Wednesday, May 30, 2007

20 Things

I am thankful for:

1. My Mom still being alive and being able to spend time/talk to her.
2. My job...yes, it still gets on my nerves, but it is o.k.
3. My sanity
4. My Son...he really is the light of my life
5. My husband...even though HIS as drives me crazy sometimes too, he is a very good man and father
6. That I have cute feet... I am so glad that I do NOT have onion/bunyon/corntoe looking toes
7. My health
8. The ability to walk, talk and hear (that probably should count as 3, but oh well)
9. The Wisdom that I have gleaned over the years
10. Laughter
11. That feeling when you just feel so warm inside because of nothing in particular...guess that would be.. happiness
12. Going through all that I did with living with my father (who was a for real alcoholic)
13. My ability to sympathize and empathize
14. My ability to be impartial
15. My friends
16. Being able to say that there are few things I regret
17. Lessons learned because of the things I regret
18. Being not too hard on the eyes :-)(I am NOT vain by ANY stretch! I am harder on myself than I should be according to others, but I KNOW I ain't aesthetically unappealing.... wasn't that a nice way of saying "I'm glad I ain't u.g.l.y"?)
19. Knowing that I have marketable skills and that (God willing...) I can always make a living for myself and my family
20. No matter what happened the day before, knowing that I can get up tomorrow and try again if today wasn't all that great!


Miss V said...

Amen :-) Good list

Luke Cage said...

Now THAT'S a list miss Robyn! I hope all is well with a sista and fam. #20's a winner!

1969 said...

I hear you girl!!!!

The music is all that on my blog today...come visit.

1969 said...

Uh...and regarding today's post...Mr. Next Lifetime wrote that one.

thegod said...

Cute feet are always a plus. Where the heck are u? No bloggin?

Robyn said...

Paace God!

I'mma come out with a new post post HOPEFULLY today! LOL I'mma get on it! LOL