Sunday, December 09, 2007

All I want for Christmas is.....

I was pondering this the other day and came to the conclusion that I really want this Tiffany necklace and this digital camera. Ya'll heard me correctly.... another digital camera. I want this small camera so that when I go out I don't have to ALLLLWAYS drag the big dog out! I can just slide this into my purse or hell, my bra! (just jokes...but that's the reason I want another camera!

I haven't been taking many "professional" pictures of late as I have been an exteremly lazy ass in getting my "light bulb" replaced. This is the first time I will have had to replace it and it's like $20 a pop. Not much but I can't just go to the local wal-mart and get another one. I will either need to order a light or go buy one. Hence I have been lazy becuase I have not been to the camera shop to see if they have it and I really don't evne KNOW what it's called other than a 500W bulb. O.k.,so I wasn't THAT lazy... I DID order one from Ebay but I did not look at the SPECS on the dayum thing and it was the same look and SHAPE but about 6 times BIGGER than the one that I needed! DAYUUUUUUUUUM!!!! LOL

So, I need to get on my hustle game. With all the drama going on at work and just being drained from having to deal with MORE work and LESS money... my creative love for is still there, but the energy has waned a bit, but I am coming back....

Hopefully I will be FINALLY taking a class in photography this spring, so that willbe a help as well.

But that's not too bad of a wish list. The other thing , the limited Edition DOoney & Burke Hayden Panatierre bag in Red is SOLD OUT, so I can scratch THAT mug off my list.

So how about ya'll....what do ya'll want for Christmas?


Shai said...

Hey Lady,

Funny I was just looking at CT's year book and saw your baby pic. LOL. It was Xmas and you had a record player on your lap. Cute.

My daughter is on the yearbook committee and was looking at my book for a few ideas. Man, she graduates exactly 20 years after me. Boy how time flies.

Anyway, I don't expect anything for Xmas. I do want another CPU, that I will buy for myself. After not getting anything for Xmas at age 12, I am grateful for the gifts I get. Thankfully over the years, I have not gotten awful gifts. LOL.

Happy Holidays. And good luck on the photography.

Mega Rich said...

I like that Tiffany site. They have a fly men's link bracelet I might have to pick up.

Hope you get the things that matter most to you.

Melonie said...

I would have to arm wrestle you for that bag!! lol

The Goddess said...

I have to agree, that's not a bad wish list. Glad to hear you're going to take a photo class.

I can't really think of anything I want for x-mas. Atleast nothing that's doable. They're way to expensive. Lol. I'm just looking forward to the holidays being OVER with.

Disco said...

@ Shai: GIRLLLLLLLLLL!!!! LOL!!! You saw that picture?!!! That was one of my FAVORITE pictures!! LOL I need to grab that and post it on here! LOL WOW!!! Your daughter goes to Cass?? I didn't know that girl! Oh and I haven;t forgotten that you wanted to know what teacher that was (I will e-mail you). That is awesome!

@ Rich: Thanks for stopping by Rich!And I did see the men's bracelets...very nice!

@ Melonie: Girl... I KNOW!! That is a funky bag!

@Goddess: Girl, I too am kinds looking-forward to, kinda looking forward-to-it-being-over, but moreover I just wanna enjoy my family and friends becuase I will be OFF from the 21st til the 2nd! :-)

Diva said...

Hey Disco,

I am sure that Santa will bring you what you want!!! You may have to give up a little something something, but you will get what you want in the end!! LOL

Shai said...

Robyn, she does not go to Cass :( She does not like CT. Boo! LOL. She goes to Chadsey (her dad's alma mater).

I forgot about the teacher thing, I figured you were made busy. LOL.

That Girl Tam said...

Hell, I'd settle for a fuckin JOB for Xmas!! My list is HELLA short this year! Ha! A job is the only thing I want...and maybe a trip to the spa...and a full weekend with no children.