he was mature, had a master's degree and was very well suited to the position. It came down to him and three white girls. Basically, the white girl who was well liked by the HAIC (head ass in charge) was the one who got it. Now, I will say that I LIKE here, but I do NOT think that she was MORE qualified than old boy and I know and have worked with them BOTH! First off, her personality does not lend itself to the position (the position is one of basically being the police and making sure that while people are having fun, that they are "doing the right thing" and maintaining a semblance of order...since this typically is a pretty anything-goes type of environment)as she is DITZY-DINGY acting as HELL. BUT, the boss (who knows literally NOTHING about HR, yet was promoted into a high ranking position) LOVES her. Case closed.

I don't know why this insenses me the way it does...but it does. So I was talking to the black guy who didn't get the role and he said this:

"You know, I was watching this Bill Cosby special one day and he was talking about steak.... say I have this beautiful Ribeye, nice and fresh, I season it well, cook it on the grill, medium to medium well, it's juicy and looks scrumptious right? Do you want that steak? If you like steak you probably would say "Hell YEAH I want that steak!!" I am going to place this steak on a maggot encrusted garbage can lid as your you still want it?? You would say "Uh...that's O.K.". "

And my friend likened this story to our company.... and I agree....there are some reeeeally attractive things about our company and some REALLY good things in the way that they do things in general, but for real, for real.....the bad in SOME WAYS outweigh the good (e.g. the way there are NO people of color at the upper levels of management because the owner who started this 4,000+ people company has his "boys" and what-not up in those levels)

And that is but one of the reasons that I feel like with less than a year under my belt here....that it's time to go...because I really do not like eating chicken fried shit.

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