Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Seven's

Seven Things I Plan to do Before I Die:
1.Have another child
2. Travel to Australia
3. Own a dog
4. Enter into the Real Estate Arena
5. Lose about 50 pounds and put on a tight-ass RED wrap-style dress
6. Meet my grandchildren (that is if my children have children)
7. Own my own business (what, I’m not sure of just yet)

Seven Things I Can Do:
1. Listen objectively and give an unbiased opinion
2. Tell you the names (or at least recognize upon hearing) most disco songs
3. Be a true friend
4. Take imaginative and creative pictures
5. Debate my point of view and substantiate it
6. Shop til I drop !!!!
7. Love like it’s the first time, everytime…..

Seven Things I Cannot Do:

1.Clean up vomit easily (I know, I know…. I have a child…I SHOULD be able to do it and if I HAVE to I will *scowling* but the times that I’ve HAD to, I have almost gagged).
2. Catch a glimpse of man urinating in public and not get IMMEDIATELY nauseous! (and yes I have been unfortunate enough to see this tooooo many times)
3. Roll my tongue....I guess I don’t have the gene *shrug*
4. Talk on the phone if I don’t want to (if I’m NOT in the mood….it’s best for me NOT to talk to anyone, cuz if I do, it ain’t gon’ be right)
5. Get into a BLAZINGGGG argument and just “let it go” soon after the argument. I will hold an attitude until TOMORROW if my anger hasn’t subsided.
6. Imagine my life without my son
7. Get up the motivation to go back to school.... I want a master's degree, but the idea of having EVEN LESS time to myself is sooooo unappealing at the moment.

Seven Things that Attract Me to the Opposite Sex:
1.Smile….if the GRILL ain’t in place…..I can’t fuck wit’cha.
4.Compassion and sensitivity (that’s one item on my list, cause they go hand in hand)
5.Being well groomed. There’s nothing nicer than a man who has on nicely pressed clothing, some tight shoes and just LOOKS “together”.
6.Being a good kisser (I know, you really can’t jusdge that upon sight, but if it’s there, it’s that much more attractive!)
7.Shoes. They say that a man’s shoes says a lot about him and it’s true….I’m a sucker for a man in nice shoes!

Seven Things I Say Often:
1. Who in da hell?
2. who did it (more of a statement than a question)
3. I can’t stand it when…
4. boom-shacka-lacka-lacka-boom
5. You know what……(with the raised eyebrow…a la the Rock)
6. What da FUCK?
7. shit fire, save matches…..

Seven Celebrity Crushes:
1.The Rock ( my husband mentions this penchant EVERY time my second husband is on t.v.) J
2. Maxwell.... I've been to his concert 4 times….two were back to back on the same tour! Lawd this is a sexily-understated-sexy man….We could DEFINITELY do a little sumthin’ sumthin, whenever, wherever, whatever!!! LOL
3. Lenny Kravitz (in a weird kinda way I like him…but his idio’s would SURELY get on my EVERY LAST nerve by daybreak)
4. Al Rod (Alex Rodriguez….he’s just a cutie)
5. Q-tip (I met him not once but TWICE and though I have NEVER understood how them lil white chicks are at concerts crying and hyperventilating and shit…… I was about 2 degrees down from that….. I was with two of my best male friends in NYC at the Kenneth Cole store and in he walks with Ali Shaheed … Ya’ll don’t understand…I’m a HUUUUUGE Quest fan!)
6. Morris Chestnut (he seems like a nice guy to boot AND has beautiful teeth)
7. LL Cool J….. (he’s reppin for alllll the men the way he’s kept it tight over the past 20 years!! )


Exhausted Spirit said...

I can definitely feel you on the teeth thing.... I don't know why people don't realize that they can FIX their grill!! Thanks for visiting my spot!

Organized Noise said...

We have something in common. I want to go to Austrailia too.

Chubby Chocolate said...

Very good. I'm SOOO there with you about MAXWELL! I've seen him three times, all front row center. He kissed me on the cheek during one of this performances while he was peforming, Whenever! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIIIEEEEE!!!!! Needless to say, I creamed in my panties..Tink! :-)

Melle Mel said...

"boom-shacka-lacka-lacka-boom" You're silly!

I completely feel you on the "shoe" attraction. Shoes definitely tell a lot about a man.

Knockout Zed said...

Another Thing You Cannot Do:
Unblacken your ass

Stay Strong,

Rose said...

First thing I look at on a man is his shoes. That tells me what kind of person he is..IF his shoes are jacked up he is too.

Nina MM said...

Very nice! I liked this so much, I'm going to do one of my page! LMAO @ "shit fire, save matches"