Thursday, May 03, 2007

Good things come in 3’s right?

Well, I can happily report that things have been going my way at work. I got praise for doing a good job and for going above and beyond my hiring goals for the month and got a “special” parking space (that was just luck) that is RIGHT next to the door! This is a HUUUGE deal because typically you could be S.O.L. if you do not get here early (which I usually do anyway), but God forbid you wanna go to lunch,… you DANG sho won’t get the spot BACK that you had! And we have soooo many people in this lot that one day a week (on a rotaiting basis) EVERYONE has to park at an off site lot and be shuttled in, because if we had EVERYONE here, EVERYDAY….. it just wouldn’t be possible. So, I basically NEEEEEVER go out for lunch cause I am not trying to walk from Timbuk 2 when I get back! Call it lazy, but yeah….. whatever…. LOL But nevertheless, I have had more praise at THIS job in 3 months than I did in 5 YEARS at the other place! GOOD RIDDANCE to all of their janky-stank asses! :-)

So, noooow….. I can go out during lunch and not have to worry about the whole "will I have to park a country-ass-mile away". Woo hoo!!!

So, anyway.....I went to New York to see my best friend graduate from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. This school is in essence an acting school and I am so very proud of my friend. As I said here….. she is the most courageous person I know.

There were 96 graduates and about umm….3 of them were black! She graduated WITH HONORS and was never late or sick. She was also picked to be one of two speakers at commencement. The girl did her thizzle. And after graduation people (mostly white too) were coming up and applauding her speech and her professionalism. I mean, we couldn’t get out the DOOR for people coming up and telling her how WONDERFUL of a job she did. I was proud to be standing next to her. The girl tore it down! I always KNEW this, but now OTHERS are seeing it too.

This school was NO.JOKE people and if you think it was take this quote from one of the teachers:

“ A student once asked me what to do if they get sick or can’t make it to class (because you are graded on attendance) and I said…..don’t get sick or be absent”

Can you say damn? I woulda been kicked out the first MONTH! LOL And the kicker is that though this is a 2-yr program, you have to be INVITED to come back after 1st year. MANY of her classmates were not invited back.

So, while in NYC, we kicked it, shopped and had fun and here are a few pics from the weekend. She was THE best dressed out of the whole 96 people. I am not just saying that….she was. Take a look…..

Doesn't she look FABULOUS?????

here's a shot of the two of us in the subway after a hearty bit'o shopping on Canal St.

Us at a private graduation party:

So..... I wonder what my third "great" thing will be? **tapping fingers on temple eagerly awaiting ...***


1969 said...

You both look beautiful! Simply beautiful.

Seven said...

Congrats to you both!

Shai said...

Congrats Robyn. Also congrats to your friend. I would have mised school too. LOL.

I love her dress, it looks like it was made especially for her.

Shai said...

I have been meaning to ask you, are you related to Roby Turner we went to CT with?

The Goddess said...

Go girl! It's great to be recognized at work for our efforts. There are times we work our BUTTS off and feel so unappreciated, so it's great that they are showing that appreciation to you.

Also, congrats to your friend. That's a big accomplishment. I know I NEVER would have made it through.

TooSerious said...

Uhm, 'scuse me...but when yo ass gone write more than a post a month? I be needing shit to read...

Luke Cage said...

Congratulations to your friend. That truly is an incredible accomplishment. And having been from the NYC area, that school truly is NO JOKE luv! Nicely done on going out there to check out her commencement. And um.. I'm with tooserious. Once a month luv? Daaaaag, what happened. Some of us need a fix every now and then. Chop Chop!